Unleash the Power: Introducing the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Air and Vulcan II

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ROCCAT, the renowned PC peripherals brand, has unveiled its latest offerings in the form of the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Air and Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The Vulcan II Mini Air marks ROCCAT's entry into the wireless gaming keyboard market, combining performance, durability, and functionality in a compact 65% form factor. With TITAN II Optical Switches ensuring ultra-fast response rates, gamers can enjoy seamless gameplay.

The Mini Air can be connected to various devices using ROCCAT's 2.4GHz Stellar Wireless or three Bluetooth channels. Additionally, the keyboard's built-in proximity sensors work in tandem with ROCCAT's Swarm software to optimize battery life by detecting when users are away from their keyboard., a respected gaming publication, awarded the Vulcan II Mini Air a perfect 10/10 score, describing it as “the perfect mini keyboard that anyone could dream of.”

Introducing the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, the latest innovation in full-sized keyboards. This masterpiece from ROCCAT is the successor to the highly acclaimed Vulcan 120 series keyboards, known for their exceptional performance. What sets the Vulcan II apart is the introduction of ROCCAT's TITAN II Mechanical Switches, a game-changer in the industry.

These switches boast an optimized transparent housing that enhances the vibrant RGB lighting, creating an immersive gaming experience. They are also pre-lubricated, ensuring smooth and precise keystrokes. With a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes, durability is not compromised. The Vulcan II has received rave reviews, with COGconnected awarding it an impressive 94/100 score. This keyboard is the perfect choice for PC gamers who seek a reliable and affordable gaming companion.

ROCCAT has launched two new versions of their popular Vulcan gaming keyboards, the Vulcan II Mini Air and Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. These keyboards stay true to the sleek and low-profile design that the series is known for, with a premium aluminum top plate and stunning AIMO RGB lighting.

They also come equipped with ROCCAT's Easy-Shift[+]™ button duplicator technology, full NKRO (n-key rollover), and anti-ghosting technology, ensuring that every keystroke and combination of key presses are registered accurately. The Vulcan II Mini Air is a wireless option with a price tag of $179.99 (€179.99), while the wired full-size Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available for $149.99 (€159.99). Both keyboards can be purchased at and select retailers in certain regions.

The Vulcan II Mini Air and Vulcan II Mechanical Keyboard have now joined their highly acclaimed siblings, the Vulcan II Max and Vulcan II Mini. These keyboards have garnered immense praise from both fans and reviewers alike, solidifying their position as some of the most stunning gaming keyboards available on the market. IGN recognized the Vulcan II Max as one of the best gaming keyboards, while Tom’s Hardware awarded it the title of the best-looking gaming keyboard.

PCMag and CGMagOnline also acknowledged the Vulcan II Max as the best RGB gaming keyboard and the best keyboard of 2023, respectively. RTINGS praised the ROCCAT Vulcan II keyboards as outstanding for gaming, and TechRadar gave the Mini a commendable 4.5/5 review score. The positive consumer feedback continues, with a perfect 5/5 rating on Best Buy and a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon.

Turtle Beach Corporation has announced the release of two exciting new additions to their PC accessory range: the Vulcan II Mini Air and Vulcan II keyboards. These keyboards are set to introduce innovations that have not been seen on a ROCCAT keyboard before. The Vulcan II Mini Air is particularly noteworthy as it is Turtle Beach's first wireless keyboard, providing gamers with the freedom to move around without the hassle of tangled wires.

On the other hand, the Vulcan II showcases the new TITAN II Mechanical Switches, which promise enhanced performance and precision. These keyboards also come equipped with a range of other popular features that have made the Vulcan series a hit among gamers. With their cutting-edge technology and flexibility, the Vulcan II Mini Air and Vulcan II keyboards are set to become essential components of any state-of-the-art PC desktop setup.

Unleash the Power: Introducing the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Air and Vulcan II

ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini Air

The Vulcan II Mini Air is an impressive wireless gaming keyboard that offers PC gamers the ultimate freedom. Utilizing ROCCAT's gaming grade 2.4GHz Stellar Wireless technology, players can enjoy a lag-free and seamless gaming experience. Additionally, the keyboard allows users to effortlessly switch between three different Bluetooth devices. One of the standout features of the Mini Air is its unique proximity sensors, which automatically adjust the RGB lighting to conserve battery life when players are away from their keyboards.

The keyboard is equipped with ROCCAT's Red/Linear TITAN II Optical Switches, specifically designed for competitive gaming that demands speed and precision. These switches are compatible with third-party keycaps, come pre-lubricated for smooth actuation, and have transparent housings for vibrant RGB lighting. With a durable 150 million keystroke lifespan, the Mini Air is built to last. The keyboard also features 29 multi-function Smart Keys with dual LEDs, allowing gamers to easily visualize when secondary functions are active. These Smart Keys, combined with ROCCAT's EasyShift[+] technology, provide added functionality and ensure that the Vulcan II Mini Air offers the same level of performance as its full-sized counterparts.

The Vulcan II Mini Air is a remarkable gaming keyboard that offers convenient portability with its 4MB onboard memory. It allows users to save up to five profiles of custom RGB lighting and key reassignment directly to the keyboard, eliminating the need for software or drivers. The anodized aluminum backplate not only ensures the keyboard's structural integrity but also serves as a canvas for ROCCAT's AIMO RGB lighting technology.

The AIMO RGB lighting produces vibrant displays right out of the box and can sync with other AIMO-enabled products, creating a visually stunning desktop lighting experience. With double the RGB lighting refresh rate of standard gaming keyboards, the Vulcan II Mini Air offers smooth and vibrant effects that truly immerse users in their gaming environment. Available in Ash Black or Arctic White, this keyboard is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Vulcan II

ROCCAT has unveiled their latest innovation in gaming peripherals with the introduction of the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This cutting-edge keyboard features the brand's newly redesigned TITAN II Mechanical Switches, which offer gamers two options to suit their individual preferences. The TITAN II Red/Linear switches provide a smooth actuation with minimal resistance, making them the perfect choice for competitive gaming. On the other hand, the TITAN II Brown/Tactile switches offer a gentle bump mid-press, providing light feedback for those who appreciate a more tactile experience.

Additionally, the Vulcan II keys are compatible with various third-party cross-shaped mount keycaps, allowing PC gamers to personalize the appearance of their keyboard. To further enhance the gaming experience, ROCCAT's Swarm software and AIMO lighting system enable gamers to customize their setup with a vivid and immersive RGB lighting experience, offering a staggering 16.8 million color options. Furthermore, the Vulcan II can sync with other AIMO-enabled ROCCAT PC peripherals, creating an awe-inspiring desktop PC gaming station. With its advanced features and customizable options, the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is poised to revolutionize the gaming experience for PC gamers everywhere.

The Vulcan II keyboard is designed to enhance the gaming experience by providing additional comfort and support during long gaming sessions. It features a detachable cushioned wrist rest that allows gamers to maintain optimal wrist positioning and reduce fatigue. The keyboard's anodized aluminum top plate not only reinforces its structural integrity but also protects it against wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

In addition to its functional benefits, the Vulcan II boasts a premium and stunning aesthetic. Equipped with a full set of media keys and a push-to-mute volume knob, it allows gamers to easily control their audio while gaming. With 4MB onboard memory, the keyboard can save up to four profiles of custom lighting and key reassignment, providing a personalized gaming experience. The Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in two stylish options: Ash Black or Arctic White.