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Roccat Khan AIMO Gaming Headset Review

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If you are looking for the ultimate gaming headset, then you can take your eyes away from the Roccat Khan AIMO gaming headset that comes with an extraordinary Hi-Res audio support along with a rocking 7.1 surround sound. Roccat Khan AIMO perfectly suitable for hardcore gamers as the memory foam pads are ideal for use in extended hours of gameplay. Roccat Khan AIMO  built-in high quality sound cards boast of a superlative sound experience. The amazingly customizable built-in sound profiles that are provided in the Roccat Swarm software also makes the Roccat Khan AIMO gaming set as one of the best PC-based gaming set in the market.  


The Khan AIMO is much more similar to its predecessor the Khan Pro. The gaming headset comes with the traditional Roccat design with a chassis in black color and made using plastic along with steel headband below that can be adjustable along to your needs. On top of the ear cups, you can see some plush leatherette along with a mic attached to the left ear cup.

Even though the mic is useful at times, it stills seems to be annoying when it is not in use. The volume knob on the right ear which was missing on the Khan Pro is back with theRoccat Khan AIMO, which makes it much more comfortable and easy to adjust the volume.  


You can also see a thin LED panel running along the back of your ear cup that can glow in various different colors. But what you don’t understand is why you need an LED panel that is present at the back of your ear cup which even you can’t see and that it lights up in various colors that are programmed already. Maybe it is just to add to the fun factor of the headset and tell everyone around you that you are wearing a Roccat headset.

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The various kind of options available to you makes the gaming headset more interesting. Along with an ultimate 71. Surround sound and stereo, you can also choose from various EQ profiles from the Roccat Swarm software that comes as a very good news for hardcore gaming enthusiasts. Performance wise the Roccat Khan AIMO did very well after we tested the gaming headset playing different genres of games including strategy, FPS, MMOs and RPG kind of games.

We also tried testing the sound profiles along with various surround sound options and found some sound profiles worked way better than others. But overall, the sound quality is amazing as you can hear precise and crystal clear audio no matter which sound profile you choose.

 The directional sound that is largely beneficial in war games, FPS and MMO’s where you need to be alert with sound in all directions as the enemy can come attacking you from the back. Ultimately, the performance of the Roccat Khan AIMO was excellent providing you with a balanced combination of sound effects, voice and music.

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When it comes to the comfort level, the Roccat Khan AIMO is a decent performer as the memory pads allow you to wear the gaming headset as long as you can without any issues. The plush leatherette on the ear cups also feels comfortable on your ears and you don’t feel any kind of itching sensation. Also, since the sound that comes to your ear is well balanced with voice, music and the effects, you don’t feel any blaring sound suddenly a bomb blast near you or any other sudden sounds.

Roccat has left no stone unturned when it comes to perfection and providing premium comfort with its products. The stainless steel sliders area adjustable and hence you easily make it fit your head comfortably. The attention to detail by Roccat is perfect and precise.

The headset is made using premium quality materials including the plastic, steel and the leatherette to make it extremely lightweight. It weighs only around 275 grams and hence you never need to worry about wearing the gaming headset game after game until and only you decide to stop.

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Roccat is one of the best gaming products manufacturing company that strives hard to come up with new innovations with each and every product that is launched by the company. The Swarm is the software that accompanies most of its gaming products to assist you in customizing the product settings. Roccat Khan AIMO is a one of a kind software that no other competitor can come up with as good as a software as Swarm with so many features.

Roccat Khan AIMO largely helps you in choosing the sound profile and is compatible across all gaming platforms and devices. If you are using multiple Roccat products, then Swarm will be the ideal companion to control various Roccat products from a single interface instead of having multiple tray icons for each device.

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The AIMO is a new initiative from ROCCAT in order to provide a color syncing feature much similar to Razer Chroma lighting and the RGB illumination from Logitech. Have to say that Roccat has come out pretty much successful with the attempt as it allows you to create your own signature style lightings displayed in 4 customizable LEDs that come in 16.8m colors.

One of the interesting aspects of the AIMO illumination is that the illumination changes automatically based on your gaming behavior and hence we can say that it well beats up easily the other light engines in the market.

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Overall, the Roccat has provided the gaming lovers with Khan AIMO gaming headset that perfectly combines all aspects of sound provides an ultimate sound experience to your ears. The performance and the comfort levels are also at a higher level with adjustable stainless steel sliders, comfortable plush leatherettes and memory pads that make for extended periods of game play.

Even though the price is a bit on the higher side, the features, the sound quality and the performance of the gaming headset largely justify the price. And if you are a gaming pro and looking for some sleek and advanced gaming headset that also comes with an illumination feature that reacts according to your gaming behavior, then the Roccat Khan AIMO gaming headset is your best bet.

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Roccat Khan AIMO Gaming Headset Review
the Roccat has provided the gaming lovers with Khan AIMO gaming headset that perfectly combines all aspects of sound provides an ultimate sound experience to your ears.
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