Rosewill Capstone G750 Review 7

Rosewill Capstone G750 Review

Rosewill Capstone G750 is the new modular power supply unit. Rosewill cooperates with Super Flower to produce the best OEMs. The power supply unit is available in different capacities including 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W. All these models are gold certified. The silent double ball bearings 140 mm fan is durable and deliver best results without any issues. The 12-volt rail will deliver full power. The size of the unit can be selected as per the mainstream system.

Choosing the best PSU in the highly competitive market is difficult. You can settle for the most appropriate one by going through the information provided in product reviews. Rosewill Capstone G750 has great potential to fulfill your needs as it can compete with high-end models as well. It is a well-engineered product through which you can make the most of your investment. The product can be ordered online so that it will be delivered at your doorsteps.


  • The maximum DC output is 1200W
  • Active PFC
  • 80 Plus gold efficiency
  • Semi-modular design
  • The operating temperature is between 0° – 40 °C
  • The weight of the product is 2.3 kg
  • The dimensions of the product are 150 mm x 86 mm x 163 mm

Packing and cabling

The unit is shipped in an impressive package. The power supply unit is well protected. It conveys the 5-year warranty offered on the product. If you have multiple graphic cards, the laptop supports in the best possible way. The unit is ideal for gaming power supply and the information is conveyed by Rosewill properly.

The modular cables can be stored in the pouch provided by Rosewill. The package includes a user manual, fixing bolts and zip ties. The unique fan grill has the capacity to dissipate heat very efficiently.


Super Flower is the OEM partner of the unit. The internal elements are arranged in the best possible way. The unit has a great price to performance ratio. A resonant converter is deployed to deliver higher efficiency. There are two DC-DC converters which are intended to generate minor rails.

The modern platform has the capability to be rated in the high-end category. The On/Off switch is connected to the PCB through the large two-pin connector. You can find the bridge rectifier bolted to the primary heat sink. There are polymer types of electrodes and you can find filtering capacitors as well on the secondary side. You can find Rosewill logo on the cooling fan. It is a quiet fan made by a reputed manufacturer.


Voltage Regulation and Efficiency

The voltage stabilization and efficiency of the unit is very high. The unit succeeded the full load test in a very efficiently. Even though the ambient temperature inside the unit has crossed 52°, the unit worked well. As a matter of fact, power supply units will fail when they are used beyond the intended ratings given by the manufacturer.

The voltage regulation of the unit is within the tolerance levels. The unit comes with the best voltage regulations. The unit delivers power efficiently at low loads as well. The voltage regulation is rail registered so that you can make the most of your investment. The energy consumption at standby is greatly reduced through the low-cost ICs.

Transient Response Tests

The unit fared well in dealing with the transient load as well as 25% of the capacity and 50% of the capacity. The unit has completed advanced transient response tests in a very successful way. By conducting tests, transient loads are simulated so that the overall efficiency of the unit is assessed.

The response of the PSU is good in simple transient load scenarios. Even though there was small spike at 5VSB, it can be ignored as it will not be a performance issue.


The relative performance of the unit is closer to 100%. The performance per dollar ratio of the unit is closer to 100%. You will be able to purchase the unit at the lowest price and you can gain highest benefits without any issues. The unit fares well against most of the competitors in the market. The hardware will not be at risk when you use the well refined PSU available in the market.

The product manufacturer, Rosewill will ensure that the unit exceeds the expectations of customers. There are many positive reviews for the product. You can purchase it very confidently as the manufacturer offers best customer and technical support. The unit is far better than a 1200w unit.


DC output quality

The overall DC output quality delivered by the unit is quite good and it is far better than the competitors. Even though the unit has not set any records, it has great prospects to power up many units expecting performance enhancements. You can go through the performance rating shared by experts and customers as well. It has successfully passed cross load tests and delivers the best performance under all circumstances. There will not be any threat to the hardware by using the Rosewill Capstone G750 PSU.


  • The voltage regulation accomplished by the unit is good
  • Excellent ripple suppression
  • Even though it is rated for 40 degrees, you can use up to 45 degrees
  • Excellent packing to prevent damage
  • Semi-modular design
  • Many connectors are available for connectivity


  • Manageable noise level
  • Minor build quality issues.


Rosewill Capstone Modular 750W has the great resilience to ultra-high operating temperatures. It has excellent ripple suppression capabilities. The unit comes with a quality finish and it operates very quietly. If you would like to power up gaming systems, the unit will accomplish the task in the best possible way. You can take advantage of 5-year warranty on the product. The unit has won accolades from experts and it is one of the best products available in the market. The unit has the capability to compete with big brands in the price range without compromising on the performance. It is a risk-free option for systems where more graphic cards are attached to gain visual performance.  

Rosewill Capstone G750 Review 9
Rosewill Capstone G750 Review
Rosewill Capstone Modular 750W has the great resilience to ultra-high operating temperatures. It has excellent ripple suppression capabilities.
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