WorldGaming Network and SCENE Form First-of-its-Kind Esports and Gaming Loyalty Partnership

Canadian gamers are invited to power-up their consoles, computers and mobile phones and compete for movies, meals and more with the announcement of an exciting, first-of-its-kind partnership between WorldGaming Network and SCENE, the country’s largest entertainment rewards program.

Beginning June 28, SCENE members can earn even more points by participating in weekly esports and video gaming tournaments hosted through WorldGaming Network’s online platform. The tournaments will enable gamers to compete for a weekly prize pool ofup to 50,000+ SCENE points, which can be redeemed for a variety of great rewards, including movies at their local Cineplex theatre. Gamers will earn 50 SCENE points upon linking their SCENE card to their account, with an additional 125 SCENE points earned each time they check into their first match of a tournament.

“We are proud to run the world’s leading grassroots competitive gaming tournaments and content platform, and our new partnership with SCENE helps us build on our existing success,” says Wim Stocks, CEO and General Manager, WorldGaming Network. “Esports and competitive gaming is becoming more and more mainstream, appealing to a broad base of gaming enthusiasts, and we are excited to extend our platform to the over 9 million SCENE members across the country.”

“We introduced the SCENE loyalty program to reward Canadians for participating in fun and social experiences and this partnership presents opportunities that benefit both gamers and SCENE members,” says Matthew Seagrim, Managing Director, SCENE. “We are all part of the Cineplex ecosystem and our new partnership with WorldGaming Network will provide even more opportunities for entertainment experiences and of course, rewards.”

Players will be able to compete solo or in teams of two or three, depending upon the game and the competition. Single player competitors can compete for a prize pool of up to 7,500 points per tournament, teams of two can compete for a prize pool of up to 15,000 points, and teams of three can compete for a prize pool of up to 30,000 points. Participation in tournaments is open to anyone with a SCENE card. For more information, details on upcoming games or to sign-up, gamers should

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