Days Gone Review
Days Gone Review

Days Gone Review

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Days Gone, exclusive of PS4, acquires all the characteristics of a good game. It's undoubtedly fun. It wants you to take control of Deacon St. John, a jaded and ex-military motorcyclist who takes on the role of a bounty hunter in the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest of the US.  

After being separated from his wife during the zombie outbreak, or freaker, Deacon is content with a life of isolation with his best friend Boozer. It only descends from its hiding place in the mountain to do the strange work of the diverse settlements of dispersed camps by the entire region.

The mission of Days Gone starts to fulfill every time you extricate the abduct citizens, diminish Freaker nests near you and end the lives of the double-cross camps’ leads. These searches are fun at first, but they soon become tediously repetitive with peaks of unusual difficulty and curves to keep you on edge.

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Days Gone offer wonderful graphics that enhance the feel of the game. The character designing is simply awesome and it goes just awesome with the story-lines and objectives. Undoubtedly, this game offers an amazing user experience in terms of visual effects.

This game looks fantastic. From wide ranged human-like creatures to the wide shun, Days Gone is nothing but a game of outstanding aspects. The numerous numbers of zombies moving around different corners of the Earth give the game an extraordinary touch.

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Game Play

Located in a post-prevalent world with copious flora where zombies and ferocious human features are busy in an outrageous battle, helps you to get deeper into the character of Deacon San Juan.

The use of various weapons including axes and rods makes the game more realistic. The pistols and other fire weapons bring the desired adventure into the game.  The skill tree that helps to recover the damages of the war including health makes you sit tight while playing the game. You can play this game for consistent 30-40 hours because of its superb storyline.

After playing this game, you'll realize that driving is definitely fun. With the powerful motorcycle in Days of gun, you will move across the globe. The option of personalizing your two-wheeler with nitrous, you will easily travel around the terrains. The extraordinary chasing functionality will definitely give you a real adrenaline rush.

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The design of the game carries a great sense of creativity. It may seem logical that if we are going to make a new annual release of Days Gone, it looks like it will often stop giving continuity to the titles of the same IP that is coming up now. Since they extend excessively the support of the annual sagas would condition the sales of future deliveries.

There are a subject and correspondence that makes the game exceptionally unique. The open world of this game is interesting and beautiful it has the ability to rule over the reign of virtual games.

It’s actually a story of farewell. From these fateful events, two years in which Deacon spent his days in Boozer his friend and fellow missionary, he died without motivation. Above all, the job seeks. At the beginning of the game, Boozer and Deacon go for a tour for a lifetime. Suddenly, one pious fad pounces Boozer, which changes the journey to the “North”.

When Boozer is attacked, Deacon can’t find out his cycle, one of the most important objects throughout the game. Here, you need to re-make it and get it ready for the next adventure accompanied by Boozer.  In the journey, the storyline moves around significantly with the emergence of fresh updates of the outbreak that’s going to demolish the whole world.

Sound Effects

The background scores along with the sound effects are quite impressive. You’ll feel like you’re really crossing the real rock edges. The intense music enhances the effect of shooting and the special effect of silence while you leave your motorbike is simply the best example of suitable noise cutting.

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Positive Aspects of Days Gone

  • This game offers an amazing visual effect.
  • It comes with a successful combat
  • The story-line is quite impressive.
  • Skills are sensible.
  • The game is produced in a lavished way.
  • The grizzled lead is more than attractive.
  • The Deacon’s bike is a character in itself.

Negative Aspects of Days Gone

  • The pace is significantly poor.
  • There are lots of stuffing missions
  • Very forgettable and offer few twists than those found in other open-world games.

The best part is, Days Gone is one of the most fascinating and great zombie shooters. To fight and to flee to hundreds of zombies at the same time, is an incomparable spectacle that causes the monsters to placate each other and to spill through them.

The windows and crush through the doors to envelop give a feel like an unstoppable tsunami of decaying flesh. It seems impossible, but in reality, it is very possible to kill an entire horde in a session full of action.  

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Days Gone is an exclusive and flawed PS4 that offers less than we expected from an open-world game in 2019. It has a lot of fun here, but it's full with so much work that the game feels like an assignment.

Armed with an arsenal of bullet-spray weapons, a bag full of Molotovs and the ability to weave tight curves and narrow corridors, you can slowly but surely exhaust the health bar of the horde until there is not a single bloodsucker left.

It's not an easy job, that's for sure, but surviving such a breathless encounter is very satisfying. However, that despite being the center of attention of the trailers and demonstrations prior to the launch, these epic battles of the horde are just waiting for the last quarter of a 30-hour campaign.

The majority of the game is mainly of formula missions, such as search missions, shootouts, and retreats from stealthy camps.

Overall, it is hundred percent acceptable that Days Gone is a commendable game and you must give it a try.

Days Gone Review
Days Gone Review
The majority of the game is mainly of formula missions, such as search missions, shootouts, and retreats from stealthy camps.
Impressive storyline
Decent combat
Poor pacing
Stuffing missions
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