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It's become a holiday tradition to spend the weekend playing video games involving lots of shooting and explosions, with at least one slow-motion scene involving a car barely missing your head or explosively barrel-rolling onto the other side of the screen. Modern Warfare II's events occur three years after its predecessor's. Intel intelligence officer Kate Laswell and Modern Warfare 2019's war hero Farah make return appearances, the latter in a sizable cameo during one mission. Shadow Company, a private military organization led by “Captain Shephard,” makes an appearance.

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The visuals in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are stunning, and the game's campaigns are just as impressive and enjoyable as ever. The game establishes a frantic cadence with its many challenging missions, all of which take place in the same open world and feature the same constant RDV focus on the feel of weapon systems and the thrill of combat. Despite looking great at 4K and running smoothly at 60 frames per second on console, Modern Warfare 2 has a few technical issues you should be aware of.

So, if you're willing to dedicate several additional gigabytes to streaming them in as you play, you should prepare for some not-so-great textures upon closer inspection, as they tend to pop up frequently. Towards the campaign's close, you may also encounter the occasional save-game bug, a known issue that will likely be fixed in the next few days.

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Despite the few technical issues, Modern Warfare 2's campaign will impress you highly with the game's visuals. The game looks great for the most part, running at a locked 60 frames per second that is characteristic of the series and even 120 frames per second on the right displays. The game's engine is put to good use in the game's multiple configurations, which feature excellent lighting, material, and texture quality. It's worth mentioning that the game matches the cinematics' level of visual quality, which is really interesting.


Modern Warfare 2 continues the series' tradition of excellent, feature-rich installments. The single-player and multiplayer experiences in Modern Warfare are fantastic, and the game looks and sounds fantastic.You will be impressed by how much content there was to do throughout the 6-8-hour journey (on regular). While the developers at Infinity Ward have embraced a “clearing the house” approach to gunplay when it makes sense, stealth and all-out assault are encouraged throughout the story.

The campaign provides numerous opportunities to reminisce and can be seen as something of a “greatest hits” collection of classic moments from the previous Call of Duty games. In “Close Air” and other missions, you use the AC-130's incredible firepower to defend the ground troops from enemy attack, evoking memories of “Death from Above” from Call of Duty 4.

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This game also gives a lengthy nod to “All Ghillied Up,” a section that focuses on sniping and evasion and where the player gets to enjoy the game's more open, less sequential gameplay.Lead a character through some survival-focused set-pieces as Infinity Ward brings new gameplay mechanics, including nods to Warzone or even involving power leveling of all things. Opening one's backpack and crafting basic traps or smoke bombs could sometimes feel sloppy, but it gets the job done.


For the most immersive Multiplayer experience, Infinity Ward has implemented a number of new features. Everything you've come to expect from the latest Call of Duty games, from the streamlined drop-down and social features to the innovative new game modes, is the result of what developer Infinity Ward describes as “emergent gameplay”: a set of exciting technological and design innovations that are seamlessly implemented across all Call of Duty games. Regardless of your preferred play style, you can now expect a high level of franchisee connectivity between Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, & Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile thanks to this integration of gameplay.

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Special Ops, the collaborative intel-gathering, an action-packed coordinated experience that has become synonymous with Modern Warfare, returns this year alongside a totally-new Raids game mode requiring strategy and tactics, puzzles, and most notably, bouts of extreme co-op combat action.

Tactical Sprint (the quickest on-foot option) and Mounting are just two of the new mobility options implemented in Modern Warfare (2019). (allowing the gamer to fix a weapon to a hard surface). Increased sliding or diving to the floor, dependent on your running pace and the Ledge Hang, is added in Modern Warfare 2 as supplemental traversal gameplay.

The new cars' dynamic breakdown and action-oriented ploys are two areas where Infinity Ward is focusing its attention. In addition to destroying vehicle parts, other tactical improvements include leaning out of car windows and mantling onto a roof. Vehicles can blow their tires out, slowing them down or disablingthem.

Based on the play mode and map, you may also use a wide variety of vehicles, both on land, in the air, and in the water.There is a broader variety of options than ever before for tactical gear but also field upgrades. Features such as a tactical camera, shock stick, drill charge, distributed denial of service, an inflatable decoy, and perk packages will be available for testing during the Open Beta.

The Gunsmith system returns in Modern Warfare 2, improved from the ground up to let you make weapons that are a perfect fit for your game style. The Weapons Platform is the most ground-breaking development. Each type of weapon in Modern Warfare 2019 had its subfamily in the Gunsmith system. Since firearms are now organized into “Platforms,” you can bring only the types of weapons that best suit your play style into battle with you.

Many types of weapons make use of both the Weapons Platform and the Universal Attachment. Once you've unlocked a Platform Attachment, you can use it with any Weapons Platform.All of RICOCHET's Anti-Cheat -features, such as its P.C. kernel-level driver, will be live for the launching of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. The game's anti-cheat system, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat, has been updated and enhanced with a year's worth of patches and additional features, and countermeasures.


As is to be expected from Infinity Ward, the game looks and feels fantastic, especially in terms of how effectively the firearms load and the explosions are conveyed to the player. It has a satisfying weight to it. Moreover, unlike what one might anticipate from an I.W.CoD, the maps are brightly lit and feature a wide range of vibrant colors. The animations are also noteworthy because they are incredibly alluring. If there were one thing we could change, it would be that the sound of people's feet walking would be less pronounced.

