Explore the darker side of MapleStorySEA with the Monad patch update! 26

Explore the darker side of MapleStorySEA with the Monad patch update!

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MapleStorySEA releases a new blockbuster patch exploring themes of death, stealing, survival, and politics.

Singapore – 8 August 2018: Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd is announcing its latest patch featuring a brand new adventure for Maplers to embark on, in the snowy region of El Nath, Abrup Basin. The Monad patch will be released in two parts; the first part is due to be released 8 August while the second part is scheduled for 15 August.

Meanwhile, MapleStorySEA has not one but two campaigns to bring attractive prizes to all fans! These two campaigns will occur both offline and online so MapleStory players should keep a lookout for it!

Explore the darker side of MapleStorySEA with the Monad patch update! 27

First Sign: Red Snow and Girl

The first episode of Monad takes place in Abrup Basin where trouble has recently been brewing due to a mysterious virus that is infecting the monsters of the land. The player starts the quest by receiving a letter from a mysterious old lady calling for the recipient of the letter to send help. The player finds the village which burns down shortly after, the player then decides to travel with the villagers to the next village in order to seek shelter before the blizzard arrives. Players can expect an intricately crafted story that will transport them into a different realm from one that they are used to.

Players will play a different role from regular MapleStory quests; regular quests in MapleStory would require a player to find a person or farm for items. In each checkpoint in the Monad story, the player would have to complete certain actions in order to proceed on to the next checkpoint. For example, while moving to the next village, the player must select the correct answer to keep the morals of the villagers high. For every wrong selection, groups of villagers will abandon the caravan. The player will fail the checkpoint when there are no more villagers and will be forced to restart that particular checkpoint again.

Star Force Enhancement

MapleStorySEA players rejoice! The cap for the maximum Star Force Enhancement has been increased to 25! Since the release of Star Force Enhancement, the SEA service has been using a unique Star Force Enhancement system with a 20 Star Force cap, whereas MapleStory Korea (KMS) had a higher cap of 25 Star Force per item. This news was first released at MapleStorySEA’s 13th Anniversary event at Ampang Superbowl, Berjaya Times Square in KL, amid loud cheers from the players gathered at the event.

From this patch onwards, players with equipment from level 140 and above will be able to further enhance their weapons to become even more powerful in-game. This highly anticipated announcement comes due to the game content becoming even more advanced and challenging, the system must also be updated to allow players to improve their gameplay.

Explore the darker side of MapleStorySEA with the Monad patch update! 29

In-Game Events

To commemorate the national days of Singapore and Malaysia, both which fall within the same month of each other, MapleStorySEA will be rerunning the national day campaigns for both countries. Players will have to clear quests in order to unlock special national day rewards. Players can expect to receive in-game memorabilia in the design of the respective countries. The Singapore National Day event will run from 8 August to 21 August after which the Malaysian National Day event will run from 22 August to 18 September,

A brand new mini game will also be introduced into the game for a limited time only! Western Gunslinger as per its name is a western shootout between 4 players. The players can either shoot the tiles from under another player or move to another tile for safety. The goal is to be the last one standing when all the other opponents have fallen into the ground. This quick and fun game is only available from 29 August to 18 September, so don’t miss it!

Explore the darker side of MapleStorySEA with the Monad patch update! 35

MapleStory Prizes Galore!

During the months of August to September, MapleStorySEA has partnered two well-known brands to run campaigns to bring an exciting twist to being a MapleStorySEA player both in and out of the game.

Maple Mania! is a new campaign with PepsiCo and Secretlab that will run for the entire duration of the Monad patch. Once the quest is accepted, players can collect cards and coins from various in-game activities. It is a race against time, as only the first 10 players to form a full set of cards from each world stand to win. Our attractive prizes include a Secretlab Titan Tempo Chair, a 1 year supply of Mountain Dew and MapleStory Ribbon Pig plush, MapleStory figurines and much more! For players who weren’t in time to make it to the top 10, they can still farm for Maple Mania! coins that can be used to redeem Secretlab and Mountain Dew in-game items in the Maple Mania! Coin Shop.

Simply named Mountain Dew x MapleSEA, this offline campaign requires people to purchase any PepsiCo drinks (Mountain Dew, Pepsi, 7-Up. MUG, Mirinda, Gatorade or Lipton). They can then upload a photo of the receipt and receive a unique code which can then be used to redeem a special in-game item. In-game items will include Mountain Dew designed rings, chair, weather effect and damage skin. In addition, all receipts will be included into a grand lucky draw, where 10 winners can each walk away with a set of highly sought after MapleStory plushies!

Developed by Nexon, MapleStory is published by Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd in Southeast Asia. MapleStory’s new content update ensures players of all ages can enjoy the most fun and exciting gameplay. With its consistently strong presence in Singapore and Malaysia, impressive 2D graphics, limitless cosmetic options and a wide variety of skills, the game really embodies the concept of crafting your own unique gameplay experience.
Asiasoft’s COO, Quang mentions, “The 25 Star Force Enhancement is a feature that has been requested by numerous players and we hope that this change would allow players to continue to seek out their in-game potential and reach new heights of achievement in game. With the game finally reaching post 5th job, the game system must also progress beyond what we currently have for a better balance in the game. This way our services become more in line with what MapleStory Korea (KMS) has to offer.”

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