XPG Battleground XL Prime Mousepad An Innate Review 12

XPG Battleground XL Prime Mousepad An Innate Review

Suppose you are a right-handed person a looking for a large-sized premium quality mouse pad that not only supports your gaming keyboard but the total system on the same surface, helping you to unlock your gaming skills with maximum stability and accuracy, offering you total privilege in mouse movements with supreme versatility so that you can celebrate your glorious victory with drinks and snacks. In that case, nothing can be a better choice to you apart from the XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME Mouse Pad.


The very first impression that you get upon the XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME Mouse pad is its size. It is a very large shaped mouse pad measuring to 900 (l)X 420 (b) mm, which creates more than sufficient room for an overtly sized keyboard and a mouse. Even it is thick and durable too.

The RGB illumination is the most impressive factor which we could ever find on a soft mouse pad. It is also very much useful for right-handed users. Another most promising part of this product is the control box, whose edge shows the cable connection; the top button helps in the light selection or color-changing during breathing mode.

An anti-slip rubber base is also found at the bottom, which helps to prevent the mouse from moving around randomly while gaming and you won’t miss out on any intense high end challenged game. Moreover, it has a smooth, scratch-resistant, and spill-proof, CORDURA fabric design.

The product is well suited for both optical and laser-based gaming mice. The product durability is maximum because the LED strip is attached to the mouse with a plastic string that is very carefully sewed into the mouse pad.

The mouse pad of XPG is very competitively priced in the world market and has gained a competitive edge over other gaming mouse mats. The quality of the mouse pad is extremely high.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Mousepad by GameHaunt


The material used is scratch and splash-proof CORDURA fabric. The width and length of the mouse pad are 900X420 mm. It’s 4 mm thick and comes in a single shed, that’s black. It is designed with a dual-color LED light effect. RGB lighting offers a wide range of colors to choose from. The connector type used in this pad is Micro-B USB.

The mouse pad adheres to a braided cable having gold plated ends, which is 1.8 m long and can be detached as per your discretion. It facilitates you with easy storing and maintenance. This mouse pad requires a voltage of 5V.


The best impressive feature of the XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME Mouse pad is the LED controller. The LED strip outlines the mouse pad but without any LEDs. Rather, it redirects and reflects the light, even at the bottom right edge. You will get two-zone RGB lighting because the LED beams come from the left and right sides of the controller. The unique RGB light mixing effects even seem to boost your play and lift your mood too. You can get to view the best effect in a dimly lighted room. 

A closer look at the product will make your eyes fall on a single button on the top of the controller. This button helps the user cycle between different colors and the various light effects, and for that, there are many click combinations that you can get in the quick start guide book.

The packaging of the product is superb. Every minute detail of configurations is written on the package as well on the backside of the products namely the double-zone RGB capabilities, Lighting control buttons, QR-Code, images of the features, etc. along with an explicit literature book which depicts a small specification chart, how to connect and use it. 

The gaming mouse pad of XPG is wrapped within a clear bag of plastic around a cardboard tube placed at the center. The cardboard tube protects the mouse pad and also provides support to it while in its package. The warranty guide describes storage and maintenance techniques, what is covered, and where to go if such an issue crops up.   

The accessories that you get along with the XPG mouse pad are a warranty guide, a ready to use the manual guide, a bunch of stickers of XPG, where XPG states that they are with you through every thick and thin and a thanking message for buying this product. You will also be provided with the micro USB cable. This cable will help you to allow power to the LED controller on the XPG mouse pad.

XPG Battleground XL Prime Mousepad by GameHaunt


The bonus point that an XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME Mouse possesses is its size that can be used to support all peripherals and all kinds of desktops on the same surface and even can be used by the right-handed persons without any obstacles. As the LED controller is placed at the top left of the mouse mat, it gives enough space and support for the right-handed users to move the mouse around, even to the right side freely. 

Another innovative attribute is the CORDURA fabric, which is nylon, rugged, slick quality material whose smoothness makes the clean up pretty fast and easy with just a simple wipe off. Apart from that, its softness also provides a comfortable and relaxing arm and wrist rest. The material is sturdy at the front with a solid non- slip texture at the back, which gives a perfect grip to the product.


Attachment of a mouse bungee could be an appreciable attribute to the product. So, in the end, we can sum up to one center piece is that the XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME Mouse pad offers impressive, competent features for value. If you’re looking for the best technical assistance that can help you work conveniently, feel free to rely on this product. It’s going to justify your investment to the fullest.

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XPG Battleground XL Prime Mousepad An Innate Review
XPG BATTLEGROUND XL PRIME Mouse pad offers impressive, competent features for value.
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