j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam Review

j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam Review

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If you are looking to buy a webcam, you must consider all the best extras you will get, unlike if you chose to buy in-built webcams. An excellent webcam comes with features such as autofocus correction of light, full HD video and gives the user the ability to frame themselves perfectly. Whether you intend to use the webcam for video conferencing, stream, or check-in with your loved ones, a good webcam will give you just that. The j5Create (JVCU435) USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam has been in the market for some time now, and it has proved to be a darling to many who enjoy its features.


This product had been praised for its good performance competing with most high-end webcams. The j5Create has a 4K Ultra HD video resolution that helps capture very sharp videos at 30 FPS with every subtle detail, movement, and expression. The webcam has become a favorite among most streamers, content creators, and office workers. The crisp resolution and fantastic lighting, and detection of color may make one think that the webcam is costly.

However, it comes at a very affordable price, and since it got into the market, this webcam has been performing well compared to other webcams of the same price. The j5Create, without a doubt, has delivered a performance worth each penny. This product is suitable for any person who needs to Skype or gets into Zoom and be seen clearly. The j5Create allows you to put the remote control to work as you zoom on your image and adjust the center focus point to give you that crisp video, which is a game-changer.

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Design and build

The j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam comes in a dark grey and black color for both the webcam and the remote. You will find 1 JVCU435, 1 Remote Controller, and 1 Quick Installation Guide when you unpack it. The installation guide will help you to install the webcam at your preferred location until it starts working.

The remote controller requires a 2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery to operate, and without it, there is not much that you can do with your webcam. Once you set up your webcam physically, you can set it to your preference, adjust the lighting and any feature that you would want to change. The webcam’s enclosure type is ABS (Housing)/PC (Panel)/Optical Plastic, and it has a lens kit of PC+30% GF (Housing)/Glass + COC (Lens).

The j5Create is not so heavy and large; it only weighs 220g, and the main body has a dimension of 13.5(W) X 4.87(D) X 5.48(H) cm. Most webcams range within these dimensions; therefore, the webcam is very suitable for small and large areas as it can cover both without any issue. To keep the webcam in the right condition, you are required to store it at a temperature of –4°F To 140°F (-20°C To 60°C) to prevent overheating. This webcam design is very pleasing to the eye, making for a good office or home addition.

This device comes with a USB™ Plug-and-Play that you can connect to your PC easily. The USB cable has a USB™ Type-A connector for plugging into the computer. With the USB, you can use the webcam with an old or new device. With the 360° Rotation, the webcam can rotate into any position you like giving you clear videos in all positions.

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The j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam review is loved for its many excellent features. The Electronic Pan/Tilt/Zoom Options allow you to control the camera pan easily. It also helps to tilt and zoom videos up to five times to get a closer view when you use its IR remote control.

The 4K Ultra HD Video resolution at 30 FPS allows you to clearly capture every moment, including any important detail that other webcams cannot capture. The superior video quality delivered by this webcam allows the user to hold meetings with a clear resolution and quality audio clarity. 

On the front side of the webcam, there is a built-in low light enhancement that gives the user the ability to get lighter and clearer images. The F/1.6 aperture lens and security camera image sensor make it ideal for capturing any low light and movement that requires light in the video. This enhancement feature regulates the brightness automatically and scales the color to accommodate any setting that doesn’t have enough light.

One feature that will astonish you as the buyer is the webcam settings that are customizable. You can download the JVCU Series Companion App at no cost. With this app, you can adjust any setting for images and control pan, tilt, or zoom on the device.

The H.264 | MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is another feature that makes the webcam the best buy. The feature provides Blu-Ray™-quality video at relatively low bit rates while minimizing computer dependence or any other network resource.

To deliver quality audio performance, the j5Create has a Built-in Dual High-Fidelity Microphone that will make your experience in the conference room worthwhile. The microphone delivers clear audio that everyone in the video can hear and be heard perfectly. Moreover, with the j5Create, you have the option to enhance your privacy by disabling the lens. If you do not want to be seen or are not using the camera, you can use the remote control to disable the audio and video.


Overall, the j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam is a device worth buying due to its excellent performance, updated features, and reasonable price. Some of the features that you will love about this webcam include Lens and optical components application optimization, Fluidity, low-light performance, the field of view, and autofocus. Designed by one of the most trusted brands, the j5Create offers you a best-in-class professional video and also produces better images. Therefore, if you want to create content, or you have a skype or zoom meeting and are looking to buy a webcam, consider purchasing the j5Create; it won’t disappoint.

j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam Review
j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam Review
j5Create USB 4K Ultra HD Webcam is a device worth buying due to its excellent performance, updated features, and reasonable price.
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