Tamer Saga Released New PK Mode 9

Tamer Saga Released New PK Mode

pTamer Saga is a free-to-play anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. In the fantastic world of Tamer Saga, players are able to tame thousands of distinct pets and enjoy abundant extremely stunning gameplay. They can get married with their beloveds and linger on without any thought of leaving. As to hot-blooded players, they can sink their teeth into the thrilling battles against various monsters, the competitive Arena, the dangerous Boss Arena and even the brand new Duel mode. Here, the development team behind Tamer Saga was willing to share more details about Duel with their fans.p pAll level 20 or above players are able to duel with others. A higher level rank allows players to duel more times each day. Players who actively challenge others and win a victory will obtain the rival’s [Underwear] or [Bra] as a reward. They can click [Battle Facts] to view their war trophies which can be shown off in chat channel by consuming a Loudspeaker each time. Players can’t repeatedly challenge the one whom has been defeated. As to players who lost their underwear or bra, they can click their Enemies List and select to reclaim what they lost.p pThe Arena system in Tamer Saga allows players to challenge more powerful rivals and seize a place on the ranking for honor. However, they have to upgrade their place in order. Different from Arena, the brand new Duel system offers players a chance to challenge others at all time and places. It brings closer interaction among players and also more fun.p