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Toast Cover for PlayStation 4 Review

Nature is our dearest friend as it keeps us safe in its biggest territory called earth. It provides us food and shelter. It is the reason why we can still survive in this place. Whatever is not created by man is termed as “Nature”. In such case all the trees, air, water, fire and sky combines as five elements which saves us from many complications. 

The PlayStation 4 has got slim and sleek features which is portable. The option of portability is fine but taking it to various places along with us is so difficult. We must entirely check for the safety of PS4 because it may get

  • Broken
  • Scratches
  • Roaches

And some other technical issues if they are not taken proper care of. To save your PlayStation 4 from all those issues wood comes as a Savior in the name of Toast Cover which protects your most important gaming console.

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A toast cover is simply an outer cover made out of discrete varieties of wood to cover your PS4 and save it from breaks when they slip out of your hands and get attracted to gravity.

The cost of your PS4 is high and you are in special need to take care of it more than anything. A small scratch in your PS4 is like directly scratching your heart it hurts that much. In such time Toast cover can cover your back.

The toast cover is a thin sheet of wood which has 3M adhesive to get stuck on with your PS4. The toast cover comes with panels for your PS4 like

  • Front panel cover
  • Side panel cover
  • Top panel cover

All these covers protect your PS4 like guardians who are ready to save your stuff whenever the time prevails.

Toast Cover for PlayStation 4 Review 15The toast cover is made from types of woods like

  • Ash
  • Ebony
  • Walnut
  • Bamboo

All these woods produce a perfect glaze for your console. They are usually made up of good quality of wood from best trees. The wooden look gives a royal look to your gadget and makes it more polished. There are different types of shades available in these woods. You can choose your own shades and cart it from any part of the world using internet.

Benefits of using toast cover

  • They make your gadget bossier
  • The vents and ports are fully exposed and accessible without any disturbances
  • Protects from scratches
  • Saves from roaches crawling inside your PS4
  • It can save you from any extra power shocks on plugging cables at ports

These are some of the benefits of using a toast cover. Using toast cover makes you feel like you are always connected with nature.

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Usage tips

When you are ready to bring wooden finishing touch to your video gaming console here are the tips which you must to do maintain it for long years.

Wipe the dust

Before you start peeling the adhesive part of the toast cover clean your PS4 with alcohol wipes which are available in shops for wiping away the dust particles.

After removing the dust particles properly make a table for doing your wooden finishing touch. Sit back relax and do your work for a clean finish.

Now it’s time to unleash the wooden beast. Peel the paper and stick the adhesive area to your PS4. Start sticking from the inner area of your PS4. First stick them on your front panel and mode on to top panel. Finally do the side panel for a perfect finishing.

Be careful while sticking because once they get stuck into your PS4 they can’t be reused but they are removable. If you leave any air bubbles or bulges to get inside the sticking area then it may spoil your posh look of PS4.

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The toast covers are not just plain they can be carved according to your taste. There are so many covers available with many designs already engraved on it. If you are a designer you can make your own and ask a carver to shape your design into the wood. It makes your wooden cover more stylish and trendy.

The toast covers are recently trending up in market and people are going behind their carvings. The wood can smell good on your gadget. So make sure that you save little bucks from your pocket money to get a stylish toast cover to make your gaming mood much exciting. The ultimate usage of wooden cover is to protect and preserve your console.

In recent days roaches crawling inside the PS4 have been reported. Sony Company will not service such kinds of issues for you. Only a humble electrician can clean out the roach and give an UV coating over your processor for keeping it safe from roaches.

If you are sticking the new stylish toast covers on your gaming tool then roaches will definitely find no place to get into your processor to get some warmth.

In simple the toast cover is an awesome wooden work that sticks on your gadget. It makes your gadget look trendier. Wood is a vintage stuff but it can be used to make PS4 classier. You can make your art work and upload in many online websites and get delivered. All you got to do is just upload your art work file in high resolution with file extension like jpeg, psd, pdf or Al format. They fire them up with lasers on your customized toast cover and ship it to your home. Make use of wooden covers to make your console most cooler.

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