EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review by GameHaunt

EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review

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There are many gaming headsets out in the market, which may make it hard to pick the headset that perfectly suits your needs. The EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset is a high-end gaming headset that emphasizes quality and comfort.  This headset is compatible with most devices that have audio ports, including the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Mobile, among others


Having tested the headset on various gaming platforms, I can say that it performs rather well. Many people love balancing the audio by tuning in the bass, vocals, and the rest, and with EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset, you get the perfect balance with no glitches. As you play a game, you will notice the excellent unique sound that puts you right in the middle of the game action.

The GSP 601 offers clear voices and balanced sound effects so that gamers can understand their game's directions quite well. If you hit an explosion, the headset will produce enough bass that you can hear without having to drown the other sounds that could be happening at that time. The GSP 601 has a top-quality microphone, and while listening with it, you will not hear any background noise, and this makes it very easy for gamers to play and communicate with their teammates well. The microphone also has an option to mute it automatically, and this is a great feature that most gamers will absolutely love.

EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review by GameHaunt

Design & Build

The GSP 601 headset has been designed to give gamers a truly immersive experience. The headset has noise cancellation and fantastic sound quality that makes every gaming session as immersive as it can be. The Sennheiser moniker has always had a modest aesthetic, but some color has been added with the new GSP 601. The EPOS GSP 601  delicately balances their colour offering, and rather than having colour combinations; the developers have selected an inverted white base coupled with some black highlights.

The headset is mostly made of plastic; however, it has an industrial feel to it, which acts as a perfect pair to the metallic gloss. The colors have been perfectly paired to make a statement. The headset comes with a microphone that sticks out rather than being hidden away. The microphone looks tremendous and performs rather well, considering its size.

The braided cables that come with the Epos headset allow you to connect them with any device with a 3.5mm output. The cables come in two versions, and they both contain a 2.5 mm jack on the plastic shroud connecting to the headset. On the other end, you will find one with a single 3.5mm jack and the other one with two 3.55mm jacks splitting the audio input and the microphone input.

The build quality for EPOS GSP 601 is excellent, and it has a weight that speaks quality immediately you unwrap it for the first time. Moreover, the hinges have been exceptionally well built, and they only move when you need them to move. They also do not have any rattling, and they do not get loose by themselves. The microphone's arm is significantly light and effortless while moving it, and at the same time, it is very secure and rarely imposes on the face too much.

EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review by GameHaunt


The EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset is known for being feature-rich in its lack of features. The headset has ease of compatibility as it allows one to use a 3.55mm cable rather than having a feature such as Bluetooth. This means that you do not need a battery, you do not have to charge it, and you do not require USB cables; all you have to do is plug in, and the headset starts working. EPOS GSP 601 has a passive power, and this means that there is no active noise cancellation.

The external noise is blocked by the large cups as well as the unvented enclosure on the ear cups. The headsets can be worn for extended periods of time with no problems at all. If you set the volume control and the microphone on a certain length, the locks click, and this is an indication that a gamer can easily adjust the microphone and the volume more speedily and effortlessly.

The headsets also have adjustable pressure sliders, a new feature with the headset. Pressure sliders are designed to accommodate various facial shapes and sizes. They ensure that you get the perfect fit, thus, achieving maximum comfort while also avoiding sound leaks and adding to the noise cancellation by achieving that seamless fit.


If you want maximum comfort while gaming, then EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headsets might just be the best for you. The headset has excellent, adequately-sized ear cups, and apart from the excellent noise cancellation feature, you also get a comfortable rest on your ears. The surroundings of the ear cups are made with leather material, and the material used to make the part where your ears come into contact with the headset is suede. This allows for no heat build-up when you wear the headsets.

When using the headsets for extended periods, you get a comfortable fit, adequate noise cancellation, and the strain is removed. The headband is also comfortable, and it has been well padded. It is clear that the developers keenly focused on the comfort of the headsets during the design process. Although the headphones feel a little heavy, their soft and responsive headband padding will make you feel like you have a pillow resting on the head.

EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review by GameHaunt


EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset boasts of its innovative features, including the adjustable pressure sliders that fit in virtually any head shape and size. The ergonomics of the EPOS are also quite innovative. The headset looks like it is heavy but sits comfortably on the ears. They also do not irritate after wearing them for some time, and even after hours of gaming, they still feel lightweight, making them ergonomic headphones.

The GSP 601 headsets have everything you want: maximum comfort, excellent sound, outstanding build quality, innovative ergonomics, and top-notch noise isolation. All these make the headphones an investment worth having, not to mention the numerous features cited. The headset does not have any real shortcomings. Therefore if you are looking for an excellent gaming headset with superb sound, you should look no further; the GSP 601 has you covered.

EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review by GameHaunt
EPOS GSP 601 Gaming Headset Review
The GSP 601 headsets have everything you want: maximum comfort, excellent sound, outstanding build quality, innovative ergonomics, and top-notch noise isolation.
Maximum comfort
Outstanding build quality
Top-notch noise isolation
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