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ENERMAX, a renowned name in the computer hardware industry, has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with its latest announcement at CES 2024. ENERMAX has revolutionized the cooling solutions market by introducing the AQUAFLO LCD and LIQTECH XTR AIO liquid CPU coolers. These cutting-edge coolers are designed for the powerful AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO and Intel® Xeon® processors. What sets them apart is the inclusion of a slide-and-use LCD screen, providing users with real-time status updates. This unique feature allows enthusiasts and professionals to monitor their CPU's performance easily. With ENERMAX's commitment to delivering high-performance and efficient solutions, the AQUAFLO LCD and LIQTECH XTR are set to redefine the cooling experience for computer enthusiasts and professionals alike.

An LCD screen that utilizes a magnetic sliding mechanism

The AQUAFLO LCD AIO liquid CPU cooler offers an innovative and user-friendly experience with its slide-and-use LCD monitor. This feature allows for effortless access and easy engagement with the LCD, making it a convenient option for users. Additionally, the monitor is highly portable, with a stand for tabletop use and a magnet for attaching to metallic appliances. The AQUAFLO series is designed to handle high-performance computing tasks, with a thermal design power (TDP) capability of up to 400W. ENERMAX’s latest Dual-Chamber Xtreme pump and patented Central Coolant Inlet (C.C.I.) design and Shunt-Channel (S.C.T.) technology make this impressive performance possible. Overall, the AQUAFLO LCD AIO liquid CPU cooler offers both convenience and high-performance capabilities, making it an ideal choice for demanding computing tasks.

Key features of the AQUAFLO LCD Series:

  • Magnetic slide-and-use LCD screen for easy access and engagement with the display
  • Can handle thermal design power up to 400W for high-performance computing tasks
  • Advanced dual-chamber Xtreme pump with improved coolant inlet and flow design
  • Cooling innovations with central coolant inlet (C.C.I.) design and patented Shunt-Channel (S.C.T.) technology
  • Efficient heat transfer design with extended flat tube and fin design for improved heat dissipation

Introducing the Magnetic Slide-and-Use LCD Screen, a revolutionary feature that offers effortless access and engagement with the display. This innovative design allows users to slide the LCD monitor into place easily, making it convenient and eliminating the need for complicated setups. This LCD screen can also handle thermal design power (TDP) up to 400W, making it perfect for high-performance computing tasks. To ensure optimal performance, this device also boasts an advanced Dual-Chamber Xtreme Pump that increases pump pressure by up to 30% and coolant flow rate by up to 20%. The cooling innovations continued with the Central Coolant Inlet (C.C.I.) design and patented Shunt-Channel (S.C.T.) technology, which enhanced cooling efficiency. Lastly, the efficient heat transfer design with an extended flat tube and fin design improves heat dissipation, ensuring the device remains cool during intense computing tasks.

Digital thermal solutions designed for workstations and servers

The LIQTECH XTR AIO liquid CPU cooler is a highly advanced cooling solution designed to meet the needs of high-performance workstations and servers. It is compatible with both AMD's sTR5 socket and Intel LGA4677 socket, ensuring broad compatibility with a range of processors. This cooler offers full integrated heat spreader (IHS) coverage for both AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO and Intel® Xeon® processors; this cooler can handle thermal design power (TDP) of more than 500W. This is made possible by the EF1 pump and patented cooling technologies, which ensure efficient heat dissipation even under heavy workloads. Additionally, the more remarkable feature is a digital screen on the water block that displays the CPU temperature in real-time, providing users with essential information and an overheat warning to ensure optimal performance and protection of the CPU.

Essential characteristics of the LIQTECH XTR Series:

  • Real-time status digital screen displays CPU temperature with overheating warning
  • Compatible with AMD sTR5 and Intel LGA 4677 sockets
  • Complete coverage of AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO and Intel Xeon processors
  • Cooling capacity of 500W+ TDP for high-performance workstations or servers
  • EF1 pump design delivers a high flow rate for superior cooling performance
  • Patented cooling innovations include Central Coolant Inlet design and Shunt-Channel technology.

Customers eagerly anticipating the release of the AQUAFLO LCD and the LIQTECH XTR series will be pleased to know that both products will be available in the second quarter of 2024. These innovative cooling solutions will make a splash in the market and will be stocked by major retailers. Customers are encouraged to visit the ENERMAX website or contact their local ENERMAX sales representative to stay informed about the latest pricing and availability. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the cutting-edge technology of these products.