The weapons fire loud blasts and rattle from the recoil until the magazine is empty. After a successful kill, the reload animation takes a moment to revel in an instant with a flare captured in motion capture before quickly returning to its normal state.

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The terrifying reality of coming face to face with the deadly end of modern weapons is a common theme in the literature on modern warfare. When you take a hit, the camera doesn't always flinch and spray blood jelly across the screen. The thud of a bullet hitting something is a loud, disorienting sound. Sound effects from a war game can be heard cutting through the air as a bullet narrowly misses its target.

The traditional impact sounds of the hit marker have been replaced by blunt strikes that combine into a flurry of punches at breakneck speed, culminating in an irresistible coin toss that guarantees victory. The helicopter's minigun, loudly proclaiming its superiority over your weapons, drowns them out. The busy soundscapes are striking recreations of actual battlefields.


The sequel to 2019's rebooted Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare II's campaign is set in late 2022. Task Force 141, led by SAS Captain John Price (Barry Sloane) and consisting of Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick (Elliot Knight), Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley (Samuel Roukin), as well as Sergeant John “Soap” MacTavish (David Hayter), are the central characters of characters in the game (Neil Ellice). Several groups help Task Force 141 out over the story's course of events.

The game's campaign, multiplayer styles, and the innovative map for the free-to-play Warzone 2.0 are set in real and imaginary locations like Amsterdam, Chicago, Urzikstan, and the new United Republic of Adal (URA), the capital of which is Al Mazrah. The killing of Qasem Soleimani and other real-world events inspire the game's plot.

In July 2022, General Shepherd's Task Force 141 is already undergoing missile attacks against Iranian forces aided by the Russian Federation. When Iranian general Ghorbrani is killed by a missile attack when in a weapons deal in Al Mazrah, his second-in-command, Quds Force Major Hassan Zyani, takes over andfinances terrorist activity for some months.

Shepherd and Undercover Station Chief Kate Laswell become aware of his operations and dispatch MARSOC Marines headed by Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley and Sergeant John “Soap” MacTavish to Al Mazrah to capture Hassan. After Ghost and Soap found out that Hassan had a nuclear warhead made in the USA, Hassan immediately left the area.

Laswell, Captain John Price, and Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick investigate one of Hassan's courier companies in Amsterdam to carry on their pursuit of Hassan. As a result of their investigation, they discover that Hassan has formed an alliance with the Las Almas crime syndicate and is currently hiding out in Mexico.

After an earlier attempt to capture Hassan at the border between the United States and Mexico was unsuccessful, Colonel Alejandro Vargas, with Sergeant Major Rodolfo Parra, take part in a joint mission with Ghost, Soap, and Shadow Company to bring Hassan into custody. Despite their success, they are compelled to release him from custody to avoid political backlash while simultaneously installing a tracking system on his mobile phone.

Following the trail of Hassan's telephone conversation, Price, Laswell, and Gaz end up in Spain, where they conduct a raid on a fishery hatchery owned by Las Almas. They discovered that Las Almas held GPS devices manufactured in Russia to use with the looted missiles. After Al-Qatala forces take Laswell captive, Price and Gaz make their way to Urzikstan to rescue her with the assistance of their former allies “Nikolai” and Farah Karim.

While this is going on, Vargas and Soap invade a Las Almas briefing to discover the identity of their leader, El Sin Nombre, who turns out to be Vargas's long-time colleague Valeria Garza. Valeria agrees with Shadow Company, in which she agrees to disclose the coordinates of the missiles. To stop a missile launch, the joint force participates in a mission led by Ghost, Shadow Company Commander Phillip Graves, Soap, and Vargas.

The assignment involves attacking a neglected oil derrick and cargo vessel. Although the mission was a success, Graves and Shadow Company betrayed Vargas and Task Force 141 by seizing control of the former's operations base and holding his men captive on Shepherd's instruction. While Ghost and Soap are on the run for their safety, Graves is able to apprehend and detain Vargas. Ghost and Soap plan a prison escape with assistance from Parra, Laswell, Price, and Gaz to free Vargas and his troops from their confinement.

During extraction, Laswell discloses that Shepherd and Graves had been liable for a blundered and illegal transfer mission in August, during which they were attacked by Russian PMCs, resulting in the theft of three ballistic missiles they then attempted to cover up. Angered by the news, Price confronts Shepherd and vows to find him once Hassan and Graves are gone. After killing Graves, Task Force 141 and the Mexican Special Forces partners discover from Valeria that Hassan has relocated to Chicago and plans to launch the remaining nuclear warhead at Washington, D.C. Ultimately, the team is able to foil the plot and eliminate Hassan.

Modern Warfare 2 has a great campaign with beautiful visuals, exciting set pieces, and excellent character work. There is a reason why Call of Duty is so popular among first-person shooter series. Infinity Ward will have plenty of time to adjust and iron out any flaws. Meanwhile, Modern Warfare 2's fast time-to-kill enables you to pull off outrageous multi-kills, ensuring that the game's signature adrenaline-pumping action and gunplay remain a staple.


Call of duty Modern warfare 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review
Modern Warfare 2 has a great campaign with beautiful visuals, exciting set pieces, and excellent character work.
Call of Duty is so popular among first-person shooter series
Modern Warfare 2's fast time-to-kill enables you to pull off outrageous multi-kills
seem to be using the same guns, with the same people, and the same objectives every time