Horizon Zero Dawn Set to Depart from PlayStation Plus on May 21, 2024: A Gaming Excess? 26

Horizon Zero Dawn Set to Depart from PlayStation Plus on May 21, 2024: A Gaming Excess?

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**Horizon Zero Dawn Is Scheduled to Leave PlayStation Plus by May 21, 2024 — Here's What Gaming Fans Need to Know**

In a move that has left more than a few PlayStation enthusiasts scratching their heads, it's been confirmed that the critically acclaimed *Horizon Zero Dawn* will be making its exit from the PlayStation Plus lineup come May 21, 2024. This decision has ignited a flurry of speculation and confusion, as it's not often we see a first-party title being pulled from the subscription service's roster.

What could possibly be the reason behind Sony's unexpected decision to withdraw *Horizon Zero Dawn* from PlayStation Plus? While the company hasn't given a concrete explanation, there's a growing buzz that this could be a strategic precursor to a much-anticipated announcement regarding the *Horizon* series. This wouldn't be the first time Sony has made such a move; just last year, subscribers witnessed the removal of *Marvel Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition* from PlayStation Plus. The confusion that decision generated was quickly resolved when Sony released a native PS5 version of the game, preparing the way for the launch of *Marvel’s Spider-Man 2*.

Given this precedent, speculation is rife that Sony might be employing a similar strategy with *Horizon Zero Down*. Rumors have started to circulate suggesting the possibility of a remastered or completely remade version of the original game being in the early stages of development. If true, this could explain the game's planned departure from PlayStation Plus.

However, it's essential to consider that this theory doesn't always hold up. Take the example of *The Last of Us*. Before the release of *The Last of Us Part 1* – a remake of the original for PS5 – the remastered version of the game for PS4 was not removed from the PlayStation Plus Classic Catalog. This inconsistency adds an intriguing layer of unpredictability to Sony's strategy, leaving gamers guessing what might come next.

For Canadian gamers and those around the world who have yet to experience *Horizon Zero Dawn*, the announcement serves as a reminder that the clock is ticking. Players have until May 21, 2024, to dive into the post-apocalyptic world of *Horizon Zero Dawn* and embark on an epic journey with Aloy. Fortunately, the sequel, *Horizon Forbidden West*, remains accessible to PlayStation Plus subscribers with Extra and Premium/Deluxe memberships, offering continued exploration of Aloy's story.

As the gaming community speculates on the future of the *Horizon* franchise and what Sony's next move might be, one thing is certain: *Horizon Zero Dawn*'s departure from PlayStation Plus marks a significant moment for fans of the series. Whether it heralds the announcement of a new game or a remastered edition of the beloved original, only time will tell. Until then, players have a limited window to experience or revisit *Horizon Zero Dawn* in all its glory on PlayStation Plus.