XPG Infarex R10 Mousepad Review 7

XPG Infarex R10 Mousepad Review

A great battle needs a really grand setting and the Infarex R10 gaming mousepad from ADATA is your perfect partner in crime during your steamy battles with the enemy. The R10 comes with innovative RGB lighting effects. It is composed of high-quality rugged PVC surface and is highly resistant to scratches. The precision you get out of this enhances your chances of winning on every battle you play in the game. You are always one step ahead of your enemies when you have the R10 gaming mousepad at your disposal.


The Infarex R10 mousepad boasts a textured black surface and comes with thickness of 3mm and measures around 3500mmx250mm in size. The XPG logo is on the bottom right hand side and aluminum plating on top of the mousepad. Right below the anodized aluminum plate, you can see a fingerprint mark. It comes with some touch sensitive feature, where you can move over the mark to toggle the lighting effects.

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Infarex R10 Mousepad ensures that gaming is always enjoyable and comfortable even after long and intense hours of gaming. The RGB lighting effects ensure you set the right mood before the start of your game. Thanks to its three different lighting modes including the cycling, pulsing and mono-colored lighting modes. You can choose the lighting mode based on the game you are playing. 

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Product Highlights

The Infarex R10 gaming mousepad comes with a lot of unique features as explained in detail below:

RGB Lighting Effects

Moving away from traditional mousepad, the Infarex R10 mousepad from ADATA is the perfect gaming mousepad that comes attached with all the bells and whistles that you would look for in a gaming accessory. Certainly the RGB lighting effects is a great addition to the mousepad as you can adjust between 9 different lighting effects. Basically it comes with single color mode that includes around 7 different colors, pulsing lights and cycling lights. One feature that may be missing is the brightness adjustment control. As during the morning time, you can see the mousepad not as brightly lit compared when you are inside a dark room. The mousepad creates a great environment for gaming. It helps you get into that zone where you make all the right moves and defeat the enemies easily.

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Durable and Scratch-Resistant

The Infarex R10 gaming mousepad is made of top-quality PVC material and is also scratch resistant. You can place the mousepad on all kinds of surface as it comes with the right amount of friction. It also enables you to move the mouse over the mousepad with extreme precision. While the size is designed to provide a highly enjoyable and comfortable gaming experience.

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Easy Light Effects Toggle

The XPG is the first one to come with gaming products without any need to install any gaming software. Similar to the gaming keyboards that comes with mode control buttons, the R10 gaming mousepad also comes with its own light mode changing control. But in the mousepad, you can’t provide a button instead a specific area is provided with touch sensitivity features as you can move over your fingers over the area and change the lighting effects according to your mood and the kind of game you are playing.

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Product Features

  • Best gaming mousepads with lighting modes
  • 3 different lighting modes and 9 different lighting effects
  • A complete RGB lighting effects mousepad
  • Comes with 8G acceleration
  • Perfect size
  • Made using top-quality PVC material
  • Scratch resistant
  • DPI: 800/1600/2400/3200
  • Ultrapolling: 125Hz
  • Single touch lighting effects control
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year
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The XPG Infarex R10 gaming mousepad provides you with a great value for the money invested. The mousepad comes in the perfect size and the hard surface provides pleasant user experience. You can do all kinds of sweeping and sliding motions without much issue. And even if you make fast and scratchy moves, you won’t get any kind of problems. One of the winning points of the gaming mousepad is certainly its RGB lighting effects.

When you are in a dark room, you can clearly see the beauty of the lighting. But when you set to cycling mode, the effects change continuously and still it won’t distract you from the game at any point of time. May be an odd thing that we noticed was the red aluminum plate on the top which sometimes causes the mouse cable to get tangled on the plating. This will surely be your best bet if you’re an avid gamer and looking for a decent gaming mousepad at a reasonable price. Also, you can use the X10 gaming mouse from XPG to utilize the complete power of the R10 mousepad as it bodes well with the mouse. If you are lucky enough, look for a combo of both the X10 mouse and the R10 gaming mousepad and you will surely be in a real surprise with a splendid gaming performance.

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