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Godfall Review - GameHaunt

Godfall – A Stunning Next-Gen Visual Feat

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Godfall Review - GameHaunt
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November 12, 2020
Counterplay Games
Gearbox Publishing
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With the release of the highly anticipated Sony Playstation 5, Godfall is one of the launch title games available for this exciting new generation console. From the video trailer garnering millions of views, anticipation, and expectations runs high for this game. Many were impressed by how amazing the graphics were. The combat gameplay looked fun. Even the storyline hooked the audience. And my god, the cinematics were on the next level. Godfall promises exciting gameplay, stunning visuals, and innovative game mechanics. So the question is, should you add Godfall to your Sony PlayStation 5 library?

Before we start let’s focus on some points of the game.


With stunningly gorgeous graphics and crisp 4K visuals, Godfall is a feast for the eyes. Set in a high fantasy world called Aperion, the realm is separated into four distinct maps or biodomes, namely-Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Each world is beautifully detailed with vast mountain backgrounds, temple ruins, coral dungeons, and so on. With 4K graphics, Godfall’s cutscenes are amazing to watch. It’s like heading to a movie theater and watching how smooth everything looks.

Everything in this game is visually appealing. From the weapons. To the armor. To the combat gameplay and background. Everything looks smooth as heck. They give the player an immersive feeling as they explore through the different biodomes. There is nothing to complain about the graphics at all.

Godfall Review - GameHaunt

Godfall Gameplay

Godfall is a third-person loot-focused action RPG adventure game. Similar to the hack and slash genre, the player will be spending most of the time in the game dungeon crawling while slashing enemies and monsters left and right in order to get the loot at the end of the dungeon. Now, some might find this kind of gameplay repetitive and boring but there’s a cathartic feeling to letting loose and going on a rampage by beating enemies down left and right.

Godfall’s combat system is where the game truly shines. The game offers 5 weapon classes, each with their own unique play styles. The player can choose between longswords, polearms, war hammers, greatswords and dual blades. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. So it is fun to experiment and try out how each weapon works. You can also upgrade your weapons by collecting loot from monster kills and loot boxes.


Several people might have opinions about Godfall’s lack of innovation. But what makes this game unique is the various combat skills the player can learn throughout the game. The player also gains the ability to equip valorplates. Valorplates are what sets Godfall apart from other action RPG games. In the game, they are known as legendary armor sets that transform wielders into unstoppable Masters of melee combat. Zodiac inspired suits of armor, there are a total of 12 the player can collect throughout the course of the game. Each one has their own buffs and special skill, as well has their own story or history.

Aside from that, Godfall doesn’t support microtransactions which is a big deal when compared to other games like Destiny 2 or the infamous Fallout 76. Instead, once the player defeats the main storyline, the player will be able to access more content and replayability. The player will be able to explore and revisit old content as well.

Godfall Review - GameHaunt


Sounds during gameplay are often overlooked. After all, how important is it? Well, a lot of game developers will tell you sounds are absolutely essential in the game, that’s what. Music adds ambiance to the player’s gaming experience. And there has to be a perfect balance between creating a mood during gameplay and when fighting monsters.

This is where Ben MacDougall comes in. He wrote the original fantasy score for Godfall which blends orchestra, synths processed with organic sound sources, and featured soloists, as well as his own string instrument which produces a unique pulsing sound thread throughout the score.

The soundtrack comprises sweeping cinematic moments, heart-pounding combat sequences and world-exploring ambient music to accompany and immerse players in the luminous, mysterious world of Aperion.


Set in a fantasy world called Aperion, Godfall begins with a story trailer between two powerful warrior brothers, Orin and Macros. Although it was never straightforwardly explained why, Macros betrayed Orin and after a beautiful and smooth cinematic battle confrontation, Macros throws Orin off a high ledge straight down to the ocean. Orin survives the fall and the game starts.

The player takes control of Orin, the main playable character, and as the player completes each task in the storyline, we learn that Macros has started a process to ascend to godhood, and if he completes the process then everything is destroyed. It’s up to Orin to prevent his brother from starting world Armageddon by fighting through several of Macros’ underlings to reach him and confront Macros once again, in a final battle.


Many will agree Godfall is undoubtedly a visually appealing game. The combat mechanics and gameplay is also a solid plus. However, should you add this to your Sony Playstation 5 library?

It depends on what type of gaming experience you are looking for. Godfall is definitely an enjoyable action RPG game. It takes all the elements of other action RPG games and makes them available for the Playstation 5. I would recommend this game to players who like dungeon crawling, hack and slash action and the game mechanics of upgrading armor and weapons. Guaranteed, the performance and graphics is an eye-opening experience.

Godfall Review - GameHaunt

On the other hand, Godfall certainly doesn’t feel different from any other action RPG game. The story had some potential, however, it honestly felt a bit flat. No doubt, it could use some improvement.

But despite that, Godfall is an enjoyable action RPG game to add to the Sony PlayStation 5 library. It might not have stellar ratings but if the developers plan to continue working on improving the game, there could be a chance for redemption.

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Godfall Review - GameHaunt
Godfall – A Stunning Next-Gen Visual Feat
Godfall is undoubtedly a visually appealing game. The combat mechanics and gameplay is also a solid plus.
Spectacular visuals
Solid gameplay mechanics
Story is lacking
Repetitive missions