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1MORE Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones Review

The Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones is designed and produced by the 1 More company. It is an Audio company, got popular for offering top quality 1 More Triple Driver in-ear headphones. It used to produce excellent in-ear headphones, but now it has started producing over ear headphones and gaming headphones. The 1 More Spearhead VR gaming headset is the first VR gaming headset produced by this firm. This headphone is featuring customizable RGB along with DSP settings to replicate the surround sound effects.

We were expecting exceptional sound quality while testing this gaming headset and we got what we were looking form. However, there were little quirks that were reducing the audio experience. Though these quirks will not affect your gaming experience, but still you should consider this fact while buying the 1 More Spearhead Gaming Headphones.

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Design and Build

These headphones are for gaming and that’s why you get typical gaming style design. Yes, there are so many glittering LEDS. The ear cup rings along with 1More logo, and the superfluous mic will illuminate while you are using this headset. These are software controlled LEDs that will look pretty awesome while you are gaming. Yes, you can easily change the colors and along with that you can also set this headset to mimic a heartbeat or breathe.

This headset is equipped with robust steel headband, but all other major components are built from plastic. 1More has already introduced the all metal headphones before this particular headset, but this time it has tried to offer something different. The use of plastic may not please all the users because there may be annoying microphics, like annoying noises such as creaks, taps, and cable sounds. It is possible that you may hear the cable scrapping through your shirt or T-shirt while you are using this headset while gaming.  

All the controls are situated above the right earcup. There is a slider that you can use to toggle the noises, on-off button, and volume controls. There is a wheel to control the volume and that’s what makes it pretty impressive. This headset uses a microUSB cable to connect you to your gaming platform. There is 3.5mm jack that makes this headset compatible with many video game consoles. The 1More Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones look very impressive when you put it on and play the games. All in all, the design is simply attractive.

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This headset offers a very balanced and spacious sound if you turn off EQ and DSP. This headphone will produce tight and controlled bass. The highs will be slightly rolled off along with sold mids. The bass will bleed into the mids as the user will crank up the bass DSP or EQ. To keep it simple, this headset is an excellent choice whether you are buying it for music or for gaming. It will never let you down by producing poor sound. You can hear very soft hiss sound that is avoidable.

If you are not too much fond of 3D effects, the sound quality can get much better through this headphones. 1More has used a tool that works to produce a sense of space around the user’s head and it succeeds in it. While gaming, you can clearly hear the footsteps of the enemy and other sounds. The music in the games may sound a bit louder and to control it you will have to disable the virtual surround sound DSP. This headset will get much better for the gamers if 1More will provide a switch to switch between the sound profiles.

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Is it comfortable?

This feature is what you must check while buying the headphones. In case of 1 More Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones, you will find comfort is optimum. It is not great, but still quite better in comparison to other headphones of its class. The clamping pressure is right enough that required while playing the games. In addition, the quick-adjustment of headband makes it an awesome headphone. Your ears will be dry throughout the gaming session, even when you are playing the game for an extended period. The noise canceling feature of the mic makes it even more exciting headphone. Your partners will be able to hear your noise loud and clear and it will improve your gaming experience.

1More is featuring a gaming headset with highly customizable sound effects. This headphone is good for both gaming and listening music. The speakers used in this headphone create great sounds while you are gaming. There are many thing that turn 1More Spearhead VR Gaming headphones into a great choice for gaming, but yet there are a few drawbacks that you should consider. These are the pros and cons that you may like to consider while placing the order.

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  • It is easy to customize sound and choose different effects.
  • You can easily customize the LED light effects.
  • The noise-cancelling feature of the microphone is awesome. The person on the receiving end can hear your voice loud and clear.
  • Perfect headset for hardcore VR gaming.


  • Not all, but a few users may find microphonics annoying while using this headset.
  • There will be a very smooth hiss sound while the headset is on and no music is on or you are not playing the game.
  • Though the earcups will remain dry for a long time, it may get steamy around your ears if you play games for a very long time.

This review is intended to provide you with the most reliable information about the 1More Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones. As you can check, this headphone comes with many amazing features. It is compatible with all the renowned gaming platforms. You can also use it with your PC to listen your favorite music and also while playing games. There are a few negligible drawbacks that many gamers would avoid. All in all, it is a great piece of equipment for gamers who like hardcore gaming and hardcore music.