Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order Review

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Although the Star Wars video games have a mixed bag experience of good and bad, the dream of becoming a Jedi to take over the empire is still alive. Jedi Star Wars: When it comes to Fallen Order, the team understands what it means to be a Jedi Knight. They are stacking the odds against, and these odds have a repercussion on them and make their success uncertain. What is certain is that Respawn is one of the best Star Wars adventures I have ever experienced in my life.

In a generation that major gamers are familiar with, Star Wars direction: Fallen Order surprised me. A single-player campaign focused on character growth and adventures in distant galaxies is not something I have seen with this generation. Players hide after Jedi’s deportation and play the role of Cal Kestis; the game's plot is based on a set when at a time the empire became absolute because it ruled the galaxy.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

After a fight, Cal hides and realizes that he is trying to recover a missing remnant, including Jedi's potential identity around the galaxy. He teams up with Cere Junda a Jedi master of the past, and Greez Dritus the captain of spacecraft Mantis. Cal himself is at risk for this effort, but each of the characters plays an important role in the mission's success. The most useful member of the group is a small robot named BD-1. During the game, the skills learned by this robot are needed to advance the story of the game and survive in tough situations.

The main Character 

Cal is a complex man who struggles with power. This allows the player to grow with Cal as he learns his teachings and grows to be a Jedi. His emotions motivate him to narrate as he puts his trust in brute force and those around him.

The plot of the game

At the beginning of the adventure, be cautious when you approach enemies and may find it difficult to fight most conflicts. However, at the end of the journey, you may rush to battle, impose your will and swing your lightsaber like as expected from a Jedi. The game has an excellent design, but it is also unique in storytelling. Nothing rests on this adventure and everything is gained by hard work and skill. It is a natural progression that every moment of play is nothing short of a reward to the player’s time.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Game Controls

Lightsaber swings are linked to one functional button, but developers take a calculated approach to combat. Players must use force, strong lightsaber attack, block, and parry to overcome most encounters. Although the fight sequence is far from being simple, in some cases you may at hands of nefarious enemies in the game. Death removes the acquired experience and connects it to the enemy who defeated you. You can regain your knowledge by attacking this enemy.

Adds to the games charm

This is a great mechanism to encourage you to get the point of keeping meditation in your game without dying. However, it will always be frustrating to die at the end of the level and send it to the last meditation point at the beginning of the stage. However, I liked this feature and thought it would add a great layer of game strategy and difficulty.

Cal’s role-play

During the Cal adventure, he visits several planets. When visiting some of the routes will close and Cal will be required to learn some abilities. This approach to the game design method worked well as it appeals to the instinct of exploration. Each route through which I went, I was taken to a new area, whether it progresses the story, held treasures or had little knowledge.

Fallen Order

What can the player expect?

Some easy puzzles can test your skills, but they are manageable. Most coded puzzles often contain rare elements or pieces of tradition that add a bit more narration to those who want it.

To visit a planet you can choose from the Mantas Navigation Selection. Somehow, they do not have to do much inside the Mantis, but it turns out the best moments of the game happened in there. In a way, the ship is part of the crew and is one of the best pieces identified in the game.

It is easy to see that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a great game. Developers have used their knowledge of platforms and movements to create amazing segments of the Star Wars world. The levels flow smoothly and include memorable areas. The life and creativity brought to these planets have made it fun to use your navigational abilities and force powers. You can get through the level as fast as you can, but slowing down and enjoying the scenery is a bonus for some great set pieces.

The Drawbacks

The downside to the beautiful graphics in the game is that the animations are sometimes a little awkward. In amazing scenes, there were moments when the sound did not match or the enemy did not load as he entered the scene. There were some AI issues with the enemies just fooling around not knowing what to do. These moments remind you that you are playing video games and not a Jedi in real life.

Star Wars Jedi

Better Game Controls

With all the buttons on the console, everything is smooth. The action is full of beautiful animations, but the battle is not as natural as other action games. Each session requires skills and knowledge about the Jedi's ability to access them and have almost a cinematic impact.

The soundtracks of Jedi: Fallen Order is comparable to the soundtracks of Star Wars. Every incident is combined with a great display of excellent orchestras that bring the scenes into life. There is more fun navigating levels back-and-forth when Cal and BD-1 bantering back and forth their way to form a strong bond. High-quality sound engineering makes this star war adventure simply awesome

My previous experiences with Star Wars games were not great so I was a little hesitant in the beginning, but I can promise you that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the best single-player adventure I have played in a long time. The engaging narrative of Respawn with excellent acting and level design makes the game a must-play. At the end of the Game, I felt like what it was to be Jedi Knight.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order Review
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the best single-player adventure I have played in a long time. The engaging narrative of Respawn with excellent acting and level design makes the game a must-play. At the end of the Game, I felt like what it was to be Jedi Knight.
Good visuals
Interesting story
Better game controls
Awkward animations
Minor AI issues