Global Release Celebration: Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Hits the World with 5 Million Pre-Registrations and Mesmerizing Theme Song

Global Release Celebration: Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Hits the World with 5 Million Pre-Registrations

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After an impressive 5 million pre-registrations, Level Infinite's highly anticipated game, Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, has finally been released. Gamers can now download the game through various platforms such as Google PlayStore, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung Galaxy Store, and Apple App Store.

To add to the excitement, the Japanese musical group, Tsukuyomi, has released the theme song for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution titled “If I Knew It Was A Dream.” This song is a special collaboration that combines both English and Japanese languages, providing players with a truly unique listening experience. With the game's launch and the release of this captivating theme song, fans have even more reason to celebrate this monumental day for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution.

“This song expresses the anticipation and trepidation of journeying to an undiscovered world, as well as the immense joy upon making the first steps. It's a song full of passion and sadness, representing the fact that although reality can be tough, we still forge forward with dreams and hope, just like players in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution,” shared YurryCanon of Tsukuyomi.

Global Release Celebration: Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Hits the World with 5 Million Pre-Registrations and Mesmerizing Theme Song

Key features of Dragon Nest 2 Evolution

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, with its glorious legacy as an IP, has been expertly crafted for mobile players, ensuring accessibility for both seasoned fans and casual newcomers. With four distinct classes to choose from, players can team up to take on formidable bosses, utilizing unique skills that create thrilling synergistic action.

The enchanting world of Altea once again faces danger as Serpentra the Sea Dragon emerges from the past, igniting The Grand Dragon Hunt. However, there is no need to worry about falling behind, as the game features a player-driven economy that allows everyone to play at their own pace. Embark on a grand adventure in Altea, surrounded by lovable companions, and take some time off to revel in all that this expansive world has to offer.

Serpentra's rule commences!

The highly anticipated official launch of the MMORPG brings forth an exciting event known as The Grand Dragon Hunt, commencing with the menacing Sea Dragon, Serpentra. Although players may have been given a glimpse of how the mode operates before the launch, the full event is now on an even grander scale. Adventurers can engage in daily quests and achievement hunts, strategically teaming up with like-minded allies to prepare themselves for the thrilling battles ahead.

What makes this event truly captivating is the intense competition among players from all corners of the world, as they vie for honor and glory on behalf of their represented countries in a full server showdown. With each dragon defeated, players and teams who rank higher can relish in the anticipation of splendid rewards and incentives, recognizing their unwavering dedication and hard-earned triumph.

Creating a Fresh Heritage in Dragon Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a mobile game that has been skillfully designed and tailored for players, and it has a captivating backstory.Whether you are a seasoned fan or a casual beginner, this game is accessible to all. With four unique classes to choose from, players can engage in exhilarating combat and explore dangerous dungeons for an added thrill. The world of Altea is vibrant and captivating, offering a charming backdrop for adventurers to explore alongside their companions.

To ensure players start their journeys on the right foot, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution offers various launch incentives. These include login and daily sign-in rewards, level-specific gift packages, and valuable resources and treasure chest rewards for completing specific stages. The wait is over, so don't hesitate any longer. Join the excitement and embark on your own thrilling adventure in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution by downloading it now!