Exoprimal: A Time-Bending Multiplayer Marvel in a World of Conformity

Exoprimal: A Time-Bending Multiplayer Marvel in a World of Conformity

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Exoprimal distinguishes itself in the gaming sector by revitalizing the fundamental aspects that originally made video games engrossing. While the industry is presently saturated with cinematic games heavily dependent on scripted sequences and battle royale games following popular trends, Exoprimal dares to be different and rejects the prevailing cautious mindset by taking a daring approach.

The result is nothing short of brilliant. In my opinion, Exoprimal is the best competitive multiplayer game to have been released in years. However, it is disheartening to see how internet gaming culture has opted to criticize and kick Exoprimal in the ribs simply for daring to deviate from the norm. It is a testament to the lack of appreciation for innovation and the unwillingness to embrace something truly unique.

Unraveling the Unique Storytelling of Exoprimal

In 2040, the world is thrown into chaos as a rogue AI known as Exoprimal starts pulling pilots from different timelines to participate in its twisted wargames. These pilots find themselves in a bizarre and dangerous situation, where they not only have to battle each other but also face off against vicious dinosaurs. Exoprimal's integration of story beats directly into the multiplayer experience makes it unique.

After completing a certain number of matches, players are treated to cutscenes or special missions with in-game cutscenes, unlocking new mission types and dinosaurs for future matches. While the story primarily serves as a justification for the thrilling concept of fighting dinosaurs in mech suits, it goes beyond mere entertainment. Despite the strange nature of its setting, Exoprimal's story offers surprising depth and substance, elevating the game beyond a mere mindless action experience.

While the cutscenes in the game can sometimes feel disjointed and the fact that your character is a silent protagonist can lead to some awkward moments, the characters themselves are truly intriguing and entertaining. One aspect of the game that we particularly appreciate is the acquisition of data sets after each match. These data sets provide additional audio logs and cutscenes that can be viewed simultaneously outside of matches.

This feature helps fill in the gaps between the main story beats and surprisingly ties everything together in a much more cohesive manner than we had anticipated. We find this method of storytelling to be quite clever as it allows players to catch up on the story whenever they are ready, rather than being forced to delve into it when they are more interested in the gameplay. This clever compromise seamlessly meshes with Exoprimal's multiplayer-focused nature, creating a satisfying balance between narrative and gameplay.

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Exoprimal's Unique Blend of PvP and PvE

Exoprimal is a game that knows exactly what it wants to be and doesn't deviate from its core identity. Some may see this as a narrow approach, but in reality, it allows the game to focus all its energy on creating the best possible experience. This experience revolves around intense battles between teams of exosuits and hordes of dinosaurs and other exosuits. Although players can choose their preference for PvP or PvE in the main menu, Exoprimal seamlessly incorporates elements of both, which ultimately serves as one of its greatest strengths.

Exoprimal offers a refreshing approach to multiplayer gaming by focusing on a single mode called Dino Survival. Unlike other games that have multiple modes that divide the player base, Exoprimal expands on this single mode to create an immersive experience. Each match in Exoprimal starts off as a race, where both teams play their stage with identical objectives. These objectives may vary from one match to another, but they always revolve around fighting dinosaurs.

The key to success lies in completing these objectives faster than the opposing team, giving you a significant advantage later in the match. This unique gameplay mechanic adds excitement and strategic depth to Exoprimal, making it a standout choice for an intense multiplayer experience.

In this game, the concept of time is crucial, and it harmonizes perfectly with the respawn system. When a player gets knocked out, they only have to wait for 15 seconds before they can come back into the game. However, their teammates are motivated to revive them promptly because every second lost can have severe consequences. The value of time is further emphasized during the initial phase of the match, where players do not directly engage with the enemy team. Nevertheless, as the game progresses, both teams are granted access to a dominator, which allows them to control a powerful dinosaur and launch an invasion against the opposing team.

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During the second half of a match, players are in for an exhilarating challenge as they are presented with a dual-objective race that features much harder objectives. Alternatively, they may find themselves thrust together with the enemy team on the same map, where they must not only complete objectives but also engage in direct combat amidst the chaos of dinosaur swarms.

