OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair Review 26

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair Review

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The world of gaming has made the hardcore gamers to spend a lot of time discussing with friends and co-gamers about the soon to be released gaming title and once they are released spend a fortune to enhance their gaming accessories and peripherals. But not many realize that similar to all those gaming accessories, it is pretty much important to have a proper gaming chair that provides them with the convenience and comfort to a great extent that they can focus on their game for a long time without needing to take a break because their back hurts due to be in the seated position for long.

This is where the OPSEAT Master series gaming chair comes into play, as they are specially designed keeping in mind the comfort level and the ergonomics involved in being a gamer to provide maximum back support to them for long hours. Now let’s take a look at some of the features of the OPSEAT Master series gaming chair and what makes it one of the best gaming chair among the various other gaming chairs on the market. They also come in a variety of color options to choose from. The simple racing chair look adds to the beauty of the OPSEAT gaming chair.

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Exceptional Quality and Comfort

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair gives you superior comfort and exceptional quality in a price tag that is not heard of in the gaming industry. Obviously, OPSEAT has to cut down on some of the fancy stuff like styling etc., but if you could get a quality gaming chair at such a price, don’t think no one would neglect it and spend an another $75-$100 more on the next level gaming chair.

The OPSEAT gaming chairs are designed carefully keeping in mind the ergonomics of a hardcore gamer and provide various benefits to the user as you can assemble it the way to provide you the best seating position you always yearned for. Completely built over a base metal structure to provide the sturdiness and durability needed for long hours of gameplay and coated with high-quality synthetic leather to provide additional comfort and the added support to your back. It is carefully designed to relieve stress to a great extent enabling the user to only concentrate on the game and move to the next level quickly.

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Ergonomic & Comfortable Design

The OPSEAT has been built after years of research and suggestions from hardcore gamers and experts about the proper seat position required for gamers to feel comfortable and stay focused on the game for long hours without needing to worry about their backs for a long time. The OPSEAT allows you to sit and relax in the chair comfortably and let the chair take care of the rest in protecting your back in a professional manner with its supportive high back design.

The gaming chair has been designed in a racing style almost like race car seat with a curved outlined shape. It also comes with separate detachable neck and back support pillows to help you provide support in the particular areas your body may need during long hours of gaming. The backrest can be tilted down to an angle of up to a maximum of 180 degrees, but the recommended length is up to an angle of 135 degrees. With the help of a class-4 gas lift mechanism, you can raise or lower the backrest easily and quickly.

The adjustable back support can provide you greater ease and support to help you engage in your gaming activities for a longer period of time without any discomfort. The cushioned armrests also can be set to your desired elevation for extreme comfort.

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Quality Construction and Materials

Made using high-quality synthetic soft leather materials to give added durability and longer lifetime. The seat is made of resilient PU leather and top-class of sewing that can be found only in high-end cars. Built under a strong and reliable steel structure placed on a highly durable 5-star wheelbase, the OPSEAT Master Series gaming chair is thoughtfully designed with unique elegance and style. The synthetic PU leather provides the needed luxury with its high-density extra-foam cushioning. The wheels are also made using high-quality nylon casters for easy movement inside your house. The OPSEAT gaming chair can support up to a maximum of 300 pounds. OPSEAT has always been a renowned name in the gaming industry for providing high-quality gaming accessories and peripherals at a reasonable price.

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Assembling the Chair

The assembly of the chair hardly took less than 20 minutes and you no need any assistance or an extra hand to assemble the chair. All the needed screws and tools are provided in the package and a detailed user manual provides clear instructions and a step by step guide to assemble the chair all by yourself easily. The only issue you could face is some holes were not properly centered and may be aligned by a 1/8th of an inch, which could be easily rectified by applying some elbow grease to fit the screws properly. The packaging of the all the parts, screws and tools were also really impressive as great care has been taken to carefully pack inside dense foam in a hard cardboard.

The OPSEAT Master Series gaming chair fits nicely in your gaming environment and provides extreme comfort and support to your back for long hours of gaming without any issues. With the ergonomic design and sturdy construction with a steel-structured base, you will never feel any discomfort of any sort it will remain the same for many long years. Even though the style aspect is not upto the mark when compared to the costlier racing themed like Merax gaming chair, the gaming chair from OPSEAT is an excellent gaming chair at a reasonable price. But the only downside with the OPSEAT is, it is not designed to fit the big guys. But other than that, you can have extreme hours of gaming reclining in the chair without even a pinch of discomfort in your back.

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OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair Review
The OPSEAT Master Series gaming chair fits nicely in your gaming environment and provides extreme comfort and support to your back for long hours of gaming without any issues.
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