Solo Everyday Max Backpack Review 12

Solo Everyday Max Backpack Review

Solo Every day Max Backpack, is one of the backpacks that are recognized to be one of the storerooms for your everyday excursions. They are considered one of the best backpacks that should be carried with you while going to school, picnics, travel, etc. While going to an office, traveling, school, we sometimes ought to carry various electronic items with us which comprised of tablets, iPads, laptops, etc. And they too require protections from our end so that they remain safe and our protections from any kind of wear and tear from outside threats.

The Solo Every day Max Backpack is designed for a single person to carry his things from one place to another without any issues. Let’s talk about some of the crucial specification of the backpacks that makes it unique among the cadre of the same league. There are many companies who have launched their backpacks, but the Solo Every day Max Backpack, is one of the unique and useful among them let’s see what make them the kind of.

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Weight and colors:

The Solo Every day Max Backpack is readily available in three colors called as black, yellow and grey, the fabric is quite sturdy to stand the daily wear and tear. The weight of the bag measures about 2 pounds, which are enough for a single user, you can carry the bunch of clothes with your electronic accessories and get ready for any getaway, with your friends and family.


The Solo Every day Max Backpack is designed in a way that is not only unique, but can organize your travel also, you do not need to search for your accessories or various things that you need while going to a gym, aerobic classes or for a day’s picnic too. The size of the backpack is 21.5″H x 12.5″L x 8″W and can carry the laptop or tablet up to 17.3 inches in them. The backpack is all about design only, if you are looking forward for one, then this one is worth a try!

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At times when we go out we just stuff things in our backpacks and when we require, we keep on searching for the same, but the uniqueness of this backpack is that you can keep the things in separate compartments as provided by the backpack too. They have made the padded compartment for the tablets and laptops complimenting the front zippered pockets, making it perfect as an organizer. The side zippered pockets come from keeping the water bottles for you and their length is optimum for keeping the almost all kinds of bottles safe in them. The shoulder back straps are padded and that is one of the most comforting features of the carrier as some of the weight is shared by the straps also and the carrier feels less fatigue. This backpack comes with a zipper at the bottom so that you can keep your shoes and clothes in the same and can take them once you require them.


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Notable Features:

  • Compartments: The backpack is comprised of three compartments, the largest one is free of any sleeves so that you can upload your books, clothes, lunchbox etc. The back compartments have a padded sleeve and are solely for the laptop or your tablet. The third compartment which has its own lining and can be used to carry shoes or other things that you do not want to mingle with your other things kept in your backpacks.
  • Zipper Pockets: The backpack supports lots of zippered pockets, there are around three outside, and in addition, you can access the main compartment also through a zip door. The inside of the backpack also has five zipper pockets which are lined with plastic, and that makes them the best place to keep all your toiletries and other small stuff too.
  • Affordable in nature: The usability of the backpack makes it one of the best backpacks as the bags of similar nature can cost much more than you thought of too. The bag pack is best for carrying the things for various excursions and taking time out for small day outs too.
  • Carrying handle and water resistance: The backpack also comprised of a carrying handle on all the four sides that can help you in carrying the same from any orientation. The inside of the bag is very much resistant and can protect the inside material with outside moisture treats. As you are carrying your laptop or tablets, so it is very much required from their end.
  • Tech product: The backpack is best for carrying all your technical products safely from one place to another as, at times, you must have seen you need to carry your techies in separate bags and other essential items in separate backpacks and this makes it quite clumsy. Having Solo Every day Max Backpack can make it quite simple for you as now you can carry all of them together in one bag without getting mingled too.

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The bag pack comes with a warranty of 5 years to claim, you can also speak to their customer support if you need any assistance from them. So, its time so that you can make up and give your travel wardrobe a new addition too. The reviews of the backpacks are quite positive as most of the people find it quite feasible to use while they are traveling due to the storage rooms in the backpack. The separate compartments make it unique as you do not need to bother about your stinky shoes or clothes to be mixed with other things. The backpack can bring a sense of comfort in your travel, as you have everything at place and you are sure that once you need it, you do not need to search as it is already organized. If you are looking for one of the backpacks for your daily travel, or a bag for the gym, or dance sessions, then it can be good eye for you. So, have a look, we are sure that you very much want to grab in the first show only!

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