XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case
XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review

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XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case

With the turning of the century, a lot of things have evolved, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that the computing and electronic sector have progressed the most. There was once a time when computer cases were measured on whether they can perfectly fit all the parts or not. However, just like the tracking ball mouse, those days are also gone. Now the computer case, which is also known as the cabinet, is much about fashion as much as function. So, having a great PC case is now a must-have for everyone, most precisely for the gamers.

In a world full of computer cases that launch every other week, it can be tough to select the most suitable one for yourself. However, ADATA has entered the competition for the first time with their all-new XPG Invader PC Case. XPG Invader Mid-tower Gaming PC Case case is exactly built keeping in the mind of the need of the gaming community. Now lets quickly see the spec sheet of the case:

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Specification

Dimension: (W x D x H): 296 x 482 x 470mm

Material: SPCC

Color: White or Black

Form Factor: Mini ITX, ATX, Micro ATX

Side Panel: 4mm Tempered Glass

2.5” SDD/HDD tray 2+2(Combo 3.5”/2.5”)

3.5” HDD tray: 2

Fan Included: Front 1x 120mm Fan (1200 rpm); Rear 1 x 120mm Fan (1200 rpm) 

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Clearance

  • PSU Height Limit: 225mm
  • GPU Length Height Limit: 400mm
  • CPU Cooler Height Limit: 170mm

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Fan Support

  • Top: 2 x 120mm
  • Bottom: 1 x 120mm
  • Right Side: 2 x 120mm
  • Rear: 1 x 120mm
  • Front: 2 x 140mm, 3 x 120mm

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Radiator Support

  • Top: 240mm
  • Rear: 120mm
  • Front: 360/240mm
  • Right Side: 1 x 240mm

Classy First Impression

At first glance, the XPG Invader mid-tower gaming looks beautiful. The PC case has a very minimalistic and clean design. Here ADATA seems to follow the golden rule of less is more. Every aspect of the case leads to esthetic pleasure. For instance, the front panel of the PC case is a plain white-edged bevel panel. There is no fancy edges or sparkling light that will disturb you. Instead, the only place that your attention stays is the logo of the XPG series. The XPG logo is red-colored, and it pops against the simple white or black finish case. In fact, every part of the PC box has minimalistic styles of buttons.

A Closer Look at The Exterior 

  • Designing

If you closely follow the designing of the case, then you can see that there is no sharp line or funky air ducts. And this simplistic deigning most probably the Invader’s greatest aesthetic strength

  • Exterior

XPG Invader Mid-Tower gaming pc case comes with white or black color, and the whole look is fantastic. It has a temper glass window which will allow you to see what’s going on inside and it is an excellent feature for people who like to show off their hardware.

  • Top Panel

On the very top of the cabinet, there’s an external magnetic dust filter which also allows plenty of airflows. The panel is cleverly hiding few fans at the top while allowing proper airflow into the rig. The top of the cabinet is also featuring two USB 3.0 ports, a power button and also the light controls. Apart from that, there is also a 3.5 audio jack placed on the top of XPG Invader.

  • Right Side Panel

Instead of only being a plain right-side panel, the XPG Invader Mid-Tower gaming pc case has included a radiator or fan vent cut into it. As it has a dust filter on the side, you can easily keep your rig free from any dirt.

  • Back Panel

The back panel of XPG Invader Mid-Tower gaming pc case is pretty much usual. However, there is a 120mm fan on the top and also a PSU mount on the bottom. But the most exciting thing is not on the back panel, rather on the bottom of the cabinet. There are two bottom dust filters also present in the XPG Invader Mid-Tower gaming pc case. 

A Closer Look at The Interior 

  • PSU Shroud

Here in the XPG Invader Mid-Tower gaming pc case, the PSU shroud is really great. It offers few more extra cable routing holes for cable routing. There is a one near at the front which can be used for easy GPU power cable pass-through. You can also see a vast cut-away here. Though most of it is filled with 3.5 drive bays, one can easily get rid of it if wants and then it will make some extra room for pumps or radiators.

  • Cooling Mounts

The cabinet box can be really a gamers choice because of its unique build. On the front, there is a 120 mm fan for cooling. However, if you are a heavy user and need a cabinet that can cool down the components, then this could also be your perfect companion. In XPG Invader Mid-Tower gaming pc case there are additional rooms for 140 mm and 120 mm cooling fan. Even after that if you still think that you need a little bit extra, then you can have it too as it features side panel mount as well. 

  • RGB

You can add plenty of RGB fans in the system if you wish, however, the cabinet comes with the feature of slick underlighting on the front panel of it. The lighting placement is fantastic as it does not directly reflect the light to your face. The tone is soothing, and it does not distract anyone at all.

  • RGB Gallery

The button on the up-front of the Invader let you decide which color or effect you want for your cabinet. The switch also allows you to turn off or on the lights. You can also plug the light into your motherboard if you want to sync the light with other hardware as well. There are various color options available in the RGB gallery of XPG, and you can select the one as per your mood.

Final Verdict

The PC case does not feature anything out of the box that can reinvent the market; however, it has an excellent build quality and seems pretty decent choice in the price range. The steelwork is durable, the fittings of all panels are perfectly fine, and nothing rattles. On top of that, the addition of tempered glass, good cooling fans, PSU shroud and several dust filters makes it a great buy for gamers as well as daily users.

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case
XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review
it has an excellent build quality and seems pretty decent choice in the price range
The XPG Invader is a beautiful case to look at. Its clean, minimalist aesthetic communicates one thing: less is more.