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ADATA XPG Spectrix D40 Memory Review

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If you are a PC gamer and want to add attractive RGB lighting to your PC, ADATA is offering the XPG Spectrix D40 memory to meet your demands. You can get both 8GB and 16GB memory modules along with the 64GB variant. The speed would range between DDR4-2400 and DDR4-4000. This memory supports the Intel XMP2.0 and that’s why it offers tuning and overclocking features without asking you to make BIOS changes in the PC. You can also use this memory with ADM AM4 motherboard, hence it has been tested with this motherboard.

The RGB LED strip, equipped over the memory can display over 16.8 million colors. This feature makes this memory an amazing choice for the cool kids of this age. There are many other things you must know before buying the new ADATA XPG Spectrix D40 Memory. So, continue reading the review to reveal some important details.

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The XPG Spectrix D40 comes as an impressive package. The main memory drive is secured by a cardboard shell that has a flip-up top. You can see the D40 RAM sticks via a window by lifting the lid. Some features of this memory are mentioned inside the top flap of the packaging. The packaging does not offer any hole to hang the memory. The AURA SYNC compatibility logos and some top level specs regarding the kit given at the front. You can easily slide out the blister pack that holds the memory sticks safely by removing the tamper-proof seal. It is beneficial for those, who would like to carry this memory to different locations.

Though the ADATA XPG SPectrix D40 memory is produced in china, you get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. It comes with mesmerizing RGB LED strip that makes it look so impressive. Your system will appear as a high-powered PC, when you will use the SPectrix D40 while gaming. This memory is fully customizable and programmable according to your demands. It works with the ASUS AURA Sync software. It means, the ASUS motherboard users can readily manage the RGB lighting on the memory by using the intuitive and convenient interface. You can change the RGB lighting intensity, color sequence, RGB effects, and other features through the motherboard.

What makes ADATA XPG Spectrix D40 pretty unique is the full color synchronized lighting effects. There are many other products that feature the RGB effects, but their effects don’t seem as attractive as XPG Spectrix D40. The industry standard RGB lighting control tool makes lighting effect control quite handy for the users and that’s why it is a great choice for you.

It is an Intel X299 platform compatible RAM. It comes with a 10-layer PCB, which comprises 2oz or high-quality copper in every module. Its operating voltage is 20% lower than the DDR3 and therefore this memory is more power efficient than others. Though you get a limited lifetime warranty on this product, you can expect to get a long-lasting service from this memory without any kind of malfunction.

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So, we can summarize the features in a few points which are:

  • The Spectrix D40 is more cost-effective than other RGB effects providing RAMs.
  • It is compatible DIMMs for the Intel X299 platform.
  • It is a great match for any motherboard that supports the ASUS AURA SYNC.
  • It performs quite well with 2133 MHz JEDEC speeds.
  • A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Its RGB effects are fairly different from others and that’s how it turns into a beautiful memory for the power PCs.

The DDR4 is improving continuously and trying to offer a better performance. The Spectrix D40 features factory overclock of 4000MHz+ and that is pretty amazing. Being compatible with Intel XMP 2.0 help this memory in much faster, easier, and extreme overclocking. It is two times faster than the entry level DDR4 due to which you get tangible performance gains for benchmarking and gaming.

The power management and cooling features of this memory are simply awesome. This memory comprises carefully tested and sorted chips along with ADATA’s bespoke 10-layer PCB. There is pure copper wire in the PCB and as the heat sinks use the aluminum alloy. The heat indulgence efficiency is ensured by the manufacturer along with the power management feature to provide a stable and quality performance.  

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Why should you buy the XPG Spectrix D40?

XPG stands for Xtreme Performance Gear, which is a brand of ADATA technology. The ADATA technology has been supplying high-quality and high performance PCs for a long time. XPG produces memory by surpassing severe ADATA A+ testing methods to assure top standards and impressive memory stability along with exceptional performance. The overclockers, gamers, and enthusiasts will have an extraordinary journey with the Spectrix D40 memory. XPG has applied the latest technical features to make Spectrix D40 the best choice for any gamer and overclocker.

The sleek design, powerful performance, and quality packaging makes it a perfect RAM for you. It is available all around the globe for purchase and the cost would be more economical than other RGB effect enabled memories. The professional gamers and overclockers from all around the globe are praising the ADATA products. If you also want to perform better in a style, then your PC should comprise the Spectrix D40 memory. It is a necessary hardware for improving the performance white gaming or overclocking.

Final words:

The ADATA Spectrix D40 is certainly a better choice in comparison to other DRAM kits. Though some loosest timings may reduce your experience, the overclocking will push it up against other DDR4-3000 to DDR4-3333. Its stock timings are better and stock voltage is also impressive. Its gains are quite incredible in the RAM intensive tasks and the bandwidth is also decent. This memory will use the patent software of ADATA along with the AURA software to provide unlimited lighting effects when it is installed in the PC. All in all, it is a perfect choice for the gamers and overclockers, who want to add some style.