Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack Review

Mobile Edge has been renowned for coming up with some innovative gaming gears and this time they’ve come with another exciting stuff, the Core Gaming Backpack. There are few things that are vital when we are on the move including our mobile phone, laptop, tablet, gaming kit etc. This has enabled many companies to come up with some gears to pack accessory in attractive and exciting gaming backpacks. The Core Gaming Backpack is one such great product designed with the gaming enthusiasts on mind and hence comes with a lot of features that every avid gamer will be interested in. It is certainly a must have product for a person on the move and also an excellent gift item for holiday goers.


The Core gaming pack comes in a very attractive black and red combo color. The Velcro at the front of the bag allows you to attach all your favorite patches and there are some patches provided along with the backpack too. The packets are safely padded to protect the items you put inside the packets. The pouch meant for keeping your tablets is safely padded that you normally find in high end backpacks. You can be rest assured that all your items are well protected even when you toss it around the corner or accidentally drop it in the ground. Since the core gaming pack is made using high quality durable materials, it can withstand all kinds of challenges posed by the weather.

Mobile Edge Core Gaming BackpackFunctionality

One of the best part about the Core Gaming pack is its multi-purpose functionality. It is specially designed with many features to carry any kind of mobile devices to fit everyone’s requirements. It could meet all your travel requirements when it comes to accommodating all your gaming gear, laptop, mobile phone, tablets, mouse etc. Along with the gaming gear and other stuffs, there’s lot more room to carry other things including your snacks, drinks and many more things you may require.

Some unique features that make the Core Gaming pack stand out from the rest is the bottle holders present inside the side pouches. These bottle holder pouches can also be used for holding many things including USB drives, USB cables, chargers etc. One more exciting feature is the built-in external charge port with a charger cord that runs throughout the backpack which allows you to add a portable charger anywhere inside the backpack. It also comes with an USB plug outside of the backpack to enable charging your cell phones easily.

Mobile Edge Core Gaming BackpackFeatures

  • It is well equipped to hold even gaming laptops upto 17 inches
  • Specially designed to speed through the process of TSA airport security line with a checkpoint-friendly design
  • Made using high quality durable ballistic nylon with contrast stitching
  • It comes with a wire running throughout the backpack to charge anywhere inside the pack
  • Also, comes with an external USB 3.0 port to charge cell phones easily
  • Has three separate compartments for storing your laptop, tablets, mobile phones, files and other items
  • It comes with a well-equipped shoulder strap with padded air-mesh to reduce the strain while carrying on your shoulders
  • It also comes with a ventilated back panel and trolley strap to have it safely carried in a trolley
  • There is also a separate organizer section to safely keep your pens, mobile phones, business cards and any other small things you needed
  • Separate storage compartment for keeping all your gaming gears and accessories
  • Also comes with 4 side pockets with zippers to hold your water bottles, phone, cables etc.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Mobile Edge Core Gaming BackpackUsability

The Core Gaming Pack is exclusively designed for ultimate usability with great features not found in many other high priced backpacks in the market. It has three major pockets and the first pocket to be used to keep your laptop safe and secure. It is pretty much big enough that you can even keep your 17 inch laptop. The next pocket is the biggest pocket that can even hold your full-size keyboard. It also comes equipped with a pouch to hold your tablets upto 10 inches in size and also has a loop to secure your headphones as well. The other pocket is provided to secure all your accessories including USB cables, USB drives, pens, chargers, cables and anything you may need which can fit into that pocket. There is also a spate organizer section to neatly secure your pens, mobile phones, keys etc. Along with all these pockets on the inside, there are more space provided in the outside with four pockets with zippers to store your water bottles, mouse etc.

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

The Core gaming pack is an excellent for people always on the go or people looking to safely secure their gaming gears, laptops and other things while going outside. With other normal backpacks, there would be only a separate compartment to secure your laptop, but the Core Gaming pack has went many steps ahead to provide you with many different pockets to all your stuff in the most secure way. It is also made using some high quality material to last for a long time. One of the main aspects of the back pack is the integrated wire running all through the back pack to enable you to connect any portable charger anywhere inside the pack. It is one of the best backpacks that you can take along with you wherever you go including your school, college, office, travel or while visiting your friends or families. The patch with Velcro provides you to attach whatever patches you want to create your own personal outlook for the bag. All pockets are padded sufficiently to provide extra protection and support.

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