V-MODA: M-100, a Robust Headphone with Cutting-edge Features 18

V-MODA: M-100, a Robust Headphone with Cutting-edge Features

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Several companies are busy in developing Bluetooth headphones and only a few of them are concentrating on improving the audio quality and other features of the headphones. V-MODA: M-100 is now the hot topic of discussion among the gadget experts due to its futuristic features. Yes, it is an expensive gadget, but its durability and quality seems the best among.

The renowned DJs from all over the world are praising the performance of this new headphone. In fact, the developers had discussed the requirements and performance of headphones with several DJs, music composers and artists. They have shaped it in a way that it can meet all the needs of music composers and the music lovers. It is featuring dual inputs along with the collapsible earcups that makes it a useful choice.


During its initial days, V-Moda seemed completely concentrated on designing fashionable headphones. They were not taking care of audio quality, but things have changed now. The audiophiles have found V-MODA: M-100 a great gadget for their music demands. We can’t say that it is quite fashionable headphone, but in terms of performance it is a great gadget. You can get V-MODA: M-100 in white, gray and matte black colors. Look wise, this may not seem quite impressive, but you can impress others by telling its expensive price. This headphone allows you to customize the diamond shaped metal earcup plates, if you want. However, it will also look great in its natural shape.

Unlike previous models, V-MODA has used high-quality materials to turn its new headphone into a stylish and attractive gadget. It is a durable headphone. It offers robust steel frame along with plastic ear cups and thus it can bear normal physical impacts and serve longer than normal headphones. Multiple users can try this headphone and comfortably adjust its size by extending or reducing the leather-covered headband. It offers more flexibility to the headphone and that’s how it becomes more useful.

The cable won’t tingle and you won’t waste your time in making unraveling the cable. It is made of Kevlar and it provides you with a 24k gold 3.5mm plug. You get this durable headphone with an exoskeleton case that you can use to store your expensive V-MODA: M-100 headphone safely. You can put the headphone at the bottom of your bag and forget about its safety. The carry case and durable design of the headphone will keep it safe and secure.


V-MODA has first time introduced a headphone with collapsible earcups. The total size of the headphone gets reduced and you can grab it in your palm. This headphone is available with an amazing feature that allows you to share the music with others. Just plug in the shareplay cable and your friend will be able to hear what you are listening. This feature is quite beneficial for the DJs, who often mix the music from two different sources simultaneously. V-MODA: M-100 weighs only 280g, which is quite lighter in comparison to several branded headphones. You can put it around your neck and there will be no feeling of discomfort.

V-Moda is providing M 100 with plush memory foam earcups to reduce interrupting noises, when you are playing music in the headphone. The plush memory foam earcups improve the comfort and therefore you can put the headphones up for a long time. Some experts say that it seems quite frustrated, when you put the headphones around your neck. The steel frame puts extra pressure around your neck, so it would be better if you remove the headphones when not in use.


The critics may tell you a different story, but we have found users quite satisfied with the sound quality of the V-MODA: M-100. This company has always tried to provide headphones with powerful bass. The midrange treble seems perfect for bass boosted songs that DJs love to play in their shows. V-Moda has used 50mm dual diaphragm that can produce 5-30 kHz frequency. It is perfect for music lovers, who prefer listening powerful music.

Users used to say that V-Moda’s headphones can’t produce clear pleasing music. Now their thoughts will change because the V-MODA: M-100 produces detailed and clear audio. It doesn’t matter that you are playing the music at high volume or low volume, powerful bass and soothing treble will maintain quality of the audio.

No distortion occurs, when you play songs at high volumes. The rattling-free and detailed audio output makes this headphone a great choice for professionals. You can clearly listen every instrument played by the musicians and that’s what makes you feel satisfied with your choice of V-Moda’s latest headphone. The exterior noise will not disturb you, when you are playing the music at high volumes. The passive noise isolation feature makes it a great choice in its price range.


  • It is durable and fits perfectly to improve your music experience.
  • The powerful bass output seems equivalent to the music produced by expensive speakers.
  • Midrange treble and detailed audio output.
  • Sturdy frame and collapsible earcups.
  • It has modular design and diverse color choices.
  • Avaialble with a robust carry case that helps you in storing this headphone safely.


By considering all the above mentioned features, we can say that buying a V-MODA: M-100 wouldn’t be a deal of loss. Yes, the headphones from V-Moda’s rival brands are also providing competitive features, but it is the best in this price range. It looks stylish, perfectly crafted and robust in comparison to other headphones.

The DJs and music composers would find it an ideal gadget according to their requirements. The users, who prefer listening high-bass music on their smartphones, they must buy M-100. Its detailed audio output can force you to dance and sing. You may find the price little expensive in comparison to standard mobile headphones, but you should also consider the audio quality and overall performance of the headphone.