The objectives vary greatly, ranging from escorting a payload along a treacherous track to capturing points in a conquest-style battle or even charging a massive hammer to break down formidable barriers. This diverse range of objectives ensures that gameplay remains exciting and dynamic, constantly keeping players on their toes and adding a refreshing twist to the overall experience.

Exoprimal offers a gaming experience with its unique PvE and PvP elements blend. The game occasionally throws both teams into epic raids where players must join forces to combat powerful bosses and hordes of enemies. These co-op battles are exhilarating and add to the overall excitement of the game. What sets Exoprimal apart is that these epic raids are used sparingly, preventing them from becoming repetitive.

The game's core mechanics feel familiar, but how they are executed is refreshing and innovative. Despite having a single mode, Exoprimal keeps things fresh with various objectives and dinosaurs to engage with. It successfully maintains its focus on its strong points, creating a thrilling and immersive gaming experience.

Immersive Gameplay and Realistic Interactions

Exoprimal truly excels in delivering a gaming experience that feels incredibly immersive and realistic, thanks to its remarkable sense of weight in gameplay. One prime example of this is evident in the Roadblock exosuit, which can employ a substantial energy shield to protect and defend his team.

As hordes of smaller dinosaurs relentlessly throw themselves against the shield, the sheer force exerted causes the exosuit to physically be pushed back, with the player feeling the resistance as their digital avatar's heels dig into the virtual ground. The shield can also be utilized to intercept and halt the charging attack of a formidable Triceratops, allowing the player to experience the power and impact of such encounters truly.

In dinosaur battles, using special abilities and weapons can turn the tide of a fight. Skywave, with its gravity well, can lift dinosaurs off the ground, rendering them helpless against its attacks. The explosions from Barrage and Deadeye can send dinosaurs flying in all directions, causing chaos and confusion on the battlefield. Conversely, Zephyr can slam dinosaurs backward and into walls, making their attacks ineffective.

This tactic is incredibly potent when combined with the explosive gas Neosaurs, creating a deadly combination. Lastly, Krieger, armed with a powerful minigun, can physically hold back a horde of raptors. The barrage of bullets shoves the dinosaurs and suppresses those who manage to survive the onslaught. In dinosaur battles, these unique abilities and weapons can make all the difference in determining the victor.

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The attention to detail in animating the dinosaurs in this game is truly remarkable. There is an apparent influence from Monster Hunter in how some of the more enormous dinosaurs are depicted. Like in Monster Hunter, these massive creatures can be stunned and knocked down similarly, creating an immersive experience for players. Additionally, the physicality of battles extends beyond just the dinosaurs.

When engaging in combat with other exosuits, the weighty sense of their movements is palpable. For instance, we caught half of a team off guard with Roadblock's Whirlwind ability and sent them hurtling off a cliff. Similarly, if you fall victim to Murasame's counter stance, you can expect to be launched skyward, further emphasizing the intense and thrilling nature of the battles in this game.

The incorporation of force feedback in Exoprimal completely transforms the core gameplay experience, particularly when it comes to facing intense battles against swarms of dinosaurs, massive behemoths, and other players. Unlike many other games that often adopt a floaty and weightless feel, Exoprimal provides a tactile and immersive experience that feels incredibly satisfying in your hands. Regardless of the Exosuit you choose to play, the force feedback feature enhances the overall gameplay, making every action and encounter feel more realistic and engaging.

Strategic Diversity with Exosuits and Teamwork

In Exoprimal, every exosuit is assigned three distinct roles: assault, tank, or support. However, what sets this game apart is that no two exosuits play remotely the same, even within the same role. Take, for instance, the shield-bearing Roadblock and the minigun-wielding Krieger. These two exosuits couldn't be more different regarding gameplay mechanics and strategies.

What makes Exoprimal even more impressive is how well its mission structure aligns with the unique design of the exosuits. Each of the ten exosuits in the game is remarkably well-balanced, with their strengths and weaknesses fluidly adapting to the objectives, enemy types, and the composition of your teammates. This level of attention to detail ensures players an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.

