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Spellbreak: The Reality of Magic Battle Royale Game

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September 3, 2020
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Launched by Proletariat Inc., Spellbreak is the latest entry in the world of multiplayer battle royale genre. Compatible with PC, Xbox One and PS4, Spellbreak is a fast-paced battle royale game. It is based in a magical battleground called the Hollow lands, which marks the beginning of players' magical adventure in primal. Players can take part in up to a group of three in the magical world of Hollow lands.

They can fly, teleport themselves, perform gravity-defying stunts, can cast spells and fight using the magical gauntlets. Breakers can choose from 6 battle classes with different play styles and specific elemental attacks or spells:

Stoneshaper (elemental attack – Stone)
Conduit (elemental attack – Lightning)
Frostborn (elemental attack – Frost)
Tempest (elemental attack – Wind)
Toxicologist (elemental attack – Toxic)
Pyromancer (elemental attack – Flame)

Each class can be assigned specific talents which develops as the class grows in power. Elemental gauntlets and magic runes are helping the players outplay the opponents. The currency in the game is gold with which gears and outfits can be bought.

Visuals and Sounds

Anime-like character visualization is excellent. The characters look cool (and cute at times). The landscape is nicely designed. Though the terrain is magical, it is not gloomy and apocalyptic. The visual appeal of the spells and explosions, especially the audio impact of blasts, tornadoes makes Spellbreak a class apart.

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The availability of different gauntlets in Spellbreak varies with the class chosen and with the stage, the player is in (depends on the player's location in the map). The player begins with the base-level gauntlet and can trade with higher-level gauntlet with his existing gauntlet of a specific element as per player's chosen battle class. Gauntlets feature two spell attacks, and there can be multiple permutations. However, players can also arm themselves with another type of gauntlet by looting them as their secondary weapon.

Choosing the primary gauntlet is critical for the ultimate success. As the player progresses, his primary gauntlet keeps on acquiring additional features. In the case of Frostborn class, a frost shard attack creates an icy trail that allows the players to skate through the same. On the other hand, this won't be in effect if the Frostborn gauntlet is chosen to be the secondary gauntlet.

The Spells can be combined to have more impactful results. Toxicologist gauntlet's toxic cloud explosion with fire or electrification by lightning is possible. Tempest gauntlet's whirlwind can make a Stoneshaper's giant rocks fly. A whirlwind can transform into a tornado with the help of fire and gas. The Pyromancer's wall of fire, which can conquer the enemy, can also be extinguished by the wind.

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Success in combat depends on the successful handling of the mana bar. It both recharges and drains very quickly. Jumping, dodging to save yourself along with casting a spell in time to vanquish the enemy is the key. Also understanding the usage of elements is critical in winning a duel in Spellbreak.

Runes add more magic to the game. Runes empower the players with magical abilities like – flying, being invisible, or the ability to teleport yourself. If one player goes down, he can be recovered by his other mates. An enemy can also exile a player in this game. Exile is a kind replacement for execution.

The gameplay is fast-paced, and if you do not have a sharp strategic bend, you will be ruined. Choosing your combos or having a specific plan for duels needs to be instantly thought out.

The loots are readily available. There are ample choices for secondary weapons and runes empowering special abilities available to be looted. But finding a perfect match, especially that of primary and secondary gauntlet can be a little difficult at times. Some boots that makes you faster, armor, or mana enhancing pendants are also available.

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It is a fairy tale Battle Royale game. The magical powers and fluid nature of Spellbreak make it unique. The wizards' battles or mystical movements make this a surreal experience. The spell combinations, the runes, and then the scrolls add layers to the struggle. Cross-play across platforms makes it exciting.

The various combinations possible makes the primary talents and class choices to be essential. The combined efforts of a group of three can have significant impacts with their gauntlets acting together to a resultant mega explosion. Thus planning the selection of primary and secondary gauntlets, the runes, and employing them for the result by all 3 participants is a significant part of the strategy.

The runes are the probably one of the major innovation of Spellbreak. They include the following – the Blink Rune (it lets you Blast forward for few seconds), Feather Fall Rune (ensuring slow fall), Wolf Blood Rune (allowing Red outline of enemies to appear through the blocked line of sight), Shadow Step, Invisibility Rune, Flight Rune, and Teleportation rune. A perfect combination of a spell and rune can drastically change the battle scene infraction by a second.

The spell cooldown effects and realistic recovery periods of players (where they are vulnerable enough for few seconds) adds to the attraction of Spellbreak as well.

The chests spread across the battlefield are there for the loot. Each has some unique feature inside worth exploring.

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Replay Value

Spellbreak's choice of six different classes and their distinct play styles make the players play multiple occasions to explore the game in more detail. Understanding the capacity of the gauntlets, or the runes, and numerous combinations and permutations have a considerable curiosity value attached to it. The plenty of loot available also makes the terrain so exciting that you will never be satisfied with one go at the game.


Spellbreak is super fast and has multiple positives to it. It's free, it can be played through four different platforms, and the best part is, there's no major glitch. The magical realism of the game is fascinating, it's like Rambo meets Avatar! So, if you're a battle royale aficionado, you're definitely going to love Spellbreak!

Spellbreak Review by GameHaunt
Spellbreak: The Reality of Magic Battle Royale Game
The magical realism of the game is fascinating, it’s like Rambo meets Avatar! So, if you’re a battle royale aficionado, you’re definitely going to love Spellbreak!
Balanced Classes
Anime-like character visualization is excellent
Learning curve could be steep for most people
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