XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case
XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review

The XPG Invader is one of the fastest-growing gaming brand today and they just recently introduced a very interesting Gaming PC case. If you like some ARGB lighting and good hardware support, you will be happy with what you get as an offer. You may not find the market again, but you should definitely check all the boxes that match the current gaming market for PCs.

Its Specialties

When you are looking for advanced mechanical gaming keyboards, the latest options are really spoiled. However, all you need is a simple question. Do you need cherry keys, armrests, aluminum frames or RGB lighting? If so, keep reading. In most cases, it is elegance and aesthetics, top-class functionalities. 

XPG Invader is definitely well equipped. It features RGB Cherry MX switches. There are red, blue and silver colors that define all the favorites in the computer games market with its high tech functional features that gamers just love. There are removable magnetic armrests, multimedia controls, macros, switch bars and more. At least on paper, XPG Invader is the best of the best! Let us take a closer look at what we offer.

The gaming pc case does not work perfectly with ARGB lighting. However, it has a small ARGB lighting strip at the bottom of the front panel that makes it illuminated. In addition, the ATX motherboard space, a properly sized graphics card, and ample storage space provide everything you need for an advanced PC for games. ADATA handled XPG Invader with tempered glass windows, PSU shrouds and excellent cable routing, which certainly enhanced its appeal.

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case

Salient Features

ADATA may be known for its advanced memory products. However, the “XPG” gaming division has been expanding its wings in recent years. We saw award-winning gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, gaming chairs and more. Of course, the gaming pc case like Invader we approved today is the same. I have to admit, this is a prosecution chapter. It has the right shape, function, and price to make it at par with other reputed brands.

Gaming PC Case Build Quality

There is nothing reinventing the market. All of these are quite within this price range. However, the build is durable, the panel comes in tight fixed screwing, and nothing shakes. Everything is modular or removable. Similarly, there are good quality dust filters for any quantity. In addition, two quality fans are cast in good condition. The truth is it is not revolutionary but very competitive.

Value Added

XPG Invader really stands out for details. Tempered glass and RGB have recently become popular, but that does not diminish the fact that they are still considered unique features. PSU shrouds are common now, but still welcome. There are good cable routing, good fans, good filters, and a built-in RGB controller. Again, screw all the correct slots.

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review 18

Should you buy it?

You can use XPG Invader if you choose black or white, which is a nice looking computer bag. If working with slightly tempered glass, a bit of RGB, a computer tray packed with easy interesting features, there is no mistake here. This is a welcome alternative to this price range and we expect more to appear in the coming years.

Design and Execution

The XPG Invader comes with a stylish front panel with RGB lighting, a built-in ARGB / RGB controller, and a 4mm thick head-mounted glass side panel that also supports ATX motherboards (and below).

The rear side design and high airflow layout with two pre-installed 120mm fans make things cooler.

Side panels without tools, magnetic front panels, and removable dust filters make installation and maintenance easy and easy.

Features of ADATA XPG Invader:

  • Black or white color
  • Medium brushed aluminum tower with glass/glass frame.
  • Front adjustable ARGB headlight
  • XPG Prime ARGB integrated controller.
  • Very fan-shaped design with pre-installed fans
  • Removable dust filters with magnetic design.
  • Reduction of DIY design tools to simple DIY fans.
  • Supports radiators up to 360 mm upfront and 240 mm at the top
XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case

ADATA offers a wide range of mini-games with XPG computer chassis XPG Invader Mid Tower ATX RGB for PC. 

Because ADATA is mainly popular for storage devices and some peripherals, it is already a crowded market in the medium term, so ADATA offers another competitor in the market.

ADTA appeals to the gaming instinct of the players at Computex 2019 by creating a special XPG Experience Zone game area that displays all XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) game products. XPG introduces new products for gaming headsets, keyboards, mousepad, water-cooling, power supplies and computer series.

The XPG experience area includes a structure known as XDATA Orb. ADATA claims that ADATA takes 3000 hours to build from scratch and consists of 300 separate sections.

The XPG Invader gaming headset was introduced as the first dual-game headset at Computex 2019. The headset is equipped with three audio modes (FPS, 7.1 surround sound, music) and ENC (environmental noise cancellation) technology, allowing clear communication between audio and team members with a sense of presence.

ADATA also introduces some new ATX gaming pc cases for Computex 2019 with XPG Battle Cruiser and XPG Invader look. Both include a metal release frame with quick release, RGB lighting and integrated ARGB / RGB controller.

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case


 ADTA announced at Computex 2019 that it would update and expand the Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) product line at the same time. XPG is not only assigned to RAM and storage products, but also to enclosures, power supplies, processor refrigerators, and gaming accessories.

 It is big enough to hold a keyboard and mouse; it has two areas of RGB lighting and a non-slip rubber base. You can disconnect the USB cable used to enable RGB lighting. Surprisingly, ADTA turned out to be releasing a more expensive version of the product that does not include RGB lighting at all.

This is an XPG intruder enclosure. It has a metal front frame with RGB lighting, an integrated ARGB / RGB controller, and a removable magnetic dust filter. The side glass panel supports the size of the ATX motherboard, ideal for systems with a lot of RGB lighting. The processor cooler has a maximum height of 170 mm and the VGA a maximum length of 400 mm. If the PSU support length is 225mm, there will be no compatibility issues in this area.

XPG Invader Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review
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