ADATA XPG Spectrix D80 Memory Review 12

ADATA XPG Spectrix D80 Memory Review

ADATA has launched a flashy memory model in the XPG Spectrix D80. It makes use of a liquid capsule to liquid cool itself without any additional plumbing. Adata call the Spectrix D80 as the “liquid cool” model. Not just the looks of it is good, but the data rates at DDR4-2666 to DDR4-3600 that is slightly enhanced. The model we tested excelled in 4-DIMM setup but doesn’t score well in a 2-DIMM setup. If you want to achieve a good performance, then better go for 2 twin pack.


Spectrix D80 uses the latest Jellyfish concept that the company showcased at the CES event held earlier this year. According to ADATA, the memory chips are sink in a sort of non-conductive liquid. Their initial plan is to provide the Spectrix D80 rated mainly for the DDR4-2666 to the DDR4-3600. This is specifically targeted for Intel core and AMD Ryzen systems. One of the aspects of this memory model is the cooling feature. It can provide a huge overlocking potential having equipped itself with an advanced PCB.

The Spectrix D80 comes equipped with CAS 19 and CAS16’s timing configuration. Those are XMP boost which confirms to the prevalent industry standards. But still it is not great provided the higher rating of the DDR4-3600 rating. XMP comes with an overlocking profile that should be enough to handle the speed. Though with our experience in testing the DDR4 2133 and the DDR4 2400 chips, most of them come with only low-non XMP setting.

ADATA XPG Spectrix D80 Memory Review 14Performance

The Spectrix D80 use specially selected memory chips and also comes with a 10-layer PCB that comes with materials that are highly thermally conductive. The major attraction of the D80 memory model is that it comes with heat spreaders on top of the memory chips and tube like opening that contains the non-conductive liquid which helps in the cooling process.

When the model gets heated, the liquid inside gets converted to gas or atleast you see some changes in the viscosity levels. When you cool the gas, it turns back into liquid again. This process of state change helps to absorb the thermal energy and also makes the heat to dissipate quickly and provides a cooling effect inside the PCB.

The Spectrix D80 also comes with attractive RGB LEDs and the light emitted from the LEDs go through the liquid filtered and creates a spectacular lighting effect. The D80 also comes with a software that allows you to control the lighting effects according to your taste. You can even software provided other motherboard manufacturers like ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte etc. With such and efficient cooling system in place for these RAM modules, the main feature is obviously the overlocking concept and according to Adata, the D80 comes with great overlocking capabilities.

At the Computex event held earlier this year, Adata showcased the performance of the Spectrix D80 with a record speed of about 5,531MHz. Thanks to the liquid nitrogen filled inside the model that helps to achieve this impeccable speed. The XPG team from Adata partnered with the OC team from MSI to accomplish this task. And at the time of our review, the 16GB 2-channel DDR4-2666 costs around $199 and the 32GB 4-channel DDR4-3000 comes at $419.

ADATA XPG Spectrix D80 Memory Review 16Hybrid Liquid-Air Cooling

The cooling effect offered in the D80 is the major talking point in the industry. This is because it is being vend using apart from the liquid capsule. No other extra plumbing is used to achieve its functionality. The D80 comes with a high-quality liquid heat-sink on top of the model. Also, with a non-conductive fluid which Thelps remove the heat quickly.

The heat-sink works efficiently with the thermally conductive materials to achieve the complete cooling effect. The presence of the RGB lights makes the model highly illuminated. Using the software given, the users can freely customize the lighting effects by changing the lighting patterns, pulse speed of the lighting and also increasing/decreasing the lighting intensity and more. You can also use the RGB sync app to control the lighting effects.

Overclocking Performance, Solid Dependability

According to Adata, the Spectrix D80 is specially designed for hardcore games and overlocking enthusiasts as the D80 comes with an exclusive frequency range right from 2666MHz upto 5000MHz. The D80 can easily provide support for intel X299 2666 MHz platform along with AMD Ryzen platforms. Also, the Spectrix D80 memory comes pre-configured with Intel XMP 2 profiles that helps in easy and quick overlocking. And you don’t need to change the parameters in your BIOS settings to achieve overlocking.

And Spectrix D80 also utilizes very high-quality chips to provide extended dependability and reliability. The chips are chosen after careful selection process. The 10-layer PCB in the chips helps in enhancing the stability and signal quality. And even when the PCB is operating at heavier loads the signal quality never disappoints.

XPG Spectrix D80Hermetically sealed

The Spectrix D80 comes with a liquid heat-sink and a unique sealed design. These guarantees that the liquid is completely secure and airtight inside the heat-sink. Adata guarantees, that at no point in time, neither liquid or gas will leak or evaporate. On the other hand, the non-conductive fluid inside the liquid heatsink provides that the thermal stability and the conductivity required to cool the model.

Overall the ADATA XPG Spectrix D80 memory is certainly one of the best in class memory model available in the market that guarantees increased overlocking with its liquid cool technology. And with the speed offered, gaming enthusiasts will be certainly overjoyed. Hope the above review has provided you enough information about the Spectrix D80 memory model. For any queries and suggestions, please post your comments in the feedback section below. We’ll be happy to respond to all your queries at the earliest.