OtterBox Levels Up with Next-Gen Gaming Accessories at CES 2021 13

OtterBox Levels Up with Next-Gen Gaming Accessories at CES 2021

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OtterBox unveiled a full portfolio of gaming products that will  bridge the gap between console and mobile gaming experiences. Designed for Xbox,  OtterBox is bringing to market new accessories to complement controller + smartphone  gaming in addition to gaming-specific smartphone accessories. 

With the advent of 5G and innovative new cloud-based platforms such as cloud gaming  (beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, gaming is changing in unprecedented ways.  Smartphone gaming is evolving to merge mobility with the elegance of a console  experience. The OtterBox Gaming portfolio enables you to enjoy your favorite titles  around the house or anywhere on the go without compromising your competitive  advantage. 

“Gaming is one of the unique spaces where everyone has the opportunity to compete  and connect, especially as we are physically distanced. This connection is enhanced  with advances in cloud gaming and fast 5G networks,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke.  

“OtterBox is the best in the world at providing trusted mobile accessories, and we’re  better positioned than anyone to deliver a premium gaming experience. This portfolio  and our accessories designed for Xbox marks a major entry into the gaming market for  us.” 

The OtterBox gaming portfolio, unveiled at CES, leverages decades of design expertise  in mobile accessories. From protection to portability, OtterBox is offering an end-to-end  gaming ecosystem that allows gaming to happen anytime, anywhere. 

Mobile Gaming Clip: An ergonomic answer to seamless mobile gaming, the OtterBox  Mobile Gaming Clip is great for at home or on-the-go. This adaptable clip attaches your  smartphone to your Xbox Wireless Controller and boasts trusted OtterBox quality. The  Mobile Gaming Clip adapts to your environment with adjustable angle and balance  based on your preferences and lighting. This versatile clip can also be used as a table top stand and folds down for compact travel. The Mobile Gaming Clip is compatible with  Xbox Wireless Controllers and the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, as well as  the OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell. The Mobile Gaming Clip will work with virtually  all smartphones, with or without an OtterBox protective case.

Easy Grip Controller Shell: Take your Xbox Wireless Controller on the go and protect  it at home with the OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell. This compact gaming controller  shell lets you personalize the look and feel of your controller while maintaining hand-feel  and access to buttons and triggers. Get a pro-level experience with swappable grips  with lasting antimicrobial protection.1 The OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell is  available for Xbox Wireless Controllers. 

Gaming Carry Case: Get your gaming up and out in no time with the OtterBox Gaming  Carry Case. As the first gaming controller case designed for mobile use, this compact  carryall guards joysticks and triggers from damage during transport. When it’s ‘game  on,’ the case converts to a gaming stand to create the ultimate mobile command center.  The case is compatible with Xbox Wireless Controllers and the Xbox Elite Wireless  Controller Series 2 and designed to house all of the elements in the OtterBox gaming  ecosystem. 

Easy Grip Gaming Case: OtterBox is taking protective phone cases to the next level.  The Easy Grip Gaming Case is made to game on the go with no 5G signal lag.  Ergonomically designed for entertainment-mode, the Easy Grip Gaming Case integrates  cool-to-touch materials to keep the console protected and feeling great in your hand  level after level. The Easy Grip Gaming Case will be available for the latest iPhone  devices with more designs coming soon. 

Gaming Glass Privacy Guard: Screen protection is now a staple for mobile devices.  These increasingly expansive and high-resolution displays are perfect for gaming, but  also prone to scratches and breakage. OtterBox Gaming Glass Privacy Guard is the  first screen protector in the world to be optimized for mobile gaming. This scratch resistant glass provides industry-first screen privacy in entertainment (landscape)  orientation to prevent visual hacking while you game wherever you are. Gaming Glass  Privacy Guard also boasts an antimicrobial agent that blocks microbial growth and will  be available for the latest iPhone devices. 2 

The OtterBox gaming portfolio addresses both convenience and performance with  trusted products that meet you where you are and takes you where you want to go. 

The OtterBox mobile gaming products will be available for pre-order starting Jan. 25 on and the Microsoft Store and coming soon to other select retailers. Get  connected with OtterBox and get in the game.