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Logitech G433 Gaming Headset Review

The Logitech G433 is definitely an all-rounder when it comes to gaming headsets, as it comes with a great sound signature with a comfortable design and comes in various attractive colors. When it comes to gaming headsets, many of the models available are oversized and could cause a strain on your neck, but the G433 is perfectly sized to fit comfortably on your head. It is designed to work with both PC’s and gaming consoles to provide an ultimate sound experience. It offers a decent 7.1 surround sound to fill your ears with unmatched sound quality and two detachable microphones.

The competition in the $50-$100 gaming headset market is particularly fierce, but the Logitech G433 has come up with a great headset that is not only perfect for gaming alone, but also great for watching movies, hearing your favorite songs etc. The Pro-G drivers provide a great gaming experience that can’t be seen in headsets in this price range.

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Audio Quality

When it comes to audio quality, the Logitech G433 makes a good impression with its sound signature and that too at this price range. Whether you are playing games or listening to music or watching movies, the Logitech G433 never disappoints you. The headset is exquisitely designed to be well-balanced on your head and music quality is not too bassy and even don’t break in any higher notes well.

But when it comes to gaming, the Logitech G433 showed its real power and even after several hours of gameplay, you are not tired with the extreme gaming music and sound ringing on your ears. Bass level is excellently balanced in the G433 as you can see a lot of thud behind action sequences and sounds. The background noise is largely excluded with the help of the padded design enclosed on your ears.

The Logitech Gaming Software is really a great addition for the headset as you can experience ultimate DTS headphone: X virtual surround sound experience. The software is pretty much simple and easy to use as you can either choose from the built in EQ profiles or create your own profile. You can even set the surround sound for each game and also adjust the volume per channel.

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When it comes to design and build quality, you cannot see any negative comments coming from many customers. One of the best thing about the G433 is the fabric covering the ear cup, it is bright and colorful and provides a unique look to the headset to make it stand out from the crowd. But people against bright colors can with other colors, as it comes in various colors to choose from. The design appeals more like a music headphone than a gaming headset with its mesh-fabric design and a sleek headband. Generally gaming headsets are found in black colors and it is refreshing to see gaming headsets available in various colors including red, black, blue and camouflage etc.

It also comes with detachable microphones, separate cables to connect with PCs and mobile phones and a splitter for audio and mic along with a standard USB adapter. You also get a couple of extra ear cups with a softer mesh than the original and also a carry case to take your headset wherever you go. Similar to other headphones, the top can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly and also the ear cups can also be rotated for additional flexibility.


When it comes to comfort level, you can say that the G433 is pretty much good, thanks to the mesh-fabric feel. When people first take a look at the ear pas, they always say that may be hard on your ears, but if you adjust it at the right level and the perfect position, you will be greatly thankful for Logitech for providing you with perfectly fit and comfortable headset. If you are not ok with the mesh-fabric earbuds, you can switch to much softer ear buds according to your requirements.

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For a gaming headset in the price range of $100, the G433 provides a great performance when compared to sound quality, comfort and other features. Yes, it cannot be compared to other high end gaming headsets, but it is really a great headset at this price range with a great sound signature and is highly comfortable on your head. You don’t feel any strain even after hours of gaming with the headset on your head. The attached USB dongle helps you provide crystal clear sound free from any electrical interference. They are semi sealed ad can be opened at the back. But a small hidden port ensures that the Pro-G drivers gets some air.


When it comes to features, The G433 provides you with exciting features that you can’t find with any other gaming headsets in this price range. The top of the set is made using high quality mesh-fabric to provide a smooth feeling and you never feel any tiredness or strain over your neck after hours of intense gaming with the headset on your neck. It provides a great sound experience, sits perfectly on your head and also comes with two extra ear buds. The gaming software will help you to enhance your sound experience to a great extent.

Logitech has really nailed the headset section in the $100 price range with its G433 surround sound gaming headsets. It is really a great investment at this price and provides more flexibility to the gamers, as they can take these headsets outside to use it with their phone or laptop while travelling too. They are light-weight, comfortable and provides for an excellent sound quality. What’s more, you are even provided with two additional ear-pads.

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