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FeiyuTech MG V2 Review

When it comes to holding mirrorless cameras, then you can never look anywhere than a Feiyu Tech MG V2 gymbal that will change the way how you take photos and videos. With a Feiyu Tech MG V2 in your hands you can become an instant professional photographer as it helps you to capture some amazing footage with nil shakiness. It is extremely easy to setup and adjust and also comes with a compact case at such a reasonable price. This relatively low priced gimbal provides great chance to newbies and students with a great stabilization option to capture good quality photos and videos for their school projects as well.


The Feiyu Tech MG V2 gimbal is made using solid aluminum and comes with a state-of-the-art build quality. Even though it is entirely made in metal, it is still not very heavy and feels lightweight in your hands. It just weighs 2 pounds with a camera mounted on top and thus allowing to handle and hold it easily. The place where you grip the handle is made using sturdy rubber for extra grip and hold onto the gimbal. Even while taking photos in the hot sun where your hands can become sweaty, the rubber grip ensures you always have a strong grip on to the gimbal. The MG V2 comes with a tool-less design to ensure making adjustments easy and quick on the gimbal. Overall the design of the Feiyu Tech MG V2 is top notch and on par with some highly priced gimbals.


  • The Feiyu Tech MG V2 is one of the best 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer
  • It is specially designed for holding mirrorless cameras
  • It supports both DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • It comes with a maximum load capacity of 3.5 lbs
  • It comes with both single handed and two handed configuration so you can use it with a single hand or both hands
  • It can be rotated to a full 360 degrees for all axes
  • Joystick helps to adjust the angles and settings
  • It comes equipped with both Fixed Axes and Pan/Tilt Following Modes
  • Joystick for Angle Adjustment & Settings


In many high priced gimbals, a joystick is always sold separately and can cost you anywhere between $150 to $200 additionally. But the Feiyu Tech MG V2 comes with an inbuilt joystick to help make movements easily, which could be pretty much hard without a joystick. It also comes with 2 ¼ – 20 threads where one is located on the bottom handle for use with single handed mode and another one on the top handle for use with the two handed mode. Even though some prefer a stand would have been useful to rest the gimbal when not in use, it is not a major disadvantage unless you want t rest your gimbal in sand or something.

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The MG V2 has 3 different modes namely the panning mode, panning and tilting mode and selfie modes. Let’s take a look at the different modes in detail below:

Panning Mode:  Single tap on the mode button takes you to the panning mode and ensures the gimbal won’t tilt up or down. If you twist the handle, the camera follows the twist of the gimbal in a panning axis with a smooth motion.

Panning and Tilting Mode: Double tap of the mode button takes you into the panning and tilting mode and this mode makes the gimbal to follow the panning and tilting axis of the camera. It follow in the left or right direction when you twist the handle and when you tilt it up or down, the camera will follow in either the up or down direction. But methods are completely useful and you can chose one based on the type of shot you have determined to take

Selfie Mode:  Selfie mode gets activated when you tap the mode button thrice. Once the mode gets activated the gimbal automatically turns towards you to take a picture of yourself.


The Feiyu Tech MG V2 is pretty decent in its performance and you just need to balance the cameras on the gimbal perfectly and gimbal takes care of everything afterwards. Getting the camera mounted over the gimbal is pretty much simple as well as getting a stabilized footage with the help of the gimbal. You can also get some perfect shots while taking pictures walking or jogging.

FeiyuTech MG V2 Review 18Battery Life

The Feiyu Tech MG V2 comes equipped with 2 3000 mAH batteries and the batteries can last for upto a maximum of 6 hours, which is pretty decent for a gimbal that is available in such a low price. But the duration of battery also depends on how much heavier the camera you mount on top of it or what kind of lens you use. So when you compare with gimbals at the same price range the battery life is pretty much decent.

Image Quality

Feiyu Tech MG V2 does a great job in taking stunning pictures and videos as the shakiness is greatly reduced.  You get a stunning footage even when using the gimbal to take pictures or videos while you are walking or running. You can use any kind of camera or a smartphone and still the video is always smooth.


The Feiyu Tech MG V2 is a great gimbal if you are really serious about taking cinematic quality videos and stunning pictures. It is arguably a great 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that offers high quality and perfect footage all the time. Even though it is priced lower than many gimbals, the picture quality is always at the premium level. Overall it does a pretty decent job in all aspects including superior performance, excellent build quality, usability and impeccable picture quality. If you are not looking to be too professional with it, then it is the ideal gimbal at this price.

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