XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard -An In-Depth Review 18

XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard -An In-Depth Review

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In this jet era, everyone has a tremendous affinity towards online video games irrespective of any age or gender, and for that, one should have a proper and technically sound, well-designed gaming keyboard. It has been found that it is quite tough to build a high-end mechanical gaming keyboard that is exceptionally high in standards, alluring in looks, and stands out from the rest in the market. 

 Whenever we think about the gaming keyboard, the first keyboard that brims up on my mind is none other than the XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard. Its level of performance is excellent, well equipped, and available at a fairly affordable price than the others in the global market.


The XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard performs brilliantly, and the user feels highly satisfied while using it then compared to any other gaming keyboards available in the world. If you, in any case, cannot remember the control combos, you can keep the manual, which is very explicit and has a vivid clarity.

XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard by GameHaunt

Design and Build

The gaming keyboard made by the XPG Summoner is strong and well built with a very user-friendly interface. This keyboard is intelligently designed, making it handy, flexible, and hardy, too, with proper use of applied science technology.

The switches used in XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard are Cherry MX Speed Silver or MX Blue or MX Red. This unique keyboard is also designed with Magnetic Ergonomic Wrist Rest. The light used here is RGB. In addition, it has 100% anti-ghost keys. There are five micro keys on the keyboard. It also has 9 Red Keycaps, which are replaceable too. Moreover, they are ABS plastic-based. 

It also has the onboard storage, which is up to five profiles. The Media Keys (volume wheel and mute) are well designed. The keyboard also has Macro Keys. The interface used here is 2*USB 2.0 Type-A. It also has six feet i.e., 1.8-meter cable. The top plate of the keyboard is designed with aluminum. The working voltage is 5V DC, with a polling rate of 1000 hertz. The additional ports are of USB 2.0 pass through. It comes in dimensions measuring to 17.7*5.3*1.7 inches (W*D*H). The product weighs 2.1 pounds i.e., 951 grams with a warranty of two years.


Summoner’s design and build quality is a mixture of the brand, design, and style. This comparatively light weighted gaming keyboard helps you slide off at any place, even if you are traveling. The sandblasted aluminum top looks pretty stylish and gives a premium quality appearance and feel. 

The keyboard has a nice metal volume wheel placed in the upper right next to a mute button along with caps and num lock and even an indicator lights for gaming. A gaming headset, dongle for a wireless device, and a controller can also be attached to this Summoner’s keyboard. 

The keys on the board are very fast, light, and easy. The key caps correspond to the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow keys along with the WASD. In addition to that, this keyboard also has four strong rubber grips at the bottom for a firm placing, as well as two large kickstands giving the keyboard a little extra height and tilt, which helps the gamer to play games relaxingly and comfortably.

Another well-defined feature of XPG Summoner’s keyboard is the padded faux-leather wrist rest, which can be detachable as per the gamers’ requirement, especially if the gamer is a very professional one and dealing with a nerve-racking online video game. It enhances the physical appearance as well as it also makes the user feel comfortable. It is an outstanding feature that I wish many more companies must include while designing gaming keyboards.

The lighting effect is moderately bright and eye-soothing, and it can be adjusted through different colored modes like the rainbow wave or breathing or color cycling, etc. The brightness can be easily and quickly adjusted as and when required generally in the case of a long duration online game. One can even begin a macro recording system, which is another great aspect a gamer can have. The amazingly colorful switches also are immensely helpful while shooting and quite advantageous in bagging a handsome jackpot!

You can use the macro and lighting profiles through an FN Shift button, and even you can save all your settings to the onboard profiles and quickly get access to them by just pressing two buttons as per your discretion. Even the player can cycle through songs while engaged in online games, which is also a very welcoming attribute added by the Summoner.

The keyboard of XPG Summoner has a very attractive packaging, wrapped up in protective plastic sheets within a double wall of thick foam in a durable box. 

XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard by GameHaunt


With hundreds of gaming keyboards available in the present day market across the world, XPG Summoner’s Gaming Keyboard is a noteworthy one. According to the basic gaming peripheral, Summoner’s keyboard is the best to go with than any other mechanical gaming keyboard because of its reasonable price and high qualitative attributes.

The competitive advantage that a keyboard designed by Summoners has over some of the best keyboard designs is its relaxing wrist rest and obviously within a commendable price range.


So, when a person is willing to go for a high-end mechanical keyboard for games, he might be feeling at a loss and get perplexed to choose the very best among the various alternatives available in the present global market. My submission to those worldwide customers would be to have faith in this XPG Summoner’s Gaming keyboard as it can fight and win hearts against any top brand high-end products. So guys, without any doubt or cognitive dissonance, one can head forward with pride and grab this magical and wonderful keyboard!

XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard -An In-Depth Review 23
XPG Summoner Gaming Keyboard -An In-Depth Review
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