MyCharge Razor Plus Review 26

MyCharge Razor Plus Review

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Nowadays our phone has become an essential part of our life, and we spend a lot of time with our phone. And as we spend a lot of time with our phone, the battery charge of our phone, sometimes get drained out quickly. And it can cause a huge problem to us and especially to the people who are busy professional. So, MyCharge brought a perfect solution for this problem, as you can charge your phone with MyCharge Razor Plus when your battery gets drained out. And when you don’t have an external power source to charge your battery, this particular thing can be really handy for you.


There are plenty of good features of MyCharge Razor plus, and you really should look for it.

The features are:

1) It has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh

2) It can recharge your phone via a micro- USB cable.

3) The weight of the product is about 3.53 ounces.

4) The exterior part of this product is made of aluminum which is anodized.

5) The Height of the product is about 4.3 inches. The width of the product is 2.6 inches. And the depth of the product is about 0.3 inches.

6) It is compatible with most of the smartphones and cell phones.

7) It can show you the remaining battery left in your power bank.

8) A charging cable is also included with it.


If you use this product, then you can get plenty of advantages. And those advantages are:

1) It is very much portable, and it is quite slim.

2) The weight of the product is very light, so you don’t have to face much trouble while carrying it.

3) The design is quite good.

4) It can give you 22 hours of power with 13 hours of talk time power.

5) It will provide maximum power transfer so that maximum power is transferred from the power bank to your device.

6) It is quite safe to use.


This product has a few disadvantages as well. And you really should check it out before buying it.

1) The cost is a little bit higher compared to the amount of charge it provides.

2) This portable charger takes a little bit more time to get completely charged.

Why should you buy it?

MyCharger razor Plus is a portable charger, which allows you to charge your mobile when there is no external power source is available to you.  So if you are on a tour or when you are traveling to somewhere when there is no external power source is available this product can be really handy to you. And that is the reason you should buy this product.


MyCharger razor plus is a quite efficient portable charger as it provides a long hour of talk time. And it can be really effective in emergency cases as well when you have to receive urgent calls, and you don’t have enough battery left on your phone. So, if you are looking for an efficient portable battery charger, you can opt for this product.

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