GAMDIAS Hephaestus P1 Gaming Headset Review 18

GAMDIAS Hephaestus P1 Gaming Headset Review

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When it comes to Gaming headsets, Gamdias has certainly made a name for itself in creating some inspiring products and the HEPHAESTUS P1 is another shining example to its excellent line of products. The HEPHAESTUS P1 comes with a great virtual 7.1 surround sound that produces real vibrations caused due to the impact caused by the bass. It also comes features with RGB illumination to make it stand out from its competitors and also looks pleasing to the eyes.

The HEPHAESTUS P1 is equipped with top-notch cooling vents that help the gaming headsets to remain cool even during long sessions of intense gaming. Since it doesn’t come with the regular 3.5 mm headphone jack, all the communication is done using the USB 2.0 cable. In this article, we are going to look at each and every feature of the Gamdias HEPHAESTUS P1 in detail.

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The HEPHAESTUS P1 is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of gaming enthusiasts and the long hours of gaming involved. The gaming headset not only comfortable in your head but are also highly durable and provides a pleasurable sound experience. A headband made of aluminum connects both the earphones and the headband is enclosed with a memory foam padding to make it comfortable on your head. For convenient fitting purposes, the cups come with a sliding mechanism and the most attractive feature is that each cup features an illuminated RGB design on the outside for added attraction.

Like most of the gaming headsets, the omnidirectional headphone is provided on the headset’s left side and comfortably sits on a movable arm that is attached to a swivel base. The gaming headset comes included with a 1.8m braided cable along with a smart remote controller.

Since HEPHAESTUS P1 comes with a lot of design features that would take a more than one day to explain, we’ll stick to some of the important design aspects only like the ones covered in this article.

HEPHAESTUS P1 – Surround Sound

The HEPHAESTUS P1 provides you with a pleasurable audio experience and combined with the HERA software, the gaming headset provides you with an ultimate 7.1 surround sound experience. It delivers you with excellent accuracy that gives you a real-world gaming experience.

Even without connecting to this software, the sound is really live and accurate but when you turn on this feature, the sound is really amazing. It is a great feature to be used in multiplayer games as enemies can approach you from all sides and hence you need to be alert forever.

GAMDIAS Hephaestus P1 Gaming Headset Review 22HEPHAESTUS P1 – RGB Lighting

One of the interesting aspects of the HEPHAESTUS P1 is its RGB lighting feature. And when you install the HERA software, you can have complete control over the lighting as you can change the lighting modes which includes static, breathe, rainbow, flash etc.  Even though it doesn’t add any functionality to the headset, it certainly looks cool and attractive. And if you have the HERMES E1 keyboard, then the HEPHAESTUS P1 can greatly complement your keyboard as it also comes with breathe lighting feature.

HEPHAESTUS P1 – Bass Impact

The sound quality in the HEPHAESTUS P1 is quite exceptional as the P1 also features a blast source identifier that helps in triggering the ear cups to vibrate on its own based on the sound direction. Hence, in addition to the amazing sound experience, you also stand to gain with this thrilling vibration effect. This also helps in identifying where your enemies are while playing strategy games.

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HEPHAESTUS P1 – Cooling Vents

Do you believe that a gaming headset coming with cooling vents? Yes, the HEPHAESTUS P1 comes with aluminum heat sinks built inside the gaming headsets that helps in keeping the headsets cool and to maintain the lower temperature even after long hours of intense gaming. Even though they cannot be termed as cool, but it doesn’t definitely make you sweaty wearing those headsets for a long time.

When you compare the standard cables with braided cables, the braided ones certainly looks premium and of high quality. The HEPHAESTUS P1 comes with almost 1.8 m of braided cabling that allows you easily move around freely around your desk with the headsets on your head. The gaming headset also comes with a smart remote controller allowing you to easily control the volume. It also comes with a toggle button to toggle the microphone. The mic button comes with an LED light that is blue in color when the mic is on and red when it is turned off.

The switch that can be seen on the side of the remote controller helps to control the bass impact. It is certainly a great feature for people who are not a big fan of the extra bass and vibration effects. But when you are used to the vibration effects and extra bass, it would be hard for anyone to turn that off.


The Gamdias Hephaestus P1 is definitely one of the best gaming headsets when you compare with other gaming headsets in this price range. It comes with some great features including 7.1 surround sound, RGB lighting and smart remote controller etc. The build quality of the gaming headset is great as you can be guaranteed for a longer lifetime. The sound is also pretty much clean and precise with a great frequency response that cannot be seen in many gaming headsets.

Even though the Hephaestus P1 is a little bit low on clarity when you compare the quality of audiophile headphones, it is quite acceptable though as the audiophile headsets are pretty much expensive than the Hephaestus P1. The RGB lighting is truly an exciting addition to the gaming headset as it makes it look more lively and attractive. The smart controller helps you to control all the aspects of the gaming headset easily. Overall, if you are looking for a gaming headset that provides you with a great sound experience at a reasonable price, then the Hephaestus P1 is your best bet.

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GAMDIAS Hephaestus P1 Gaming Headset Review
The HEPHAESTUS P1 is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of gaming enthusiasts and the long hours of gaming involved. The gaming headset not only comfortable in your head but are also highly durable and provides a pleasurable sound experience.
Comfortable, long-lasting fit with no hot ears High-quality sound during gameplay
Earcups could fit better on the lower part