Exoprimal not only offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience but also promotes teamwork and collaboration among players. One of the game's standout features is how seamlessly it allows you to work with strangers. The roles assigned to each exosuit are straightforward to understand, and the game provides strong incentives for players to play their roles effectively.

Even my friend, who typically prefers damage-focused characters, is drawn to the Roadblock exosuit in Exoprimal. The game's recognition of his contributions in protecting the team highlights the importance of each player's role. Additionally, switching exosuits mid-game enables players to adapt and fill any gaps in their team's composition.

Furthermore, the availability of various rigs adds another layer of strategic depth, allowing players to address weaknesses and maximize their effectiveness. For example, adding a long-range laser to a melee-focused exosuit can effectively take down airborne foes, while carrying a healing pack can alleviate some pressure on support characters. Exoprimal truly fosters teamwork and enables players to work together seamlessly, even with strangers.

In the world of online gaming, encountering uncooperative teammates is inevitable. However, in Exoprimal, a unique game that encourages teamwork and objective-based play, most players seem more than willing to work together. It is truly inspiring to witness moments where, amidst the chaos of battle, a Roadblock character selflessly jumps in front of a fallen teammate, shielding them from harm. At the same time, another player attempts to revive them.

Exoprimal is even more enjoyable because each Exosuit, regardless of their role, possesses fun and exciting abilities. Unlike other games where players are often forced into the role of a tank, Exoprimal allows me to freely switch between characters and experience the game from various perspectives. The diversity of exosuits my fellow players chose has added an extra layer of enjoyment to the game, making every match a unique and thrilling experience.

The bots in Exoprimal are truly impressive in their ability to fill in for players who leave a game early. Although they may not be able to compete with a team of actual players, they still do a commendable job of playing their roles effectively. This was something we did not expect, and it adds to the game's overall enjoyment.

Exoprimal is also accessible and easy to jump into, but it offers a surprising depth and nuance within each exosuit and situation. This provides ample opportunities for players to improve their skills and grow as they navigate various challenges. Whether playing with random teammates or coordinating with friends, Exoprimal offers new tactical avenues that enhance the gameplay experience.

One of the significant aspects of playing this game is the ability to customize your exosuit with various modules. These modules provide additional skills and enhancements, allowing you to tailor your exosuit to your preferences. However, what we appreciate about this feature is that these modules do not drastically change the core gameplay mechanics of the exosuit.

This means that while you can tweak and optimize your exosuit, you can still quickly identify the capabilities of enemy exosuits. It perfectly balances customization and maintains the integrity of the game's dynamics. Additionally, if you enjoy cosmetic customization, a wealth of options are available.

Addressing Minor Flaws in the Exoprimal Experience

While we have many positive things to say about Exoprimal, it is important to acknowledge its faults as well. One significant omission that stands out is the inability to have cross-platform parties. The game offers crossplay matchmaking, allowing players to connect and play with individuals on different platforms seamlessly. However, the absence of a feature that enables players to invite friends from other platforms to join them is truly perplexing. It seems contradictory to have a game that promotes cross-play but does not provide the means to easily play with friends across different platforms, especially considering the requirement to link a Capcom ID to play Exoprimal.

One major concern with the game is its pacing, which seems to be a bit off. As you play more matches, you are able to advance further in the story, which in turn unlocks new mission types and allows you to encounter new dinosaurs in future matches. However, the game fails to communicate this progression system to the players. Unlike most multiplayer games, where content is readily available from the start, there is no indication that your 15th match will offer anything different from your first. This lack of clarity can lead to frustration and confusion for players, as they are left unaware of the rewards and possibilities that await them with each progressing match.

Playing Exoprimal can be frustrating for players eager to experience new content. The game starts with a limited content pool, which can become repetitive after several matches. What makes it even more aggravating is that if you are playing with friends who have yet to progress as far as you, the game restricts you from accessing new content until they catch up.

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This lack of clarity from the game can lead to a large demographic of players abandoning it, assuming there is no variety. However, once you reach the threshold to unlock new content, the missions become much more varied and intense. The only problem is that it takes excessive time to reach that point, which can be discouraging for many players.

