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Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the latest entrant into the gaming keyboard market that is pretty much compact in size. It is specifically designed and built for all the eSports fans out there. Even if you are not a big fan of eSports games, you will certainly fall in love with the G Pro gaming keyboard. We can see a lot of gaming products and accessories being specifically made for the eSports market because eSports has an arsenal of some of the most popular games like Overwatch, Heroes of the storm, Counter Strike-Global Offensive, Dota 2, Call of Duty and many more.


First look at it and you won’t find the number pad on the right. Hence the keyboard looks extremely compact. The G Pro comes with Romer-G mechanical switches to make the keyboard respond quickly with a low actuation force.  Even though it can’t be said to be the fastest switches in the market, they are still very helpful during your intense gaming sessions. It seems when you compare the G pro with other mechanical switch keyboards, G Pro provides around 25% faster actuation. When it comes to the design aspects of the keyboard, Logitech has utilized a simplistic yet modern design with the G Pro.

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The gaming keyboard is lightweight as it weighs just under 2.2 lbs and comes with a braided cable. While the G Pro is perfect for gaming, the keyboard also performs well for typing requirements. Since the actuation force is pretty much less when compared to other keyboards, users don’t need to give too much force and can also type quickly. Even though the keys are easy to press, you still can feel the resistance while pressing the key. The keys are relatively quiet. You can easily detach the cables from the keyboard for easy transportation. The keyboard is made using some of the best quality plastic materials and hence you feel the keyboard to be quite sturdy.

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The bottom of the keyboard is provided with rubber pads to prevent any scratches on your table. Though there is no palm rest provided in the keyboard, you can still feel comfortable using it for a long time. Another interesting aspect about the gaming keyboard is its RGB lighting features. Logitech has moved the LEDs to the middle of the keys to ensure that no light leakage will happen. It also provides the user with a clear view of the keys from above. Every key is provided with its own RGB LED. With the help of the gaming software, you can easily customize the lightings. But one of the feature the G Pro misses out is the USB pass-through feature as it would help the gamers to charge their USB devices while playing their games.

Another major drawback with the G Pro is that you can’t find any dedicated media keys. Even though it is a specialized gaming keyboard, still you need to have quick options to manage your music as several gamers play games listening to their favorite music.

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The G Pro gaming keyboard provides a decent performance when compared with Logitech G810 Orion. I played many games and I seriously felt the compact design of the keyboard was of a great help. The number pads posed no help to any gamers and to get rid of that was a big help to the gaming community. The compact design is a major plus for the G Pro. Along with an exceptional performance, the G Pro will also  be a major player in the gaming keyboard industry.  

The gameplay is very responsive with the keyboards as the keys are quick and accurate. I also don’t have the need to stretch my arms to reach the mouse. The keys are also comfortable and you don’t need to force tap keys to send a command. Just a simple tap will do. I can say that the G Pro stands tall compared to G810 due to its compact design and performance.

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Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech has provided a gaming software to customize the functionalities of the keyboard easily. It is not necessary that you need to use the gaming software as it still have some default effects installed. But if you are looking for the RGB lighting effects and the magic, then you definitely need the gaming software installed. With the help of the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS), you can synchronize the lighting effects along with your other Logitech devices so that you can have a uniform lighting effect with your keyboard, mouse, speakers, headphones and all. The Custom Function keys option allows you to assign specific functions to certain keys in the F1-F12 keys range. The gaming software also allows you to create your own keyboard profile and share it with other players.

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Our Verdict

Overall, the G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard is a compact and high performance keyboard from the house of Logitech. The price totally justifies how good the quality of this keyboard is. The reason gaming enthusiasts fall for this keyboard is its compact design and the removal of the number keypads. The mechanical keys are all good though it just needs a lower actuation force. The LEDs were in the middle for a clear look from above. The Logitech gaming software assists you with a lot of options to customize the various features of the keyboard. The G Pro has pretty solid materials and it’s really worth the money you spend on it.