Sony's New PlayStation 5 Models: Slimmer and Sleeker 26

Sony’s New PlayStation 5 Models: Slimmer and Sleeker

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Sony recently announced introducing an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5, which is scheduled to be released later this year. However, there is a catch – initially, this new model will only be available in the United States. This news has left gamers worldwide eagerly anticipating its eventual global release. The updated PlayStation 5 is expected to improve and enhance its predecessor's already impressive gaming experience. As fans eagerly await its arrival, they can only hope that Sony will soon extend the availability of this upgraded console to other regions as well.

According to recent reports, Sony is rumored to release a slimmer version of the popular PlayStation 5 console, the ‘PS5 Slim.' This new iteration is said to come in two models – one with a disc drive and another without, catering to the growing demand for digital-only gaming. These updated versions are expected to replace the current PS5 models as the stock of the older hardware dwindles. The release of the PS5 Slim is anticipated in the United States in November, with a global rollout scheduled for the subsequent months. Gaming enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the arrival of these sleeker and more compact consoles.

Sony has announced the pricing details for the upcoming PS5 models, and it appears that the new standard version will maintain the same price as the current base console, at USD 499. This news comes as a relief to many avid gamers who were concerned about potential price hikes. However, those who prefer the disc-less version must shell out an additional $50, as the Digital PS5 will be priced at USD 449.

The price difference between the two models results from the absence of a physical disc drive in the Digital PS5. The standard PS5 will be available in Canada for $649, while the Digital PS5 will cost $519. These pricing details give consumers options for choosing the model that suits their preferences and budget.

Sony has announced that their new gaming console model boasts a significant decrease in volume compared to its predecessor. The company states that the volume has been reduced by over 30 percent, indicating a more compact and streamlined design. Additionally, Sony has managed to trim down the weight of the standard and digital consoles by 18 and 24 percent, respectively. These reductions in size and weight highlight Sony's commitment to providing gamers with a more portable and convenient gaming experience.

The PS5's signature aesthetic has undergone a slight transformation. The new design features four distinct cover panels, with the top portion of the box showcasing a glossy finish that adds a touch of sophistication. In contrast, the bottom panel retains its matte texture, creating an exciting difference between the two sections. Additionally, the front of the console now boasts two dual USB-C ports, a notable upgrade from the current PS5's configuration, which only includes a single USB-C and USB-A port. These enhancements enhance the overall look and feel of the console and provide users with increased connectivity options.

In a move to cater to the preferences of all gamers, Sony has introduced the option of purchasing an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for the Digital Edition PS5. This add-on, priced at USD 79.99 (approximately CAD 109), allows players to enjoy their favorite games and movies from physical discs. This feature particularly appeals to those who prefer the traditional tactile experience of inserting a disc into the console. With this offering, Sony ensures gamers can choose their preferred entertainment method through digital downloads or physical media.

Both consoles come with a horizontal stand, but if you want to position the console vertically, you must purchase a separate vertical stand for USD 29.99 (approximately CAD 40). The existing PS5 models come with a stand that can be used in horizontal and vertical orientations.