Roccat ELO X Stereo Gaming Headset Review

The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset has been labelled as one of the most efficient, quality, and affordable headphones in the market. The headset is very lightweight and comfortable for use. The audio quality is also super excellent and compatible with most gaming platforms including Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. Although priced fairly, the headset has awesome features, and it also comes with built-in controls, powerful drivers, and a great style from Roccat that every gamer will fall in love with.

The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo model has been fitted with 50mm drivers that are particularly balanced to provide you with clear highs, punchy midrange, and compact bass on the lower audio spectrum. This makes the sound quality of the headset quite impressive, especially considering it only retails at a price of $49. The 3.5mm wired connections across consoles and PC also allows for plug-n-play. The Roccat has an outstanding stereo quality and mic clarity that will make the gamer get immersed into the game. The headset has a detachable microphone for added convenience, which produces a very clear sound without background hissing. The microphone technology used in the headset ensures that the gamer’s voice remains the same in the digital world as it is in the real world. Compared to other budget headphones, the Elo X stereo has a pretty great performance.

Every line-up of Roccat’s Elo headphones is similar in design, but the difference lies in the logos, which alert gamers to the type of Roccat they have purchased. The other headsets have RGB logos, while the Elo X is LED-free. The stereo uses a metal headband that can be easily adjusted, and beneath the metal headband, there is a plastic headband. The plastic headband has been seamlessly covered in leatherette and memory foam, which is similar to the one used on the ear cup. The other parts are made of quality plastics to ensure that they stay lightweight to the gamer. The left ear cup holds the on-board controls, and there is also a well-incorporated slider knob that controls the level of volume as you game. Below the slider knobs, there is a mute button that you can find easily while playing. The controls and the buttons all work as they should and perform efficiently. The Roccat silver logo is located on the right ear cup together with the removable microphone area. You can easily detach the microphone and reinsert it firmly, and this informs the buyer that the pair of headphones is well crafted. 

If you want comfortable headsets, then the Elo X Stereo is perfect for you. The headset has a superior foam ear cushioning featuring the proprietary ProSpecs of Turtle Beach Glasses Relief System. It features dual-foam ear cushions containing very soft foam. The soft form is positioned in the section resting against your glasses, and it alleviates pressure while allowing games who wear glasses to play comfortably. Comfort allows you to wear the headset for long periods of time. The Elo X design also offers a dynamic fit that is self-adjusting to the wearer. Once you wear them, the headband will stretch and mould itself to the size and shape of your head while it’s over your ears. You can also rotate the ear cups from side to side. Even for people with very small heads, they can get a pretty decent fit making it supremely comfortable. The plastic material used to make the headset makes it very lightweight, thus, comfortable as you do not feel so much weight over your head. Every gamer looks for comfort, especially when they are hooked to their consoles; if that’s you, the Elo X suits your needs and will work perfectly for you.

The sad thing about the Elo X Stereo is that it is not compatible with Swarm or Talk FX software by Roccat. These two apps can be found in the higher-end headsets built by Roccat, and they are useful in giving the gamer better audio control. The software also gives gamers RGB lighting control, inclusive of the ones on other Roccat peripherals. Maybe if the software were present when using Elo X, the microphone experience would have been much better. The 50mm drivers in the Elo X Stereo and the 3.5mm cable allow it to be used cross-platform. This ensures that you are not only limited to PC, and you can use other platforms if you are looking for an affordable headset. Other features include the TruSpeak microphone that is highly sensitive and the ProSpecs that make the headset glass friendly. Moreover, there is a PC audio splitter in the headset.

When it comes to innovation, Elo X does not lag behind. The headset contains so much under the hood, making it an impressive gaming headset on the market today. The headset has a 90-degree rotating ear can innovation that allows them to lay flat on a gamer’s neck when it is not in use. The ProSpecs Glasses Relief System is also very innovative as it makes glasses players feel comfortable, something that most headsets on the market lack. Other class-leading Turtle Beach innovations include high performance and TruSpeak microphone that allow a gamer to enjoy crystal- clear communication with other players. Although other headsets in the Elo series might be more innovative, thus costly, the Elo X also brings lots of competition to other same-priced headsets in the market, especially in terms of innovation.

If you want a budget-friendly headphone with unique qualities, then the ROCCAT Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset is for you. The headset is a good balance of price and performance. Although the headset is not the most powerful on the market and lacks audio tweaking software, it compensates with its construction and audio quality. It is incredibly lightweight and has an immersive sound clarity that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Moreover, you will never experience scratching, skipping, and other audible issues with this headset. With a reasonable price, you will absolutely love it.