ADATA XPG EMIX H30 and SOLOX F30 Gaming Headset Review 14

ADATA XPG EMIX H30 and SOLOX F30 Gaming Headset Review

ADATA is a renowned manufacturer of USB thumb drives, memory card coolers, and other memory solutions. Now it is expanding its product range and offering the XPG Emix H30 and Solox F30 Gaming Headset. Of course, it is not the first company which is jumping into the audio gear market, but it can be one of the pioneering gaming headset providers with its first venture. Continue reading this review to review how effective XPG Emix H30 and Solox F30 Gaming Headset actually is.  

ADATA is offering you a package in which you get the Emix H30 along with a detachable microphone, a guiding manual, a bag for carrying the headset, the Solox F30 amp, a stand, and one 1.6m USB cable for connecting the amplifier with any platform you choose to play the game. Though the bag’s quality is not quite exceptional, it will be useful to protect ADATA’s headset while you are traveling with it. With this package you also get a good combination of connectors if compared with other products.

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Many gamers believe that ADATA could have done a great job by replacing the bulky Y-Cable and USB 2.0 interface with the modern Type-C jack. The cost of this headset is pretty reasonable and soon you can get the headset to the Type-C connection. The trend was recently initiated by the motherboard companies and audio gear manufacturers can also soon pick it up. The specs of this product are the following:

  • 50mm Neodymium speaker driver.
  • 32 Ohm speaker impedance
  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz speaker frequency
  • 110 dB ± 3 dB speaker sensitivity

The ADATA XPG Emix H30 and Solox F30 Gaming Headset seems like a great device in this overview. Read further to explore more facts about how does it look, feels, and performs while you are gaming.

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Design and Build

This product looks pretty attractive as a gaming headset. It is built from high-quality plastic. Everything from the headset stand, amplifier housing, and the headset itself is built of plastic. So, keep it in mind while placing the order. The anthracite-colored plastic offers this headset a unique appeal that every gamer wants. The headband in the headset is built of blackened steel that offers it a firm structure. This headset remains firm over the stand because the stand is quite stable. It will not topple easily, even if you are in a hurry and throw the headset over it hurriedly.

The designers have done a great job by creating a well-balanced stand that does not cover a large space over the desk. The amp gets fixed into the bottom and it remains firm because a magnet keeps it stable on its place. The manufacturer has used red metal mesh to embellish every earpiece of this headset. That mesh will conceal LED lighting to make it look wonderful. You can attach and detach the mic anytime you want because it is simple to pop in and out.  

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When it comes to buying a gaming headset, comfort is what everybody needs. You can adjust the Emix H30 in two distinct ways to fix it comfortably around your head. You can either extend the headband’s length to fix this headset over your head or you will have to use the band’s lateral flexibility. ADATA’s gaming headset does not offer the hinges to twist and turn the headphones. To make it comfortable, ADATA has equipped this headset with polyurethane cushions. You will feel quite comfy whether you use the headset for a while or for a long time. There is no way of removing the cushions, except you think about damaging the headset. Therefore, you may need to struggle a bit to keep the cushions clean and effective.

ADATA has unwillingly produced a bit stiff headset in order to offer a tight seal around the user’s ears. The earpieces are placed perfectly to offer exceptional sound quality. The cushions apply the right amount of pressure to provide the user with incredible sound quality without hurting his ears. This headset is a great choice when it comes to enjoying gaming in a comfortable way.

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Features and Performance

The ADATA XPG Emix H30 and Solox F30 Gaming Headset comes with an impressive design. The mic will fix at the bottom and remain firm while you are gaming. The whole headset seems like a secure assembly for hardcore gaming. The connecting cable is secured by fabric weave. It can easily handle bending and last for a long time. Though the cable is 20cm shorter than what ADATA claims, it still offers enough length to let you move freely around the desk.

The Solox F30 comes with an integrated USB 2.0 hub and it can easily support two devices at a time. It is also powered by a USB 2.0 cable and features Y-plug and a mini-USB connector. Along with the given amp, you get a 2.7mm-class, omni-directional, gooseneck microphone. It works impressively great and the sensitivity is amazing.

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Pros and Cons

To summarize the whole review in a few points, we have created these pros and cons. Check these points before you take any action.


  • It is a complete package in which you get stand, amp, and the headset.
  • Separate speaker system.
  • Once you apply the optimization, the audio performance would be solid.


  • It seems a bit expensive.
  • There is no way to bypass the audio modes.
  • It is not a great mobile solution.

Many renowned gaming headset manufacturers are focusing on offering exceptional audio quality. ADATA has tried to provide the gamers with a complete set of products in a single package. Though it is a bit expensive, you do not need to spend more bucks for an amp and other gears. It is a durable headset that looks quite stylish and it is very comfortable. So, consider it while planning to buy a new gaming headset.