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XPG INFAREX K20 Keyboard Review

ADATA Technology has unveiled its ultimate gaming XPG INFAREX K20 keyboard. It has already attracted a lot of attention in the gaming community. And yes, the price of it is just under $60. People looking for the best budget keyboard can check this one out. It comes with a stunning black casing that is brilliantly illuminated with colored lights under the keys. So what more can the XPG Infarex K20 has to offer for avid gamers looking for the perfect gaming keyboard? Let’s read more below! 


The XPG Infarex K20 is an all-new gaming keyboard from ADATA that comes with an excellent ergonomic design. The most important aspect that makes this keyboard stand apart from its competitors is the lighting effects. There are around 11 different lighting modes and you can change it with just a press of a button. A dedicated mode button along with two additional buttons that help in increasing/decreasing the lighting effects. If you think the lighting is too bright, then you can naturally decrease using the adjustment buttons. The lighting effects is a clear winner for the K20 as you can see it glowing in a dark room. Gamers love these kind of fancy stuffs so this will surely be a hit on them.

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The keyboard comes with beautiful mechanical blue switches that provide a great feel for your hands with each keystroke. The key caps are designed ergonomically to provide a maximum grip on your fingers. K20 also doesn’t create signal conflicts even when you press multiple keys at the same time. It is also a great feature as while you play any game, you don’t overlap the commands and don’t provide as well an undue advantage for the enemy. A runway was also designed in the backside of the keyboard to fit in the cables. This is to ensure that you won’t get disturbed by messy cables while you are concentrating on the game.

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Product Features

The XPG K20 comes with a lot of innovative and unique features as described in detail below:


A unique feature called Anti-ghosting provides complete control over the keyboard. Gamers doesn’t need to worry about signals conflict at any point of time. Because even when you press multiple keys simultaneously, there is never any signal conflict or command overlap. Hence, you can always be sure that every key pressed will work the way it should be.

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11 Different Lighting Effects

The Infarex K20 comes with another interesting feature on which you can’t find in another gaming keyboards. Even though you can see some lighting effects being introduced in other gaming keyboards, where you can see illumination on the back of the keyboard or on the keys, the Infarex K20 features an astounding 11 lighting effects that you can literally play or set based on your mood or the type of game you play. The keyboard also features a dedicated mode button that helps you in changing the lighting effects along with two lighting brightness level adjustment keys.

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Braided Cable

The K20 comes with reinforced braided cables that is both stress and stretch resistant. It also prevents all kinds of wear and tear from daily use and provide a longer lifetime for the cables.

Media Keys

The K20 gaming keyboard also comes with dedicated media keys that allows you to quickly adjust the music, sound and the sound effects easily by a single tap of a button. A lot of research has went behind the design of this keyboard as many of the features introduced are the one that many gamers are yearning for years. While most of the gaming keyboards come with additional software to control the additional features of the keyboard including its lighting media etc., the K20 comes with dedicated keys to adjust everything easily even during the middle of the game. Gamers often feel frustrated moving out the game screen to adjust something, but in K20 you never need to move away from your game and control everything from your keyboard itself.

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The Infarex K20 keyboard contains high-quality and high durable materials that provides a longer lifetime. One of the features we liked is the tactile feedback of the keyboard with the help of 50g actuation force. And according to the manufacturer, each keys in the Infarex K20 can withstand upto a maximum of 50 million keystrokes. The switches used in the K20 are Kailh blue switches that are almost similar to the cherry blue switches. The only difference is that actuation pressure is higher in the Kailh when compared to cherry blue switches.

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Bottom Line

Overall, the Infarex K20 is a solid gaming keyboard from the house of ADATA Technology. The 11 different lighting is certainly a clear winner as the gaming industry is witnessing gaming keyboards with a lot of innovation in lighting and design. While many keyboards provide you an additional software to control the keyboard’s special features like lighting, ADATA has clearly thought this out and provided with a dedicated mode button to change the lighting effects without needing to install an additional software. Another great feature we like about the keyboard is it is a tad heavy than other gaming keyboards so you don’t need to worry whether it will move often.

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