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Natural Selection 2

author image by Excelle | PC | 0 Comments | 09 Aug 2012
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This game is being developed by Unknown Worlds, a small studio based in San Francisco. Basically, Natural Selection 2 is a multiplayer shooter that goes between human and aliens which involves some strategic aspects. As a first person shooter game, it also have a real time strategy feature as one of the team members must do a special role for a better chance of the team’s success and that is the commander. As a commander you must interact with the command center and work on your base camps over the map for resources. There are also some upgrades and enhancements available for your base and soldiers. While on the commander status, you can monitor the whole map, see the activity of your teammates and assist them through the available packs in your console. You must also ensure that you do maximize your team’s resources through base camps. Overall, we can see a good potential for the game, as it looks very nice. The idea of integrating a real time strategy to a shooter game is fantastic. Both genres are into e-sports so shall we see this game in the e-sports scene soon?

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