Holiday Gift Guide 2017 26

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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We are often in a fix when it comes to gifting people for whatever occasion it might be. In situations like these we need a Holiday Gift Guide which will help us to decide what will be best gifts that we can give to the people we love. Here are our picks this year:

Zhiyun Crane M 

Buy Zhiyun Crane M

The Zhiyun Crane M is arguably one of the best gimbal is pretty much simple to setup and use. Every footage captured with the gimbal is perfect, smooth and steady all the time. It is comparatively small when compared to other gimbals in the market which also makes the perfect for carrying around wherever you go. When you look into all the aspects in terms of performance, design, features, build quality and picture quality, we can definitely say that the Zhiyun Crane M is great camera stabilizer perfect for small cameras.

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Buy Wacom Intuos Pro

By considering all the features and performance specifications, we can say that Wacom Intuos Pro is a must have drawing tab for professional artists. All the art students would like to get their hands on this device because it provides a number of apps that can improve their drawing and designing skills.


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SanDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1

The Extreme Pro USB 3.1 solid-state flash drive is truly a revelation in the field of USB drive technology as SanDisk has worked really hard to bring out a USB drive that works similar to an SSD in terms of read/write speed and huge storage capacity. With the Extreme Pro at your disposal, you never need to worry about last minute copying of files for your meeting or storing a large amount of data on your USB disk. We could certainly say that the blazing fast speed of data transfer cannot be experienced in any other USB disks in the market.

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FeiyuTech MG V2

The Feiyu Tech MG V2 is a great gimbal if you are really serious about taking cinematic quality videos and stunning pictures. It is arguably a great 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that offers high quality and perfect footage all the time. Even though it is priced lower than many gimbals, the picture quality is always at the premium level. Overall it does a pretty decent job in all aspects including superior performance, excellent build quality, usability and impeccable picture quality. If you are not looking to be too professional with it, then it is the ideal gimbal at this price.

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Logitech G433 7.1 Headset

Logitech has really nailed the headset section in the $100 price range with its G433 surround sound gaming headsets. It is really a great investment at this price and provides more flexibility to the gamers, as they can take these headsets outside to use it with their phone or laptop while travelling too. They are light-weight, comfortable and provides for an excellent sound quality. What’s more, you are even provided with two additional ear-pads.


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1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones comes with attractive design. There are aluminum finished ear pieces and a quality cable. The three button in-line remote has the capability to perform various functions in an effortless manner. The unit is compatible with iOS and Android phones. There is variety of ear tips so that it will fit into your ears very easily. You can take advantage of a very nice carrying case as well. I feel that it is a great-sounding in-ear headphone and it is moderately priced.

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TP-Link AC2300 Wireless WiFi Router

The Archer C2300 is a great Wi-Fi router and its features says it all. It is an easy to set-up Wi-Fi router that offers plenty of cutting-edge features. It will certainly enhance your performance if you need a router to finish some online jobs. In addition, it will keep the internet speed up by finding the best channels. It belongs to TP-Link that has earned reputation of a reliable brand by producing high-quality devices. Therefore, buying this Wi-Fi router would be a great deal.

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The SX8000 will give you a high performance atleast good enough to thrill your old NVMe drives and the toping will be the price range for the SX8000. With a long time warranty and god memory space, this might be the future of storage for all of us using PCs.




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OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini

In the performance wise, OWC Mercury Elite AL-Pro Mini external hard drive is really great as it used the 128 GB Toshiba powered Apple Macbook air SSD which has the maximum speed over the FireWire 800 interface. This enclosure has on-the-go USB 3.0 saw speeds of about 184MB per second read and also 154 MB per second write.



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Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

The Core gaming backpack is an excellent for people always on the go or people looking to safely secure their gaming gears, laptops and other things while going outside. With other normal backpacks, there would be only a separate compartment to secure your laptop, but the Core Gaming pack has went many steps ahead to provide you with many different pockets to all your stuff in the most secure way. It is also made using some high quality material to last for a long time.


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SOLO Everyday Backpack

The separate compartments make it unique as you do not need to bother about your stinky shoes or clothes to be mixed with other things. The backpack can bring a sense of comfort in your travel, as you have everything at place and you are sure that once you need it, you do not need to search as it is already organized. If you are looking for one of the backpacks for your daily travel, or a bag for the gym, or dance sessions, then it can be good eye for you. So, have a look, we are sure that you very much want to grab in the first show only!


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Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth

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