Thumb Empires Items Code Giveaway 15

Thumb Empires Items Code Giveaway

Thumb Empires is a new mobile strategy game. Raise your troops of formidable units and fight the bandits with unbreakable formation, liberate other turf and get the extra Gold and Mana. Survival is just the begining! Challenge and be the king of the world! To celebrate the launch of their newest mobile game, we have partnered up with 4399 to giveaway Juju Gift Packs for Thumb Empires.

Juju Gift contains Juju x10;100K Gold x10;100K Mana x10

1.Enter the game and click the “Setting” button in the lower right corner.
2.Click the “Redeem Code”.
3.Enter the Redemption Code and click “Confirm”.
4.Redeem successfully, check it in the “Chest” in the lower left corner.

Download on Google Play:

get your key

464 keys left!

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