Creative Stage V2 Soundbar Review

Creative Stage V2 Soundbar Review

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There are numerous soundbars in the market right now, and if you are looking for a perfect one, you need to look at the details to decide which one suits you better. Sound quality must be a priority before you decide to buy a soundbar. Although most high-end soundbars cost more, they provide the best audio quality. However, there are still a few low-cost soundbars that can also perform well enough and be worth your money. Let's take a look at the Creative Stage V2 Soundbar and see if it is a good choice for people looking to buy one.


The Stage V2 Soundbar performs differently when used for TV or music. If you use it for music, it works well. When you use it primarily for shows and movies, the soundbar provides an overall boost in the sound performance. If you want a better dialogue from your TV, you should add a sound up to the setup. This soundbar will help alleviate any strains when people are listening to the TV. It provides clarity, makes the sounds more audible while also keeping the overall sound more balanced.

If you intend to boost human speech, press the dialogue buttons, which will give you a dedicated mode. The volume of the voices gets raised without changing the overall volume of your system. The Stage V2 Soundbar boosts the vocals pretty well. The soundbar also provides big blasts, large bangs, and an immersive sound; therefore, your watching experience gets better.

The music performance is also very good considering that the soundbar is cheap. The sounds are very rich, and basically, every type of music can be heard clearly and adjusted to the user's preference. The 2.1 high-performance speaker houses custom-tuned mid-range drivers and are also accompanied by a powerful subwoofer that makes it capable of filling the room with a very captivating immersive audio as well as a deep thumping bass.

Creative Stage V2 Soundbar

Design and build

This soundbar combo comes with a wired subwoofer, unlike most soundbars in the modern world that are wireless, making them more convenient as you can place them anywhere in the house. Wired subs, however, keep the cost on the lower side. This soundbar's connection is not a complicated process, especially if you have ever connected other wired subs in the past. The soundbar has clearly labeled ports that you will easily identify.

When you unbox your soundbar, you will notice that it looks like most other soundbars, nothing really different. However, it's a bit classier and more sophisticated. It measures 26.8 inches wide by 3.94 inches and has a height of  3.07 inches. This means that it will not take much of your space as it can comfortably fit in most entertainment stands. The bar has a glossy look, and the outer cover is made of plastic and has a metal grille at the front.

On the right side, you will find the physical controls, and at the back are the ports and sockets. The sockets and ports are all for the power, the wired subwoofer output, Optical input, USB Type-C, HDMI ARC, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input. The soundbar also supports Bluetooth. If you want to know the status of the soundbar, you can check the small monochrome display that shines through the grille, and it will help to indicate the source being used, the level of volume, and others.

In the package, there is a remote for controlling playback, volume, and sound levels. You can also use it to switch sources and activate different sound modes within the soundbar. For its price, the Creative Stage V2 Soundbar looks and feels good. The subwoofer comes in a wooden body and matte finish. The right side where the grille is covered by fabric, and the front by a bass vent. The soundbar is tethered to the sub using a 2m cable, and this means that you only need to have one power cord that goes to the soundbar.

Creative Stage V2 Soundbar Review


The soundbar has all the necessary connectivity options. There's a Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm Aux-in, Optical in, USB, and HDMI ARC. If you want to play music from your USB drive, you must buy a USB-A female connector as the soundbar only has a male connector. There is a pair of 2.25-inch drivers that help in the adjusting of the mid and the high range frequencies. The two provide a 40W RMS output, and the subwoofer provides an extra power of 40W RMS.

The fully functional IR remote control has a very beautiful design, unlike most remotes that come with different soundbars. The remote has all the keys you need to operate the soundbar and to help you to fully customize it. It's impossible to access some of the functions without the remote, so you must take good care of it.

The surround sound aside is another amazing feature of this soundbar. This gives the user the ability to adjust the bass and treble to their liking; if you love low bass, this soundbar will perfectly cater to you. You also get to adjust how loud or soft you want the volume to be.

Audio quality

Although soundbars can not give you the same audio quality as home theatres, they are still good for improving your TV's default speakers. The Stage V2 soundbar has a very clear audio quality, and the volume is loud enough to be hard in a small room. However, this soundbar was made for smaller spaces, and it may not deliver as well if you have a large area.

Overall, the Creative Stage V2 Soundbar is one of the best soundbars for its price range. The soundbar looks and feels good and has a powerful stereo sound. If you want a TV sound upgrade with excellent voice quality, then this is the perfect soundbar for you. If you are also on a budget, you will find the Stage V2 soundbar very cost-effective. However, if you would want a loud volume, then the Creative Stage V2 soundbar might not be the perfect fit for you as it only produces enough volume to fill a small room.

Creative Stage V2 Soundbar Review
Creative Stage V2 Soundbar Review
Creative Stage V2 is one of the best soundbars for its price range. The soundbar looks and feels good and has a powerful stereo sound.
Creative Stage V2 is very cost-effective.
Only produces enough volume to fill a small room.
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