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Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker Review

One of the most popular Manga conceptualized is Naruto. Creator Mashashi Kishimoto, has developed this in the form of various video games. The hero of the game, Naruto Uzumaki wants to prove his ninja skills among his peers and the people of the village. His dream was to become the Hokage, the leader of the village. The game has been released in many versions and the latest game to be launched in this popular series is the Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker.

Action Packed Game

Naruto to Boruto is a complete action-packed game where you are pitted against other players to prove your ninja skills. The game is largely multi-player based battles in an open-arena environment. You can either choose a master character or customize your character by choosing your gender, appearance and other aspects.  You can completely enjoy the game when you battle it out in the ninja league. It is where you start sharpening your skills and move up the ranks.

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The main hub is an activity area that you would be visiting often. This is where you change your equipment, outfits and the place you’ll be brought to in between the fights. Apart from a couple of main missions, you have to go through the tutorial missions. This is to help you understand the basics of the game. One cannot access the main mission before completing the tutorial missions.

Single Player Missions

The tutorial missions provide you with the knowledge and skills required to take on your enemies in the ninja league. This is the place where you hone your basic fighting skills and get ready for the bigger battle. After completing the tutorial missions, you can even opt for playing some single-player missions, if you are in search of some S-ranks or want to hone your skills further. The single-player missions can also prove to be a way to get off the ninja league for some time and fight with other enemies. So that you won’t be repeating the same thing again and again.

There are various single player missions. The only disadvantage is most of the missions seems to be the same except for some slight differences. The important aspect about the single player missions is that it helps you earn XP along with finding new items as well. Single player missions are easy to setup. All you have to do is choose the mission you want to play and your opponent will be chosen automatically.

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Ninja League

The Ninja league is the place you want to be if you are looking to make it to the top. The league comes with 4 different modes to choose from. As a player, you can’t choose your desired mode. The players can choose the class of their own from 4 different classes including attack, defense, healing and ranged. Each class comes with its own set of skills. Also, players can swap between the different classes to vary your skills and abilities to surprise your opponents. The game is extremely well as it moves really fast and the combat features are of the next level.

The important factors that you need to consider during a combat are your dodging and blocking skills. It is these skills that can help you get on top of your opponent. Other than that, the game also offers various skills to master along with many weapons that will help you reach your final quest.

According to the master character you’ve selected, you’ll be using their special skills along with your own natural skills and talents to beat your enemies. The map is also a vital element in the game in your quest for supremacy. The combat in this game looks similar to the other Naruto series right from the battles and the running across the walls along with the various special moves and abilities that you can gain.

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Sound and Visuals

The game controls are extremely superb as they offer you precise movement throughout the game. Surely with this, you can always be on complete control over your game. The game visuals are stunning because it’s on a totally different graphical texture. The 2D visuals in the game makes you feel you are actually inside the original anime series. But if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, better watch it on a 4KTV. The developers also have used the same voice actors to add to the continuity of the previous series.

One of the important aspects that sets the Shinobi Striker stands apart from other games from the Naruto series is the excellent customization options. You can spend hours customizing the looks of your character and since there are so many options available to enhance the look of your character you will never feel satisfied. The characters are extremely pleasing and colorful. The background score and the music is also excellent as it combines well with the gameplay and the visuals.

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Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is certainly a fascinating game. It exactly captures the essence of the Naruto from the original anime series. The Speed and personality of the protagonist is displayed with clarity and even though it is largely focused on the multi-player game feature, there are many single player missions to help you accumulate some XP and skills. We can definitely say that no other game released in the Naruto series has come this much closer to the original anime version as everything fits perfectly in the game.

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