One of the minor issues we have is the inability to view the abilities of my exosuits in the hangar menu. It would be more convenient if we could see their capabilities before heading into a mission. Currently, we can only check them during gameplay or in the training yard. Another annoyance is the inability to skip or vote to skip in-game cutscenes that are linked to a mission. While these nitpicks may seem inconsequential, the larger problems lie in the slow pacing and lack of cross-party feature. These aspects significantly impact the overall gameplay experience and should be addressed for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

High frame-rates are undoubtedly crucial in the world of multiplayer shooters, as they enhance the gameplay experience by providing smooth and responsive actions. However, achieving a consistent 60fps target can present performance issues, especially on certain platforms. Based on our experience with the PS5, the game generally managed to maintain a 60fps frame-rate, resulting in a responsive feel. Nonetheless, there were instances where frames dropped with some regularity, particularly in the most demanding sections of the game. During these moments, the frame-rate dipped into the 50s for extended periods. Additionally, when ray tracing was enabled during cutscenes, it was possible for the frame-rate to drop even further into the 40s. Given these observations, one might argue that implementing a 30fps cap could have been a logical choice to maintain a more consistent performance.

A Stellar Multiplayer Experience That Deserves More Recognition

Exoprimal’s core gameplay is undeniably outstanding. The exosuits, which players can control, provide an exhilarating experience that is hard to match. Whether you are sprinting across the battlefield or soaring through the air, the sense of power and agility is unmatched. What sets Exoprimal apart from other games is its seamless integration of both PvP and PvE elements. Each match is a dynamic and ever-changing experience, as players engage in intense battles against both computer-controlled enemies and other players.

This unique blend of gameplay keeps things fresh and exciting, ensuring that no two matches are the same. Additionally, including epic 10-player cooperative raids adds another layer of excitement to the game. These raids provide a challenging and rewarding experience and serve as a break from the regular cycle of matches. The strategic teamwork required in these raids is a testament to the game's emphasis on cooperative play.

What makes Exoprimal even more impressive is that it manages to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork even when playing with random teammates. The game's structure and mechanics encourage players to work together towards a common goal, creating a sense of unity and satisfaction. In conclusion, Exoprimal's core gameplay is truly stellar, with its exosuits, unique blend of PvP and PvE, and cooperative raids all contributing to an unforgettable gaming experience.

Exoprimal, much like the original Monster Hunter game, possesses a certain strangeness that oddly enhances the overall experience. we can vividly recall the sense of intrigue and curiosity that enveloped me when we first embarked on my monster-hunting journey in 2004. The deliberate pace, coupled with the unconventional mechanics, such as cooking meat and witnessing my character flexing after consuming a potion, added an element of quirkiness to the game. Surprisingly, this strangeness didn't detract from the gameplay; instead, it heightened the immersion and made the adventure all the more captivating. Similarly, Exoprimal embraces its own unique oddities, creating an atmosphere that just works, captivating players with its charm and distinctiveness.

We believe that Exoprimal is a highly undervalued treasure in the gaming industry. It surprises me that this game has not received the recognition and dedicated fan base that it truly deserves. With its breathtaking visuals and captivating gameplay, Exoprimal stands out as one of the top games to have been released in recent times. What's even more thrilling is that Capcom has laid out an exciting plan for the game, suggesting that it will continue to enhance and surpass expectations. It would be unfortunate if the gaming community does not embrace and acknowledge this exceptional creation.

Exoprimal: A Time-Bending Multiplayer Marvel in a World of Conformity
Exoprimal: A Time-Bending Multiplayer Marvel in a World of Conformity
Exoprimal’s core gameplay is undeniably outstanding. The exosuits, which players can control, provide an exhilarating experience that is hard to match. Whether you are sprinting across the battlefield or soaring through the air, the sense of power and agility is unmatched. What sets Exoprimal apart from other games is its seamless integration of both PvP and PvE elements.
Captivating Core Gameplay
Unique PvP-PvE Blend
Diverse Exosuit Abilities
Slow Content Progression
Initial Repetitive Content
Lack of Cross-Platform Parties
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