Swiftech H220 X2 Prestige Review 17

Swiftech H220 X2 Prestige Review

Swiftech H220 X2 Prestige Review 19Swiftech has recently come up with the launch of H220 X2 Prestige coolers, wherein considerable effort has been taken to differentiate it from other AIO’s. The cooler is capable of supporting additional liquid cooled components like graphic cards, radiators or additional chip sets. One of the major changes or enhancements made to the product is the fully redesigned patent-pending radiator/pump/combo acrylic reservoir of tubular shape that appropriately portrays the inner working of the powerful pump system.

H220 X2 Built

The radiator installed with the coolant is available in 3 sizes i.e. dual 120mm, 140 mm and triple 120 mm. the larger coolant is capable of performing operations without having to bear extra maintenance cost for a minimum period of three years. The chrome plated copper base plate is another change brought into the product, which has enhanced hydraulic performance. Moreover water block installation hardware has been provided to provide users with trouble free installation that shall stand compatible with almost all the desktop processors. The build quality of the product is one of the best in the market, making it just appropriate for customers to choose and try their hands on.


Swiftech’s intention has always been to enhance its performance and provide utmost comfort to the users. Considering the same, for the very first time concept of upgradability has been added to the product which enables the users to customize the system as per their requirement. So it looks and performs like custom kits, which users have always desired for.

The one liquid cooler offers successful performance to users especially in comparison to old or large forms of H240K. Moreover, it also distances itself from the highest or the most expensive range of products available in the market. If we talk about the capacity of the product to handle peak load temperature, this one is capable of handling temperature of up to 83° C which is quite high in comparison to its competitors temperature range i.e. 33° C. Customers who have tried the product have even expressed that, the coolant is capable of handling any CPU in the market no matter if they are reasonably overclock on it.
swiftechh220x2bTechnical specifications

Cooler being a technical product, it becomes utmost importance for the users to closely evaluate the system and find out if it is technically feasible for them or not. It is quite overwhelming to learn that, the product outperforms in terms of technical specifications as well facts substantiating the same has been mentioned below;

  • Radiator: It is made up of brass tube and copper fins. The dimensions of the radiator are close to 127mm x 254mm x 28mm, with fill port threads of G1/4.
  • Fans: The speed of the fans is adjustable and falls within the range of 700-1800 RPM. It is essential to note that the normal voltage is 12 VDC and power input is 2.4 w. Adequate airflow is also maintained which ranges from 35-90 CFM, which is appropriate for the users and desktops available in the market or placed at different venues.
  • Pump: The pump operates at a speed of 1200-3000 RPM, with normal voltage of 12 VDC and power input of 2.4W. The formation of pumps has been perfectly made, ensuring that customers are able to enjoy enhanced performance of the product.
  • Tubing: The material of the tube is PVC which has dimensions of 16mm x 10mm.
  • Expandable: These days’ clients are highly getting dependent on soft form of data, and this is one of the prime reasons they keep on looking for hard disks that are expandable. With this customized system, users can expand or chose memory as per their use and thus make the most from the coolers.

The technical specifications specified above makes H220 X2 prestige an appropriate product to purchase, especially for individuals looking forward for the best specifications and high end performance products.

swiftechh220x2cBeauty of the product

Well it is not always about technicality of the product, sometimes customers also gets influenced with its looks. It would be interesting to learn that H220-X2 is a beautiful product, which gives customers another reason to purchase it and get it fitted with their desktops. If you closely have a look at the coolant, the quality seems to be of the highest category and on top of it the RGB LED lighting makes the system look just at par to the expectation of customers.


Before customers approach to purchase H220-X2 prestige it would be interesting to learn that the product has the most superior packaging, in comparison to other products available in the market. The product comes packed in a black box, which has company’s logo towards the left while a larger picture is placed towards the front demonstrating the product. All the necessary inclusions have been made which might be of importance to individuals and includes the following;

  • Radiator with integrated PWN pump and reservoir.
  • Helix PWM fans
  • Coolant dyes
  • Thermal grease
  • Quick guide for users to efficiently start operating on the system
  • Hardware for Intel and AMD compatible sockets
  • Signal splitter with light control switch


No matter on which desktop or kind of system you are installing H220, all of it shall happen within a moment. Some of the customers have shared their experience and mentioned that the installation is all about removing the previous back plate, adding thermal compound and then screwing back the new motherboard. The crisscross pattern has been provided on the product, to ensure that the screws get tightened in increments and no error is committed during installation.


During the launch of H220 X2, people were quite skeptical and unsure if the product would be able to fit into the expectation of customers and perform similar to its predecessors. Well after opening the box, customers have been overwhelmed to witness outstanding performance of the products making it appropriate to use for customers. If we talk about pricing of H220 X2 Prestige, it has been priced at USD 189.95 which is just 30% higher in comparison to other non-expandable products. Thus even on the pricing range the product just fits in perfectly, making it a perfect choice for customers looking for coolants in the market.

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