All-Star Hybrid Backpack Review

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All-Star Hybrid Backpack is the new backpack you would surely love! Nowadays, backpacks have become the most important product for carrying essential whenever a person goes to offices, using public transport, long-distance traveling, tours, hiking, etc. Sometimes, one needs a backpack. At other times a briefcase is required. Then there are times when only a duffel bag will do. However, when we get the benefit of three in one it simply adds a cherry on the cake.   

Based on one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York City, American brand Solo has come up with a completely new look along with amazing features. When you pack this as double, it looks like a duffel. It’s simply awesome as your weekend trip’s luggage carrier.

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Design & Build

Like other Solo bags, the design of All-Star Hybrid Backpack bag is simple yet versatile. With a usable size of 20″ x 11″ x 5″ and with a mere weight of  0.99 kilograms, at first appearance, the all-star hybrid backpack looks like a smart and sleek looking duffel bag.

However, on the rear of the bag, there are a zipped opening hiding backpack straps if one prefers double shoulder support. This instantly turns it into a really useful backpack which makes traveling so easy. The shoulder straps can be easily pulled in and out of the back zipper compartment and measures 15 inches in length and 2.5 inches wide. The shoulder straps have a separation of 2 inches.

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The padding on the shoulder straps is 0.5 inches thick with honeycomb-like nylon pattern on the exterior. The fitment of the chest strap can be adjusted up and down to fit different body sizes. 

Underneath the duffel, there is a zipper that lets you access a separate area of the bag where you can easily store dirty clothes away from all of the clean. There is even a nice elastic strap to secure this additional area when not in use.

Basically, two chains or cases are there for storing luggage. One is at the external part of the bag and the other is on the inner side. The external part has extra padding and an extra chained case. All-Star Hybrid Backpack provides support to carry 15” laptops with ease. Even you can access it from the outside of this wonderful backpack. Two of the zippered smaller compartments have see-through mesh and measure 8 inches long and 2.5 inches high.  It comes with a wonderful handgrip option since it has a strong nylon handle on the external cover. Solo has done a fantastic job in designing and building the All-star hybrid backpack.


The first and foremost feature of the All-star hybrid backpack is its versatility. If you travel very often for your business tours, this backpack is the perfect choice for you. It’s convenient in terms of portability and comes with four different handles along with a comfortable shoulder strap which you can hide discreetly. You can also use the bag for different purposes and fulfill them all brilliantly.   If one is fond of pockets and sections in bags to divide up then this bag is definitely a big “YES”.  It weighs around 0.99 KG, If you’ve some physical difficulties, still you can carry it easily. Considering its small-ish exterior the interior is fairly spacious and it is satisfactory as well.

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The back zipper compartment of the All-Star hybrid backpack is designed for storage of the shoulder straps when converting the backpack into duffel bag mode. One can easily use this space for storing thin items like tablets or laptops.  

You can find exclusive shoe and unclean clothes' case inside the backpack.  A lot of zips and cases are there where you can keep your essentials including toiletries and more.  The straps of the bag are nicely padded and are really comfortable to wear.  Along with the adjustable shoulder straps, the Solo All-Star has handles on the top, side, and front of the pack. These make lifting it into things like overhead luggage areas on trains or planes very easy.

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Hybrid bags are the future of backpacks and Solo New York has taken the lead with these new innovations to take you from Workout to Chill-out with only one bag.

This is one of the backpacks where one gets the benefits of three just with one purchase.  Made of rugged nylon All-star hybrid backpack can withstand the rigors of everyday use. It is incredibly lightweight and styled beautifully. One can literally carry their life around in it. Designed with multiple compartments and padded back straps one can easily go by their day with leisure. With a vast range of shapes, and sizes to choose from, All-Star hybrid backpack is for everyone. Whether one is traveling, hiking or just commuting, this bag is the only bag one will ever need for any situation.

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Both male and female can use this bag.  If you’re in search of a combined benefit of versatility, style, and aristocracy,  this is the right choice for you. If we talk about the All-star hybrid backpack, it is a really very flexible bag which one can use in different ways on different days! It looks good and works great. However, the functionality is simply mind-blowing. This bag importance if you’re a frequent traveler. Hold it, carry it and take it anywhere you want.

This is a must buy for those who generally keep on traveling overnight like journalists, vloggers and more.  The All-star hybrid backpack allows you to store all your necessary things that include clothes, laptops, and many more kinds of stuff.

The various compartments and organizers make daily life and travel a lot easier. If one is after a bag that one can take for all kinds of adventures or just commute to work with – look no further.  

All-Star Hybrid Backpack Review
The various compartments and organizers make daily life and travel a lot easier. If one is after a bag that one can take for all kinds of adventures or just commute to work with – look no further.
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