Video Gaming: Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind  18

Video Gaming: Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind 

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It was the late -50s when the first video games appeared. Since that time, this industry has come a long and thorny path to its current status. In this way, video gaming has boomed the entertainment field shaping fan generations that adore such time spending.

At the current times, there is a good great deal of amazing video games that are full of head-spinning graphics, unbelievable visuals and sounds, and challenging gameplay. Thanks to that fact, the number of gaming fans constantly grows. 

Of course, such massive popularity does not allow keeping track of all the events occurring in this field. That is why, we collected the most impressive facts about it. Let`s get started! 

The total worth of the area of video games 

This sphere of video gaming is one of the main players in the worldwide market of online entertainment. Imagine only its total worth is equal to 140 billion dollars, and it does not even think to stop this development! 

We understand that this sum is unbelievable, so here is one more parallel. You can be a lucky person and win money at Australian casino. By the way, the biggest prize when people play online roulette is 25 million dollars. The famous rapper won. It was Drake who did it during his Twitch live streaming. But it is just a small part of the video gaming income.

The number of video games is impressive 

Who does not like to play a game or two during spare time? Actually, it is difficult to find such a person. As a result, there are more than 2.5 billion players around the globe, and the biggest part of them is from Asian countries. 

Experts believe that this huge number of gamers is connected to the availability of mobile gaming and accessibility of various devices such as consoles for enjoying almost any video game. 

Lovers of mobile gaming accounts

As we mentioned previously, mobile gaming is at the peak of its popularity. So, more than 50 percent of all gamers` accounts were created on mobile gadgets.  No wonder! Such devices bring the feeling of freedom and absolute convenience allowing players to enjoy their favourites wherever they want. Plus, smartphones are about endless opportunities. You can play not only in any place but time does not matter too. 

The most popular gaming console 

Nintendo Switch is a revolutionary in the world of video gaming. All gamblers have been dreaming about this console. And as a result, it has taken the hearts of a huge number of players. This massive popularity changed video gaming bringing outstanding gameplay and portability at the same time. Moreover, this console opens the door to exclusive activities like Super Mario Odyssey.

The average age of players

If we look back we will notice that video games were just a teenager’s hobby. But everything changed. Nowadays, we can find players coming from different ages. So, are you ready to know the average age of them? It is 36 years! 

It means that video gaming can attract and entertain enthusiasts of all ages. They select not only classical games but also innovative representatives that are based on new technologies and options. And what type is better for you?