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Crucial Ballistix Elite Review

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Crucial is a division of Micron Technology Inc., one of the largest and wide-known memory and flash storage manufacturing company in the world. The company has been trusted by many tech enthusiasts and experts. Its reputation for quality products is unparalleled.

They provide more than 250,000 advancements and upgrades for more than 50,000 kinds of systems. Some of their products include flash-based storage, solid state drives (SSDs) with memory, and computer memory upgrades (DRAM). The release of the DDR4 proves Crucial is one of the front-runners in the business.

Crucial recently introduced the Ballistix Elite 16GB 2666MHz, which offers the DDR4 feature. This new memory hardware caters to those who seek faster and better performance from their current equipment.

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The Crucial Ballistic Elite kit comes in a hinged plastic clamshell tray. The modest packaging makes the memory completely visible when bought. Various labels help determine which modules are found in the package. Generic, yet stylish, paper insert cards are also seen behind the memory.

Once you open the packaging, you will notice that the memory is placed inside two trays. Each tray holds two DIMMS, placed inside the packaging. At a first glance, you will know that the Ballistix Elite sticks are built to last. Its heavy, large, and sturdy feel confirms great quality in the product. They are larger than most memory sticks. This is helpful in making way for the large heat spreaders.

There is no denying that the Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory sticks are built to last – as made evident by their high performance and durability. At a first glance, you will know that they are not one of those “cheap” or “bang-for-the-buck” type of memory sticks. If you are an enthusiasts, the Ballistix Elite DDR4 would definitely be an investment.

Crucial’s Ballistix Elite memory sticks are not just top-notch and highly functional. They are also stylish and well-designed.

The matte finish to these memory sticks make them stand out as compared to others. Additionally, the black PCB and heat spreaders give a sleek feel. Unlike other memory sticks, the aesthetic appeal of the Ballistix Elite sticks will definitely blend with any build for your computers.

The notches found at the top of the metal heat spreaders add style to the memory stick. Aside from aesthetic purposes, these notches enable the top section of the sticks to be detached. This feature is useful to reduce the height of the memory sticks into 36.5mm, from the original 40.0mm – giving enough space for the sticks to fit perfectly under any CPU cooler.

A long straight strip, down the side, follows the design found at the top with the Crucial name painted on it. There is also a sticker on this side with the model number, AXP profile, and voltage written on it. The Crucial brand logo is written at the left. On the other hand, the Ballistix Elite DDR4 is found at the right side.

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Crucial’s Ballistix Elite DDR4 features a 16GB kit available in 2 8GB DIMMs. It has two modules for its dual channel support. Its boasts of the 2666MHz maximum clock speed with a memory timing of 16-17-17-36. As a DDR4, the Crucial Ballistix Elite is available with 1.2v to 1.35v – in comparison with the 1.5v to 1.65v common with other memory sticks.

Its 40.0-mm height can be reduced to 36.5mm to ensure perfect fit with any CPU cooler.

All Crucial Ballistix memory kits are equipped with a thermal sensor. Such feature is helpful for most hardware monitoring programs. Aside from this, the Ballistix Elite DDR4 has an exclusive M.O.D. utility. These features are used for monitoring real-time temperature. It means that there is no need for your memory stick to have a cooling fan to regulate the temperature.

For easy set-up and configuration, the Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 has an Intel XMP 2.0 profile. Through these features, the Ballistix Elite DDR4 offer up to 40% increase in power efficiency output of your memory.

Like most memory sticks from Crucial, the Ballistix Elite DDR4 is entitled with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory stick surpasses the performance of the DDR3. With the maximum rated speed of 2666MHz, the DDR4 is made to perform remarkably. Get the fastest speeds and bandwidths that are available.

Most DDR3 can perform up to 1600MT/s. This is a measly amount of speed as compared to DDR4’s 2666MT/s. This speed gains is more evident as the technology improves. The use of the Ballistix Elite DDR4, you can expect improved responsiveness, increased frame rates, and elevated latencies. All of these advantages of using the DDR4 lead exceptional gaming experience.

Overclocking will help in getting the most out of your DDR4. The Ballistix Elite can keep up with varying clock speeds from 2133MHz to 3000MHz – a high-clock frequency which most CPUs cannot maintain properly.

When booted into the BIOS, the Ballistix Elite 2666MHz performs a default speed of 2400MHz. To fully optimize the 2666MHz the memory sticks promise, you will have to enable the XMP. This also means that the system’s BCLK should be set up to 125MHz with a 2133MHz memory multiplier. Aside from the 2666MHz memory speed, you can also get a boosted CPU and cache speeds. Additionally, there have been users who experience higher speeds with lower memory timings.

With the Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4, you can process up to 21.3GB/s bandwidth. This is an outstanding feat that a DDR3 will never attain. Faster bandwidth coupled with a four-channel memory, the performance of the Ballistix Elite DDR4 is fully maximized.

Although the speed gains from the Ballistix Elite DDR4 are remarkable, the memory capacity may not be enough for heavier tasks such as video editing. However, you can get more kits of these memory sticks to compensate with any lapses.

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The Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 is a memory stick which has better clocking and overall performance. However, you can only get its full performance by using it with modern computer system. The feats of using a DDR4 equate to the motherboard and CPU you use.

Most users do not realize this mistake. Issues in using a Crucial memory stem from the type of motherboard and CPU used. You should know that not all computer motherboards are capable of keeping up with a 2666MHz multiplier with 100 BCLK. Consequently, not all CPUs can maintain a 125 BCLK.

In case you encounter any problems with your Crucial memory, a call to their support hotline may help you. Additionally, Crucial products have a lifetime warranty – assuring that you can be helped in sorting out any issue you have.

Crucial’s Ballistix Elite DDR4 is a superb choice for a memory kit. It is easy and quick to set-up. It has unparalleled memory performance.

With a minimal tweaking with your system, you can get the promised speed of 2666MHz. However, it may have a difficulty in reaching the 3000MHz speed. Nonetheless, the performance of Ballistix Elite DDR4 can rival, and even surpass, some of the memory kits available.

The built-in thermal sensors and M.O.D. utility add greater value to the whole kit. These are unique features making the Ballistix Elite DDR4 stand out from the competition.

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