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Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

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If you have been following the Assassin’s Creed series of games, then you are really in for a big treat with the Assassin’s Creed Origins, an engaging role-playing game nicely set in the ruins in ancient Egypt. Even though it has taken almost two years since the previous version, the Origins is a major game changer for the franchise. So without any further wait, let’s jump straight into the game’s review:

The Setting

No other game has better explored ancient Egypt like the Assassin’s Creed Origins as the game has been built around an expansive map consisting beautiful ancient Egyptian architecture and buildings. People looking to explore around will love the origins as it will feed you a lot until you feel satisfied with its rocky mountains, catacombs and towering ancient structures.

Ubisoft is always known to provide games with great designs and with the Assassin’s Creed Origins it has taken the open world gaming to the next level with the Ancient Egyptian setting.

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Ancient Egypt was known to have one of the best civilization in the world during that time and the area was always lush and green as the Egyptians were very much into agriculture during that time. That is the reason that you can see the setting is lush with green fields, lakes and rivers that is also well surrounded by beautiful sandy deserts.

Apart from the deserts and the green fields, you have a lot to explore in the origins as you can find many towns and villages and also many side quests and events to keep you occupied all the time.

The Gameplay

Even though the game is undeniably striking and splendid with its ancient world settings, it is the gameplay that tells whether the game is a success or not. In the Assassin’s Creed Origins, you have a lot to play for as there is always something happening around you and even despite the fact that it seems to be irrelevant in the beginning, you can see a lot of connections when you travel into the game deeply.

This sets the Assassin’s Creed Origins for an addictive gameplay experience as you are always constantly willing to explore the area and want to learn what is happening around you. You also have a lot of side quests to complete that can help you unlock a lot of secrets that could help you in your main mission.

Animals also play an important part in the gameplay as you can tame a whole bunch of wolves using sleeping darts and make them behave like your pets and also engage them during your fights with your enemies and also use them in completing dangerous missions.

The combat system in the  Assassin’s Creed Origins is completely restructured to provide more dynamic and energetic fights. People who have played the previous versions of the Assassin’s creed have complained about the dullness in the combat system and most of the fights were boring. Ubisoft has accepted the player’s demands and remodelled the fights to be action-packed and also brutal.

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The game is so engaging that you are not allowed with a single moment of relaxing around as enemies attack you every corner when they are least expected. Some players also say that the Assassin’s Creed Origins has taken a sort of inspiration from the Dark souls series, based on how enemies attack you all at once.

Apart from fighting with a melee, you can also use bows and arrows during your fight. You can even upgrade them to impart more damage to the enemies. The game also rewards a lot for your skills and the moment you kill an enemy by shooting an arrow right into his head without going undetected, you stand to gain some bonuses.

The side quests keep you engaged all the time as there are a lot of different quests ranging from drunken brawls to gladiatorial battles. There are also some eye-catching chariot races that tests your skill to a great extent and some quests will lead you into assassinating some lords out there. You can find a lot of quests spread throughout the map and then even provide you needed XP that helps in your main adventure.

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The Story

The story or origins mainly centers around an elite soldier called Bayek, who is also the last standing of his kind who are sworn to protect the kingdom. The story happens during the oppressive regime of Ptolemy and the subsequent climb to power by Cleopatra, his sister. Like always, the Assassin’s Creed Origins is also filled with all the political twists and turns.

Coming back to Bayek, the most adorable character in the game goes through all kinds of political conspiracies and hence turns out to be the Assassin, and that to the first ever Assassin. That also explains to you why the game has been titled like that. If you are into history, you would be thrilled to meet some of the most famous characters in history like Julius Caesar, Aristotle and much more.

The game travels through a well-connected storyline in a streamlined fashion and will make you travel through some intense periods which led to the formation of the Assassins. But you’ll be really surprised to see that no mythical elements have been used in the game as ancient Egypt is known for its mystical power and creatures.

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The Verdict

When it comes to open world role-playing games, you could possibly say that Ubisoft has taken it to the next level with the Assassin’s Creed Origins. The game is a great blend of history, great combat, inspiring story with a spending Egyptian setup. The origins is a lot more improved in the area of combat, as fighting is far more intense and you never feel boring for a single moment.

With a lot of side quests and events, you are always kept occupied and a moment’s relaxation can lead to enemies attacking you from all around. Overall, the Assassin’s Creed Origins is an excellent game and a welcome relief to the Assassin’s creed fans, who had to wait for almost two years to see the Assassin’s back in action.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Review
the Assassin’s Creed Origins is an excellent game and a welcome relief to the Assassin’s creed fans, who had to wait for almost two years to see the Assassin’s back in action.
Assassin’s Creed Origins is completely restructured to provide more dynamic and energetic fights.
Gameplay balance and difficulty