MSI P65-Creator 8RE Laptop

MSI P65 Creator 8RE Laptop Review

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MSI P65 Creator 8RE Laptop renders beastly performance, great graphics and great cooling system. With its headquarters situated in New Taipei City, MSI P65 Creator 8RE is a Taiwanese multinational that designs and manufactures computer hardware, related products like laptops, motherboards, desktops, graphics cards and more.

MSI P65 Creator 8RE is certainly one step ahead than others. With the P65 Creator 8RE, this Taiwanese manufacturer is hoping to drift its way straight into the premier league of best creative laptops. With the specification of an out-and–out gaming system, the manufacturer of the matte finish laptop market is a creative workstation for video editing and intensive photo.

We have taken a close look at this unusual hybrid of laptop style making sure that MSI P65 Creator 8RE has kept the promise of delivering desktop-level performance while maintaining maximum flexibility all at the same time.

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Powered by the excellent Intel Coffee Lake chipset this MSI P65 Creator 8RE machine is a bit of a beast under the hood. The MSI P65 Creator 8RE powered around Intel Core i7 is clocked at 2.2GHz and can Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz. Backed by a RAM of 16 GB, six physical cores with Hyper-threading enable it to process 12 concurrent threads in 8RE. With Nvidia GTX 1060 Max-Q 6GB video card, MSI P65 Creator Laptop offers super smooth performance even with a dozen apps opened at the same time. It is ideal for editing RAW files in Photoshop or 4K video projects in Adobe Premiere CC.

MSI P65 Creator Laptop has three internal fans and four heat pipes. This is to keep everything cool and drive warm air out of the laptop to avoid throttling. Gaming with the P65 for an hour or more results in no discomfort.

The MSI P65 Creator Laptop is a creative device which fits somewhere in between premium performance laptops and gaming machines. With MSI P65 Creator Laptop you can do your everyday office tasks without having to worry about plugging in.

MSI P65 Creator 8RE

Design & Build

MSI P65 Creator 8RE has paid enough attention to presentation with the P65 Creator 8RE. The laptop comes in a classy white prestige box with the Dragon Army logo printed on the top.  

We all know that the company is appreciated for its products' many shapes and sizes. That's why buyers of MSI P65 Creator Laptop can choose between the colors Space Gray with Silver Diamond Cut, White with Gold Diamond Cut and Aluminum Silver. These colors makes it stand-out from the regular black and grey bores we typically find lined up on the shelves.

Considering the meaty components packed inside the MSI P65 Creator 8RE , it’s reasonably thin and light. The 1.9kg chassis is 17.99mm thin, but it needs a good-sized backpack to carry it around, as the other dimensions are far from compact.

MSI P65 Creator 8RE

MSI’s metal frame feels reassuringly solid throughout giving it an exude class.

One of the extras added in MSI P65 Creator Laptop is a Thunderbolt port. It allows 40Gbps transfer speeds with consistent peripherals, as well as 4K output to an external display. In the normal MSI P65 Creator 8RE laptop, this is replaced with a standard Type-C USB connection.

In all the versions of P65, MSI P65 Creator 8RE offers a quite good selection of ports on all versions of the P65.

The laptop includes three USB 3.1 connections, a mini-DisplayPort and HDMI, and even a proper Ethernet port.

MSI P65 Creator 8RE


MSI P65 Creator Laptop is quite light considering other beefy laptops. Measuring a mere 17.99mm with the lid closed the thin bezels around the screen add to the impression of elegance. The layout is chiclet-style and spacious that’s well sized for touch-typing. 

The keyboard is quite good. It’s comfortably centred, rather than shifted to the left. It’s really pleasant to use the keyboard with a quite, light and short travel action. The touchpad is quite responsive to multi-touch gestures. It is as well embedded with a fingerprint reader in the top left corner.

MSI P65 Creator comes with 15.6-inch Full HD screen. MSI’s True Color control allows one to tweak between various modes, from Rec.709 and sRGB mode in the “Designer” mode through to “Office”, “Movie”, “Anti-Blue” (which reduces blue light output) and “Gamer”, to suit the task in hand.

Another feature of this white model is its Hi-Res Audio playback. The sound quality of the MSI P65 Creator Laptop is top-notch. Bluetooth 5 is also on board for wireless streaming.

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Kudos to MSI for their continuous innovation to their laptops. In the MSI GS65, the company was the first to offer a thin bezel system on all four sides of a gaming laptop while keeping the webcam where it fits best.

MSI APP allows users to run Android apps on Windows laptops. MSI P65 Creator Laptop includes Ambient Link that syncs gameplay with Nanoleaf. The Philips Hue light helps the gamers to totally immerse in the gaming vibe.

The MSI’s ‘True Colour’ software allows adjusting the brightness and colour output to match the task one is doing whether be it browsing a spreadsheet late at night or kicking back with a flick. Pre-install the Dragon Center app and you will get the full manual control.

Few reasons attracting gamers towards this creator is the boosted GPU. Supported games play with pleasing smoothness. It can also can support two monitors up to 4K resolution.

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Despite sporting a name that sounds like a Government tax form, the P65 Creator is a very interesting creative laptop. We used PCMark 10 and 3DMark Time Spy, Sky Diver and Fire Strike to do our technical benchmarks.

MSI’s P65 8RE Creator was established on the GS65 8RE offering a powerful GPU and high-quality packaging, including a protective sleeve. Aimed primary at the creative crowd using Adobe Premiere or Adobe Photoshop, it comes with a free warranty extension to 36 months total.

The MSI’s P65 8RE Creator plays a role as a business underdog with stylish features along with the latest games smoothly in 1080p details.

If you're looking for a seldom-spotted and stylish device, the P65 8RE is certainly the right notebook for you. It looks mind-blowing during presentations without sacrificing gaming performance.

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MSI P65-Creator 8RE Laptop
MSI P65 Creator 8RE Laptop Review
If you’re looking for a seldom-spotted and stylish device, the P65 8RE is certainly the right notebook for you. It looks mind-blowing during presentations without sacrificing gaming performance.
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